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Curriculum Enrichment

As well as enjoying the challenges presented through a range of interesting learning themes, our curriculum is further enriched by stimulating educational visits and visitors and creative themed days. Teachers also aim to maximise the opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. Please find below examples of some of the experiences and opportunities planned this year in order to enhance our children's learning and enrich our school curriculum:



Symphony of Arts

  • Trip to see a performance of 'The Gruffalo'
  • Sessions with a music coach each week


  • Trip to Ryton Pools
Year 1

Rumble in the Jungle

  • 'Animal Antics' (visitor who brings various owls, snakes, insects, etc into school!)

Wombat Stew (Australia)

  • Visit to Cotswolds Wildlife Park
Year 2

Awesome Africa

  • African Day (African drumming, dance and mask-making)

Bright Sparks

  • Fire Making with Mr Garlic

Under the Sea

  • Trip to Birmingham Sealife Centre
  • 'Under the Sea' Day

What Came First?

  • 'Living Eggs' chicks in school

A Knight's Tale

  • Trip to Kenilworth castle
  • Trip to Gulliver's Land
Year 3

What's Under the Bed?

  • Visit to Cross-Hands Quarry
  • Palaeontology Day

The Firework Maker's Daughter

  • Cookery at Myton School
  • Firework 'Wow' Day

Prehistoric Britain

  • Visit to Market Hall Museum, Warwick

Keen to be Green

  • Visit to Jephson Gardens
Year 4

Where the Wild Things are

  • Trip to 'Foundry Wood' - investigating minibeasts and habitats
  • Monstrology Day

Groovy Greeks

  • Ancient Greek Olympics
  • Greek Cookery at Myton Secondary School

The Big Freeze

  • Penguin Awareness Day

Super Structures!

  • Trip to London - Science Museum and River Thames boat trip

Rotten Romans

  • Roman Day

Year 5

Settling In

  • Anglo-Saxon and Viking Day

The Truth is out There

  • Trip to the 'Think Tank'

Marvellous Mayans

  • Chocolate making with local chocolatier

Journey to the River Sea

  • Trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon Butterfly Farm
Year 6

Tudor Warwickshire

  • Royal Shakespeare Company performance of 'Macbeth' (in school)
  • Trip to Shakespeare's Birth Place in Stratford-Upon-Avon
  • Walk around Warwick to observe Tudor buildings


  • Residential to Marle Hall in Conwy, Wales
  • Visit from a local artist

Kensuke's Kingdom

  • Japanese Day


SACRE Debate - Monday 30th November 2015

On 30th November, four students from years 5 and 6 went to North Leamington School for a debating competition. Mischa and Osian from Year 5 and Cecilia and Sammy from Year 6 had to debate the following motion, “Zoos should be made illegal, as keeping any animal in a cage is wrong.” We were against the motion, meaning we were saying that zoos should not be made illegal as they are not cruel. We spent a lot of time researching the information for our speech, and faced Brookhurst Primary School who were a tough opposition. We had to wait until last to debate, but it was all worth it as we ended up persuading the audience to vote in our favour! It was a great experience, and we all had a lot of fun listening to other teams and contributing to what was said.  We were given a certificate to display at school and Mrs Munday was really proud of us.

by Osian and Cecilia

Anti-Bullying Week (Monday 16th - Friday 20th November)


This week has been national anti-bullying week. This year’s theme is ‘Make a noise about bullying’, encouraging children to speak up if they are being bullied themselves or if they witness anyone else being bullied. As well as having an assembly to introduce the week in school, the children have also focused on the topic of bullying in their class PSHE lessons this week. Our Coten End school council decided to launch an anti-bullying poster competition to raise the profile of anti-bullying week in school. For homework, each child designed an anti-bullying poster to display in school. It had to be bold and colourful with a catchy slogan. Our School Council Executive Committee chose a winner from each phase who will receive prizes for their designs. Look out for the winning posters as you walk around school!


General Election Polling Day 2015 - Thursday 7th May


In order to mark the General Election and learn about democracy, we held a special themed day at Coten End. Children in all year groups took part in a range of activities to teach them about how Britain's democratic process works and give them the opportunity to deveop their debating skills.


Children in Foundation Stage enjoyed exploring their Polling Station role-play area and learnt how to vote using a ballot paper. They tried other methods of voting too and discussed which was the fairest and most effective.


Key Stage 1 children had a teacher swap for the morning and had a go at formulating and expressing their views about given issues, such as whether children should have to bring in a healthy snack at playtime. The teachers were really impressed with how well they articulated their opinions and listened to each other.


Key Stage 2 children learnt all about what happens inside the House of Commons and how it was established. They learnt about the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215 and how parliament has changed and grown since then. In particular, we looked at how debates take place in the House of Commons and the rules that the MPs have to follow there. We then worked in house groups to research arguments for and against the motion 'It is cruel to keep animals in captivity.' At the end of the afternoon, we held formal debates between two houses in the style of a debate inside the House of Commons. A 'Speaker' kept order whilst the government and the opposition justified their views and thought of counter-arguments to address points raised by the other side. At the end of the debate, the children voted in favour or against the motion and took part in a 'division' as the vote was so close. Once again, the children really impressed staff with their mature approach and confident debating style.


Classes have enjoyed seeing the results of the election coming in today and have been interested to learn about how the voting system for a general election in the UK works.  


Burying the Time Capsule - Thursday 26th February 2015


A few months ago, we were delighted when the builders unearthed a time capsule from around twenty years ago when they knocked down the 'long corridor' that used to separate upper school from lower school. It contained all sorts of interesting objects, including photos, letters and newspaper articles, giving us a real insight into what life was like at Coten End in days gone by.


We decided that we should bury another time capsule to teach children in the future about what life is like for us in 2015. So, today, we buried a new time capsule under the floorboards of one of our new Year 3 classrooms.


Each class thought very carefully about what should be put in the time capsule, and contributed their ideas during our weekly Class Council sessions. Our School Council made the final decision about what exactly we would put in it, choosing items such as children's work, maps of Warwick, magazines, a DVD, our school song and letters to the children of the future.


Our School Council and Building Council representatives from each class were present to watch the time capsule being lowered into the ground. It is buried beneath the floor of last year's 3WW classroom, which is currently being extended by joining it with the former ICT Suite. A plaque will be put on the wall of this classroom when it is completed, to inform people that there is a time capsule buried there.


I wonder what year it will be unearthed, and what life at Coten End, in Warwick and, indeed, globally will be like then...


Healthy Heart Day


Each February, The British Heart Foundation organises ‘Heart Month’ to raise awareness about heart and circulatory disease. To coincide with this, Coten End held a ‘Healthy Heart Day’ on Friday 13th February. The children learnt all about how to keep their hearts healthy whilst also raising money to purchase a defibrillator for school, a device used to help someone if they suffer a cardiac arrest.


The children came into school in non-uniform with a hint of red, as this is the theme of the British Heart Foundation campaign. The children took part in a range of different activities, run by the teachers in their phase. All of the activities were focused on healthy eating, the human body, exercise and basic first aid.


Here are some photos of our action-packed day...