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Year 3 Homework

Set: 05.07.18

Due: 09.07.18



Write a letter to your new year 4 teacher telling them all about yourself and your hopes and dreams for year 4.



Homework Projects:

If you have completed a homework project this half term, remember to bring it in next week so we can share it in class.



Sports Week:

Next week is Sports Week. Year 3 will have Olympic Morning on Tuesday and Sports Day is on Friday. Please make sure your PE kit is in school so you can take part. Remember to have trainers that fit and a coloured top for your house team on Sports Day. It is forecast to be very hot next week so it is really important that you have named water bottles in school!

Homework Set 21.6.18

Homework set 14th June

Ancient Egypt projects

Homework set 7.6.18 Due 11.6.18

Homework set 17.05.18


Bag for Life Day


Dear year 3 parents,

As part of our Keen to be Green learning theme, we will be spending our day next Friday (18th May) making a bag for life from recycled materials. If possible, can each child bring in an old piece of clothing (ideally a cotton t-shirt or similar which children will be able to sew) and any scrap material that they might be able to use to decorate their bags. If you have any extra old clothes, please feel free to send them in so they can be shared! We would also be very grateful for any parent help throughout the day. If you have an up to date DBS check with the school and are available, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Miss Siddorn, Mr Roberts, Ms Gaughan and Mrs Doncaster

Homework set 10.5.18

Homework set 3.5.18

Homework set 26.4.18

Homework set 19.04,18

Keen To Be Green Learning Theme project

Homework set 22.3.18

Homework set 15.03.18

Viva Espana Homework Projects

Year 3 Homework – Thursday 8th February


This week we have been continuing our narrative writing. We would like you to think about how you have been using fronted adverbials to add interest to your sentences.


A fronted adverbial tells the reader more information about how, when or where.



Simple sentence: I walked to school.

With a fronted adverbial: Following my delicious breakfast, I walked to school.


For each of these sentences, add on a fronted adverbial and write the whole sentence in your Homework book (perfect punctuation, spelling and handwriting please).


Miss Gee looked happily at the pile of marking in front of her.


The large smilodon prowled menacingly.


The children ran energetically on to the playground.


He came home sadly.


A football whizzed through the air to Mr.Roberts’ feet.


The children looked remarkably excited.




This week we have been learning about finding non-unit fractions of quantities.



3/4 of 24


To solve this calculation we first need to divide the whole number by the denominator in order to find 1/4.


24 ÷ 4 = 6


To find 3/4 we then need to multiply 6 by the numerator of the fraction.


6 x 3 = 18


So 3/4 of 24 = 18


Please complete the following calculations. Make sure you show the division and multiplication calculation for each.

  1. 2/3 of 12

  2. 2. 4/6 of 24

  3. 3. 3/5 of 40

  4. 4. 3/4 of 40

  5. 5. 3/10 of 50

  6. 6. 5/8 of 64

  7. 7. 5/7 of 35

  8. 8. 2/9 of 18



    See if you can find a fronted adverbial in your current reading book. Remember to spend some time reading to an adult at home this week.

Year 3 Homework – Thursday 1stnd February


This week, we looked at some words that many of you often mix up in your writing (including some common homophones):


your – you’re

where – were

two – to - too


For homework this week, we would like you to underline the words that are spelt incorrectly in the sentences below and write the correct spelling above it. Be careful – some of the sentences do not contain a mistake!


  1. Because you have been practising, you’re hunting skills have really improved.


  2. “Your becoming a very capable hunter!” Olga’s father exclaimed.


  3. Olga’s family caught two reindeers in the same week.


  4. Ugg took his new friend too see the cave paintings.


  5. “Were would you like me two put the mammoth tusks Dad?” Olga asked.


  6. “I like your sabre tooth necklace!” remarked Olga.


  7. “Where you and your brother fighting again?” asked Ethel.


  8. There were two many cave lions so the reindeer could not escape.


  9. Om went too fetch some water from the lake.


  10. Ugg was delighted because he caught two huge fish.


    Now try and use the words above to write your own sentences! Try to extend them using a conjunction.


    For example:

    The boys were playing in their garden because it was sunny.



    Please complete the activities you have been assigned on Mathletics.



Year 3 Homework - 25.1.18




This week we have been learning to use short multiplication. Please see the method below.



eg. 47 x 8

We set the calculation out as follows: H T O

          4 7

        x   8

       3 7 6


We multiplied 8 and 7 together.

We carried the 5 tens under the T column.

We then multiply 8 by 4(tens). This give 32 (tens). We add on the 5 tens carried, to give 37 tens, which we write in the answer box.

The answer is 376.



1) 47 x 5 =

2) 58 x 4 =

3) 62 x 6 =

4) 42 x 3 =

5) 67 x 8 =

6) 24 x 7 =

7) 53 x 9 =

8) 23 x 4 =

9) 62 x 3 =











Write a short description of a smildon. Try to include:

  • Powerful verbs

  • Adjectives

  • Prepositional phrases (across the grassy plain)

  • Simile/metaphor

  • Perfect punctuation!




Interview someone at home about their favourite book. Write your questions and their responses in your homework book.




Year 3 Homework - 18.1.18



We have been learning about using related facts to solve more difficult multiplications.



If we know that 3 x 7 = 21 then we know that 30 x 70 = 210 because 70 is 10 times bigger than 7.


Use your times table knowledge to calculate the multiplications below and then use it to work out the related facts.


    1. 4 x 8 =                                           5. 7 x 5 =

        40 x 8 =                                             7 x 50 =


     2. 6 x 3 =                                           6. 4 x 4 =

         6 x 30 =                                            40 x 4=


      3. 2 x 8 =                                           7. 5 x 6 =

        2 x 80 =                                             500 x 6 =


      4. 8 x 6 =                                           8. 6 x 3 =

          80 x 6 =                                            60 x 30 =





Find 5 homophones (eg. brake and break) and write them in a sentence to show you understand their different meanings.





Write 3 questions you would like to ask the author about the book you are reading.




If you’re feeling extra creative...

You may want to enter the BBC 500 words competition.

The competition is to write a story about anything in 500

words or less. You can submit entries on the BBC website

from now until 7pm on Thursday 22nd February.


There is more information on this website about the


Year 3 Homework 11.1.18


This week we have been practising adding numbers mentally by spotting number bond facts. To consolidate this, we would like you to play ‘Twist’ using a set of playing cards. You will need to ask someone at home to play the game with you!


Rules: You need a pack of playing cards or two sets of digit cards (1 – 9). If you don’t have pack of cards at home, you could make your own set of digit cards or print the PDF.


The object of the game is to total 20 exactly. You can take as many cards as you can until you are bust (over 20). Each player starts with two cards. They begin by adding them together and then decide if they want to ‘twist’ (get another card) or ‘stick’. The person who gets nearest 20 (without going over) gets the point and they shuffle the cards and play again. (The King, Queen and Jack count as 10 if using playing cards.) Play for 30-40 minutes and see who has the most points at the end!


If you are feeling confident, you could try to reach a total of 50 rather than 20. Remember to look for number bond facts to help you add the numbers up efficiently!


It would be great if you or your parents/carers could write me a note to let me know how you got on (and who won!)




For homework this week, we would like you to re-write the paragraph below, adding in the missing full stops and capital letters.


olga was strolling through the woods when she spotted something out of the ordinary a boy was standing next to her cave Olga hid behind a large rock so she could watch him he looked very strange his clothes were nothing like mine





This week, we want you to summarise the book you are reading in 20 words. Good luck!

Digit Cards 1-20

Prehistoric Britain Homework Projects

Year 3 Homework 14.12.17


1. We would like you to keep practising the words for the Year 3 Christmas Performance. Words and Music are on the website.


2. Please learn your spellings and you times tables for our last test of the year next week.





Year 3 Homework 7.12.17

Christmas costumes:

We would be extremely grateful if these could be in school by Wednesday 13th December in a named plastic carrier bag.



This week we have been learning to add and subtract amounts of money. We have been using a column method to do this.


£2.35 + 78p =£3.13

We would convert the pence amount to pounds. So, it becomes £0.78

Then we add in columns, keeping the decimal points lined up.


+ £0.78

   £ 3.13

                1 1


If we are subtracting one amount from another we would also use a column method:

£3.56 -£1.67 = £2.22

    £3.8 9

-   £1.6 7

    £ 2.2 2


Now try these:


  1. £3.46 + £3.45

  2. £6.45 -£3.24

  3. £3.89-£2.36

  4. £10.65 + £6.87

  5. £45.52 + 98p

  6. £8.24 - £1.36


Christmas Songs:

Please look on the Year 3 Blog for the Christmas song words and music. Learn as many as you can!

English Homework picture 9.11.17

English Homework picture 9.11.17 1

Year 3 Homework – Thursday 9th November

Due Monday 13th November


Prior learning: We have been finding related multiplication and division facts.



If we know 4 x 5 = 20, then we can work out that 5 x 4 = 20 and (by using the inverse)

20 ÷ 5 = 4 and 20 ÷ 4 = 5. So, from one multiplication fact, we found three other related facts.



For each fact below, find the other three related facts (you’ll have to work out the answer to the calculation first of all)


  1. 3 x 4

  2. 5 x 6

  3. 9 x 3

  4. 6 x 4

  5. 2 x 8

  6. 9 x 6



  7. 48 ÷ 8

  8. 56 ÷ 7



This week we have been practising writing powerful descriptions. For your homework this week, please write a short description about the image above. Remember to try and use the following features:

  • Similes and metaphors

  • Personification

  • Exciting adjectives

  • Powerful verbs

  • Adverbs

  • Alliteration



Please can you find an example of a simple sentence(eg. John ate his dinner), a compound sentence (eg. John ate his dinner and Gary ate his dinner also.)and a complex sentence (eg. Before playing football, John ate his dinner.), from your reading book.

Welcome back to Year 3. We hope you have had a wonderful half-term. We have an exciting half-term ahead of us with our new learning theme: The Firework-Maker's Daughter.


Year 3 Homework – Thursday 2nd November


Please complete the activities assigned to you on Mathletics.



This week we have been revising where full stops are needed to demarcate sentences. For your homework, we would like you to write out the letter below (from ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’), adding the missing full stops and capital letters:

dear father,

I am furious that you wouldn’t tell me the secret to being a Firework-Maker I have decided to seek the Royal Sulphur myself from Razvani, the Fire-Fiend all I have ever wanted is to be a great Firework-Maker like you I am far too young to find a husband and I definitely don’t want to be a dancer I wish you had trusted me with the secret and believed in me my Tumbling Demons were a huge success at the annual competition and I have so many other ideas I would like to try thank you for everything you have taught me about firework making I may never see you again




Find the best example of a descriptive sentence you can from your reading book. Can you explain why it is so effective?

Please get your parent to sign your homework book when you have ready to them.

Year 3 Half Term Homework

We hope you all enjoy a well-deserved half term break! Although it is important for you to have a break and spend time with your friends and family, please find some time to practise some of the following key skills that we have been working on this half term. This will really help you with your learning when you come back to school.


  • Practise your joined handwriting– maybe you’ll be the next person to get your pen license after half term!

  • Go over the spelling lists from this half term and see how many you have remembered.

  • Practise your times tables (starting with x2, x5 and x10, then moving on to x3, x4, x6, x7, x8 and x9)

  • Practise your number bonds to 10, 20 and 100

  • Daily reading – make sure you have taken a new book home with you!

  • Practising column addition and subtraction


    Also we have provided a sheet of homework projects for our next learning theme, The Firework Maker’s Daughter (see Word document saved below). You should each complete at least one of these projects by the end of next half term, so you may wish to make a start this week.

Firework Maker's Daughter Homework Projects


Set: 12.10.17

Due: 16.10.17


Next week we will be learning to calculate change from amounts of money. We would like you to practise using a number line to “count on” as preparation.



From £1, calculate the change due after I spend the following amounts:

  1. 23p              B. 35p          C. 46p          D. 78p          E. 19p
  1. 63p              G. 31p



This week we learnt about possessive apostrophes. Pick a noun and a possession from the table and write a sentence about each including a possessive apostrophe


Apostrophe Rules

  1. Words ending in ‘s’ are followed by just an apostrophe
  2. Words ending in ‘ss’ are followed by an apostrophe and another ‘s’
  3. Words ending in any other letter are followed by an apostrophe and another ‘s’




Mrs Chenault


Miss Siddorn


Mr Roberts


Mr Williams



cup of tea

The class





Find 3 nouns in your reading book. Remember proper nouns should have a capital letter. Please get your parent to sign your homework book when you have ready to them.

Year 3 Homework set 12.10.17

Maths Homework

Set: 5th October 2017

Due: 9th October 2017


Prior learning:

This week we have been using the compact method of addition.

Example:      68+56

  H    T   U

+      6   8

        5   6          

 1     2   4 = 124

 1    1                                                                   

  • We add the units / ones.
  • If the answer is greater than 9, then we “carry” the ten to underneath of the tens column.
  • Then we add the Tens (including the carried the ten) and so on….



Please calculate the answers to these addition questions:


  1. 123+56     b) 78+145     c) 567+23     d)154+165    


e)176+123   f) 365+458







Find 3 verbs in your current reading book and write them in your homework book. Remember to get your parents to sign your book when you have read to them.




In addition to Maths and Reading homework this week, we would like you to practise our Harvest songs. The backing tracks and lyrics can be found on the ‘Year 3 Homework’ page on the website. Please remember that if you would like to join us for our Harvest Festival at St. Nicholas’ Church, it is at 11am on Thursday 12th October.

Year 3 Homework (set 05/10/17)

As you will know, next week Year 3 and 5 are going over to St Nicholas Church for a Harvest Festival celebration. In preparation for this, please can you practise the two songs we will be singing ('Harvest Samba' and 'Let's Harvest')? The lyrics and audio tracks are saved below. You will be given an order of service with the song lyrics on for the service, but it would be great if you could learn them as much as possible.

Let's Harvest

Harvest Samba

Let’s Harvest


The summer sun is lower in the sky

The leaves on the trees are slowly turning dry

There’s a message on the breeze

It says ‘it’s time; it’s time, oh please’


So, let’s harvest – reap what we sow

Let’s harvest - eat what we grow x2

And when the sun goes down

We’ll share it all around


The fruit trees bend and nod, the time is now

The golden fields are ready for the plough

And when our work is done

Then the autumn comes




Ooooh ba ba Repeat x8


There’ll be apples and pears, damsons and cherries

Plums and grapes, currants and berries

Barley and wheat to make our toast

Nuts and seeds to dry and roast

Carrots and leeks, peas and beans

More potatoes than you’ve ever seen

We’ll make jams and juice, crumbles and pies

And when nobody’s looking we’ll try the wine!


So, let’s harvest – reap what we sow

Let’s harvest - eat what we grow x2

And when the sun goes down

We’ll share it all around (repeat x 2)



Harvest Samba


1. Cabbages and greens, broccoli and beans,

Cauliflower and roasted potatoes, taste so good to me.

Apricots and plums, ripened in the sun,

Oranges and yellow bananas, Good for everyone.


It’s another Harvest festival,

when we bring our fruit and vegetables,

‘cause we want to share the best of all the

good things that we’ve been given.

It’s another opportunity, to be grateful for the food we eat,

with a Samba celebration to say thank you to God the father.


2. Golden corn and wheat, oats and sugar beet,

fluffy rice and tasty spaghetti, wonderful to eat.

Coffee, cocoa, tea, growing naturally,

Herbs and plants and all kinds of spices, very nice indeed.


It’s another…


Thank you for the harvest, thank you for your goodness,

For all of the fruit and vegetables and the wonderful things that grow. (x5)


(n.b. On third/forth time, Year 3 sing verse 1 again)

Cabbages and greens, broccoli and beans,

Cauliflower and roasted potatoes, taste so good to me.

Apricots and plums, ripened in the sun,

Oranges and yellow bananas, Good for everyone.



It’s another…


God the Father


Cha cha cha!


Year 3 Homework (set 28.9.17)

Year 3 Homework (set 28.9.17)



We have been practising when to use the article ‘a’ or ‘an’.

‘A’ is used when the following word begins with a consonant sound.

‘An’ is used when the following word begins with a vowel sound.

Select the correct article for the following words and write them in a sentence:

dinosaur, iguana, elephant, telephone, bag, umbrella





We have been continuing with mental addition and subtraction this week. Please complete the activities assigned to you on Mathletics.



Find your favourite 3 adjectives from the last pages you have read in your reading book and write them into your homework book.

Don’t forget to get parents to sign your book to show that you have read.

Year 3 Homework set 21.9.17

Year 3 Homework – Thursday 21st September 2017



Prior learning: This week we have been practising using known number facts and strategies to help us perform mental addition calculations. We have been looking for known number bonds and re-ordering.


Example: 23+7

If we were adding 7 and 23, we would hopefully notice 3 and 7 make a number bond of 10. So, the calculation becomes: 20+(7+3)=30. We have re-ordered the calculation!


If we were asked to total 26 and 57, we would start from the largest number (57)

and add on the smaller number in tens and ones ie. 57+26=



Example: 156+7

In this case we can look to make the next multiple of 10 from 156 which is 160. This would mean adding 4. This means that there is 3 more to add on. So, the answer is 163.


The purpose of this is to eventually speed up mental addition by encouraging the children to understand that they add in any order but that there are some orders that will prove more helpful to them!


Task: Show how you would calculate these addition questions:


     a. 7 + 33 b. 69 + 21 c. 13 + 4 + 17 d. 105 + 15 e. 14 + 54 + 6


f. 56 + 27 g. 15 + 65 h. 11+ 78 + 2 i. 86 + 25 j. 4 + 125 + 26


k. 123 + 8 l. 432 + 20 m. 50 + 456 n. 495 - 30 o. 946 - 50



On Thursday 12th October, Year 3 will be taking part in a Harvest service at St. Nicholas’ Church (which parents are welcome to join us for at 11am). As part of the service, we will be performing some Harvest poetry and prayers. For your homework this week, we would like you to write your own Harvest-themed poem or prayer in your books. We will be selecting some children to perform their poetry/prayers at the service.

This website explains some different types of poem that you might want to try:



Read aloud to a parent or carer for 10 minutes.

Write in your homework book:

  • Date

  • Page number and the sentence that you last read, written out accurately

  • Parents/carers please sign below the sentence written in the book. You may also wish to write a short comment about your child’s reading.


Trapeziums Maths Group Homeowrk 21.9.17

Year 3 Homework (set 14.09.17)

Fossil Hunters Homework Projects