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Weekly Homework - this is a regular expectation of activities for year 6


  • Do the 'Mathletics' activities which have been set. Every week there will be three activities plus any that have not been completed.
  • Write out the spellings, word class and definition and learn them. See the spelling page.
  • Do the grammar practice sheet. This will be a paper copy in books.
  • Do the weekly reading activity. This activity is explained on the website and is in books.
  • See below for any extra activities or reminders set on a weekly basis.

Don't forget homework is always due in on the Monday morning after it has been set, unless stated otherwise!

You should also do all homework straight into your homework book, unless we specifically ask you to do it somewhere else.


The link to the 'Mathletics' site is here.

Extreme Earth homework for autumn 2



Over the half term holiday, look at 'Mathletics' and use the time to catch up on any tasks you have not completed or redo any tasks which have been reset due to low scores.


During the week, look at the equipment list for Marle Hall and start to organise your clothes. Make sure you have your name in everything and make sure you can tie up shoe laces by yourself. Practise brushing and tying up long hair and making your bed.


  • Take a full-length photograph of your self in your 'best' clothes and some photos of your favourite objects and objects to show your interests and hobbies. Upload these on your personal Google drive account.
  • Remember your swimming kit on Monday.
  • Bring a torch on Wednesday if you have one.

Toil and Trouble Homework

Reading homework task

BBC animated version of Macbeth.


This is a nice version which you might like to watch at home. Why not watch it with someone else and share what you have been studying?


Mrs N