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Y2 Maths Questioning Prompts

Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 21st May 2018

We are aware that many children are on Beaver’s Camp this weekend and will not mind homework being handed in on Tuesday because of this.


Firstly, if your child has not yet had the opportunity to share their Wonderful Warwickshire project homework, they will get to next week!



Practise your strategies for solving calculations for all four functions:


37 – 26

74 – 45

26 + 63

29 + 44

9 x 5

35 divided by 5

70 divided by 10



Traditional Tales –

Read the text and answer the questions:


A sound made him turn his head in time to see a strange creature creeping up behind Miranda. It was shaped like a man, but its skin was covered with glistening green scales, and its eyes were as yellow as a lizard’s.


What made the strange creature turn his head?


Name one adjective used to describe the creature’s scales.


What do you think the creature is? Explain your answer.


No Spelling Test next week!

Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 14th May 2018


From this passage, write down the nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in a table.

There was a faint sound of music. Lights sparkled in the air, winking like sunshine on bursting bubbles. In the midst of the lights fluttered a young boy, with golden skin and white wings on his heels. He smiled at Prospero, and darted playfully around his head.













Traditional Tales –


Can you learn the story of one of the following traditional tales? There are many variations and this is fine!

  • Three Little Pigs
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Jack and the Beanstalk


Year 2 Spellings:

Common exception word revision

To be tested -

Thursday 17th May 2018


1. behind

2. climb

3. children

4. wild

5. most

6. only

7. both

8. everybody

9. clothes

  10. beautiful

Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 30th April 2018


Reading scales.

Our children have found it hard to find the divisions on a scale when it requires finding the half way point between two numbers. Can you help them with finding these missing numbers? They all use the multiplication facts children should know – 2, 3, 5 and 10.

 Write the complete scale in your homework book.












William Shakespeare – The Tempest


A violent storm was raging over the island. Palm trees bent and swayed like dancers in the howling gale that tore off their branches and sent them tumbling through the air.

On a beach not far from the mouth of his cave, stood Prospero the wizard, his white hair and beard streaming out in the wind; his black robes flapping around him.


What was the storm doing?


How did the trees move?


Write down two adjectives used to describe Prospero.


Year 2 Spellings:

-tion  –sion - sure

To be tested -

Thursday 10th May 2018


1. pleasure

2. measure

3. division

4. decision

5. vision

6. treasure

7. fiction

8. motion

9. option

  10. potion

Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 30th April 2018


Can you write a sentence for each of these conjunctions based on a Midsummer Night’s Dream:


when     if         so         or         that       because



William Shakespeare

Not five paces from the bank of violets where Titania lay asleep, a group of Athenians had gathered in secret to rehearse a play that they meant to perform for Duke Theseus after his wedding. One of the actors, a weaver called Bottom, was behind a tree waiting to appear when he heard his cue.

“I’ll show them how it’s done!” Bottom said to himself. “When the Duke sees what a fine actor I am, he’ll give me a purse of gold, or my name’s not Nick Bottom!”


What were the Athenians doing in the forest?


What was Bottom’s job?


What does Bottom think the Duke will give him?


Year 2 Spellings:

Compound words

To be tested -

Thursday 3rd May 2018

1. hairbrush

2. rainbow

3. popcorn

4. anytime

5. playground

6. butterfly

7. classroom

8. ladybird

9. everyone

  10. cupboard

Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 23rd April 2018


This week we have learned about the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction:

7 + 2 = 9          so         9 – 7 = 2

Mr Williams says that 7 + 12 = 18

Use the inverse to prove him correct or incorrect.

Miss White says that 23 + 36 = 59

Use the inverse to prove her correct or incorrect.

Mrs Harwood says that 17 + 28 = 46

Use the inverse to prove her correct or incorrect.























William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire and was baptised a few days later on 26 April 1564. His father, John Shakespeare, was a glove maker and wool merchant and his mother, Mary Arden, was the daughter of a well-to-do landowner from Wilmcote, South Warwickshire. It is likely Shakespeare was educated at the local King Edward VI Grammar School in Stratford.


When was William Shakespeare baptised?


Name one of John Shakespeare’s jobs


What was William Shakespeare’s mother called?


Year 2 Spellings:

Suffix ful and less

To be tested -

Thursday 26th April 2018


1. careful

2. beautiful

3. helpful

4. forceful

5. thoughtful

6. penniless

7. helpless

8. careless

9. painless

  10. merciful

Happy Easter!

Thank you for all your support this term. We hope that you have a lovely Easter Holiday and we look forward to seeing you in the Summer Term. 

We have uploaded the homework map and it is stuck in your child's homework map. 


If you would like to do any additional work with your child, we have some suggestions that will support them over the coming term. 


All the arithmetic practice you can do! addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, multiplication facts, division facts. 

If you are working on subtraction, which is a particular challenge in our year group at the moment, it is not necessary for children to do subtractions that involve taking more ones away than there are in the first number e.g. 33 - 17. 

35 - 22 = 13

30 - 20 = 10

5 - 2 = 3

10 + 3 = 13



Handwriting - your child needs to write on the line consistently and capital letters and lower case letters need to be easily distinguished from one another.

Reading - please read as much as possible with your child. Ask and answer questions with them. 


Year 2 Spellings

Silent Letters

To be tested Thursday 19th April

1. knot

2. knee

3. knight

4. knew

5. wrong

6. write

7. climb

8. thumb

9. guide

10. guard

Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 19th March 2018

Next week, the children will have a chance to share their project homework if they haven't already.

We are also making vehicles next week as egg transporters. We have asked the children to think about what they could make this out of and to bring it in next week. This can be as simple as an empty cereal box or large plastic bottle. We'll make it work!



This week, we have been working hard on using partitioning to help us add and subtract two digit numbers.

For example, 25 + 32 would be partitioned into tens + tens and ones + ones before adding the two answers:

20 + 30 = 50

5 + 2 = 7

50 + 7 = 57

Use this method to answer the questions below:

  1. 36 + 42
  2. 78 – 57
  3. 12 + 49
  4. 54 – 38




Fantastic Mr Fox

The four Small Foxes scrambled up out of the tunnel and what a fantastic sight it was that now met their eyes! They were in a huge shed and the whole place was teeming with chickens. There were white chickens and brown chickens and black chickens by the thousand!


What different colour chickens were there?


What verb describes how the small foxes got out of the tunnel?


Year 2 Spellings

Homophones –

To be tested Thursday 29th March 2018


  1. to
  2. too
  3. two
  4. their
  5. they’re
  6. there
  7. no
  8. know
  9. where
  10. were

Although these spellings appear more simple, children will need to know which one to use in a context e.g. They were going to the park.

Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 19th March 2018


Next week we are looking at the human diet in science. As part of our study into this, we would like to create an overview of our  ‘Class Diet’.

Please could you record a food diary for at least one day of the weekend, preferably two!

We will not be studying your individual child’s diet. We will only look at the data as a class.



Fantastic Mr Fox

On the hill above the valley there was a wood. In the wood there a huge tree. Under the tree there was a hole. In the hole lived Mr Fox and Mrs Fox and their four Small Foxes. Every evening as soon as it got dark, Mr Fox would say to Mrs Fox, ‘Well, my darling, what shall it be this time? A plump chicken from Boggis? A duck or goose from Bunce? Or a nice turkey from Bean?


Where exactly did the foxes live?


What kind of animal could fox get from Bean?



Year 2 Spellings

-tion words

To be tested – Thursday 22nd March 2018


1. fiction

2. motion

3. condition

4. question  

5. information

6. education

7. station

8. addition

 9. celebration

10. explanation

Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 12th March 2018


Write a short character description for Boggis, Bunce or Bean from Fantastic Mr Fox.

Try to use some of the contractions we have learned how to spell this week:

  • Can’t
  • Don’t
  • Won’t
  • Wouldn’t
  • He’s



What Do Chickens Look Like?

Chickens are small, two-legged birds. They are flightless, which means that although they have wings, they are not able to fly very far or high. They have a strong beak and claws which they use to scratch and search for food in the ground. They have a thick covering of feathers which allows them to stay warm. Male chickens (cockerels) have a red ‘comb’ on their head and an extra sharp claw on the back of their legs.


What does ‘flightless’ mean?


What do male chickens (cockerels) have on their heads?


Year 2 Spellings:

Adding Suffixes

To be tested -

Thursday 15th March 2018

1.  flies

2.  tries

3.  replies

4.  copies

5.  babies

6.  carries

7.  copied

8.  copier

9.  happier

10.  happiest

Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 5th January 2018






Why do bees sting?

A honeybee will not often sting, except when it is stepped on or handled roughly.

If a bee is buzzing around you, it may smell perfume or soap and think the smell is

nectar or food. The bee will check you out to see if it can find the nectar, but if you

stand very still, it will realise there is no nectar and go away.


Why should you be careful when handling bees?


What should you do if a honeybee buzzes around you?


Year 2 Spellings:

Comparatives and Superlatives

To be tested -

Thursday 8th March 2018

1. beautifully

2. cheerfully

3. happily

4. funnily

5. usually

6.  likely

7.  lovely

8.  properly

9.  really

10.  nicely 

Half-Term Homework


The homework map has been uploaded above and stuck in Homework Books. Children are welcome to get started with their project homework. 


We would also encourage you to spend lots of time reading with your children and occasionally asking them questions that require them to think about what they hav ejust read. 


You could also practise your multiplication facts (2, 5 and 10 x table) and even better the division facts, for example 15 divided by 5 = 3, 70 divided by 10 = 7. 


You can also access loads of engaging activities on using your child's logon which should be stuck in your Homework Book. 


Year 2 Spellings:

Adding suffixes

To be tested -

Thursday 1st March


1. beautiful

2. useful

3. careful

4. grateful

5. silliness

6.  happiness

7.  amazement

8.  movement

9.  punishment

10.  penniless

Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 12th February 2018

Under The Sea Homework Map:

Next week, children will have the opportunity to share their Under the Sea Homework Map work if they have brought it in. Thank you for supporting your children with these.



This week we have looked at superlatives. For example, big, bigger and biggest, with biggest being the superlative.

Write a sentence using the adjectives below as superlatives.








Florence Nightingale


“Florence Nightingale was born in Britain in 1820. At the time,

many people were poor and lived in terrible conditions.

Florence was lucky because her family was rich.

Rich women at the time were not expected to work. Instead,

they got married, had children and looked after the house.

But Florence had a different dream – to be a nurse.”


In what way was Florence lucky?


What was life like for lots of people in 1820?


What were rich women expected to do?


Year 2 Spellings:

Comparatives and Superlatives

To be tested -

Thursday 15th Feb 2018


1. larger

2. strangest

3. wisest

4. hotter

5. thinnest

6. bigger

7. happier

8. happiest

9. grumpiest

10. friendliest

Year 2 Homework – due in Tuesday 6th February


Please can you practise your 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

You do not have to show this in your book but we will be using them in maths next week.


Optional Challenge:

(Questioning Prompts attached as a document and below)




“I have six eggs,” said Mother Duck.

Five eggs were smooth and small and white.

But the sixth egg was huge.

All spring, the mother duck sat on her eggs,

waiting for them to hatch.


How many eggs did Mother Duck have?


What were most of the eggs like? Write two things.



Year 2 Spellings:

Plurals and

Forming nouns by adding er


To be tested -

Thursday 8th 2018


1. mice

2. dice

3. women

4. people

5. children

6. digger

7. spinner

8. babysitter

9. worrier

10. user


Questioning Prompts - Year 2


· The first thing I did was…

· It didn’t work when…

· I noticed that…

· I already knew… so…

· It couldn't be… because…

· It could be… because…

· Once I found out… I could...



Homework will be published tomorrow as children have not received their homework books or done their spelling test due to our Sea Life Centre visit. 

It is fine for children to hand books in on Tuesday next week if they wish. 

Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 29th January 2018



Write these sentences in your homework book changing them from present tense to past tense.


As I swim under the sea, I see many sea creatures.


I dive deep down under the water.


I can see a shark’s fin gliding through the ocean.



Finlay sat next to the fish tank. He liked watching the fish.

They were more interesting than the teacher.

There was a little bridge at the bottom of the fish tank. But the fish never swam under it. Or maybe they did when Finlay wasn’t looking.


1.) Why did Finlay like watching the fish?


2.) What did Finlay want the big fish to do?



Year 2 Spellings:

Making plurals


To be tested -

Friday 2nd January 2018


1. foxes

2. boxes

3. witches

4. sandwiches

5. glasses

6. brushes

7. monkeys

8. holidays

9. parties

     10. babies


Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 22nd January 2018



Please bring in as much cardboard/plastic 'junk' for our junk modelling next week. Think about the design you did and make sure that you have what you need!



This week we have been doing some mental arithmetic practice.

Can you solve these problems in your head?


4 + 11                 8 – 6                4 + 5 + 6             9 x 10               3 x 2


Write the answers in your homework book.



Deep in the forest river lived a large crocodile.

He was a very selfish crocodile. He didn’t want any other animals and fish to drink or bathe in the river. He thought it was HIS river.

Every day, he shouted to the animals of the forest, “Stay away from my river! It’s MY river! If you come in my river, I’ll eat you all!”


  1. Where did the crocodile live?


  2. Why didn’t the crocodile want the other animals and fish to drink or bathe in the river?


Year 2 Spellings:

Making the past tense


To be tested -

Thursday 25th January 2018


1. race

2. raced

3. change

4. changed

5. use

6. used

7. dried

8. tried

9. hurried

     10. carried


Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 15th January 2018




As part of the Year 2 curriculum, children are required to tell the time on an analogue clock up to quarter past, half past and quarter to.


Can you write the analogue time for each of these clock faces?



He was the most beautiful fish in the entire ocean.

His scales shimmered with all the colours of the rainbow.


  1. Describe what the word shimmered means

  2. What adjective is used to describe the fish?




Progressive tenses

To be tested -

Thursday 18th January 2018


1. going

2. hide

3. hiding

4. smile

5. smiling

6. lie

7. lying

8. tie

9. tying

     10. baking

Year 2 Christmas Homework


You will find that your child has the 'Under the Sea' homework map stuck in their books. As usual, children need to complete one of these tasks. It does not have to be done over the holidays. We will notify you when we are going to show and discuss projects in class. 


Marine Biologist Day Tuesday 9th January 2018

For our next Learning Theme, ‘Under the Sea’, the children will be taking part in our Marine Biologist Day on Tuesday 9th January 2018. The children will need to come to school dressed as either:

  • A marine biologist
  • A sea creature
  • A scuba diver

The children can also bring a sealife information book to school on the day to share with the rest of the class (if they have one) as we will be researching using non fiction texts during the day.

Thank you and Merry Christmas

Mr Williams, Miss White, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Whitehall

Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 18th December 2017


Learning Theme:


Next week we will be sharing our Bright Sparks project homework. Most of you have already brough this into school, if you haven’t, please ensure that you bring it in on Monday.

If you need a reminder for what you can do for this, the Bright Sparks Homework map has been uploaded again below this homework.


Christmas Party:

Please bring in 50p on Monday as we will be purchasing food and party games for our Year 2 Christmas Party on Thursday.



We will not be setting any new spellings for the children to learn before Christmas. Please do spend some time looking in their Spelling Book and practising any words they mis-spelt in tests.

Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 11th December 2017


This week we have been solving some Christmasaurus maths problems. Can you solve this one?

The Christmasaurus Elves have muddled up the Christmas presents and they have forgotten whether or not they have enough. Each elf packed 5 presents into Santa’s sack. There are 9 elves.


How many presents have they packed so far?



Who is your favourite character in ‘The Christmasaurus’?

Write down three reasons why.


Draw a picture of the character if you would like to.




Year 2 Spellings:

Adding suffixes


To be tested -

Thursday 14th December 2017


1. happier

2. happiest

3. foggier

4. foggiest

5. funnier

6. funniest

7. luckier

8. luckiest

9. sleepier

10. sleepiest


Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 4th December 2017



This week we have learned all about the Great Fire of Warwick.

Can you write down five facts that you know about any of the following things:


  • What happened?

  • Where did it happen?

  • When did it happen?

  • Why did it spread so easily?

  • How did they stop the fire?



This week in our Reading Roundabout time, you have written a character description about Brenda Payne from ‘The Christmasaurus.’

Can you now write a character description for William (The main character)?




Year 2 Spellings:

Adding suffixes

To be tested -

Thursday 7th December 2017


1. quick

2. quickly

3. safe

4. safely

5. nice

6. nicely

7. like

8. likely

9. proper

10. properly

Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 27th November 2017



Use the strategies (arrays or repeated addition) you practised in maths this week to solve these multiplication problems.

Can you prove the commutative effect? For example, 2 x 7 = 14 and 7 x 2 = 14

  1. 3 x 5

  2. 2 x 8

  3. 4 x 10

  4. 9 x 2

  5. 6 x 5

Optional Challenge:

Joe has 5 bags. Each bag has 3 sweets in it.

Holly has 3 bags. Each bag has 5 sweets in it. Holly says, “I have more sweets than Joe because each bag has 5 sweets in it and Joe only has 3 sweets in his bags.”

Is she correct? Prove it!



As we have found out, the elves from ‘The Christmasaurus’ always speak in rhyme.


Read this passage.

‘There’s an egg under the snow!

How did it get here?

I don’t know!

Well, dig it up, let’s take it back!

Dig it up? But it might crack!

We can’t just leave it stuck in the ice

We could cook it for might taste nice!’


Find the rhyming couplets and write them in your homework book.

What do you notice about the end of the spellings of the rhyming couplets?


Year 2 Spellings:

Doubling consonants when adding –ing and –ed

To be tested on Thursday 30th November


  1. swimming

  2. shopping

  3. grinning

  4. planning

  5. running

  6. grabbed

  7. hopped

  8. dragged

  9. flapped

  10. stopped

Year 2 Homework – due in Tuesday 21st November 2017



Write a paragraph as a news reporter reporting on the Great Fire of London. Try and include all of the key facts that you have learned this week including expanded noun phrases and conjunctions.


If you would like to, present this as a newspaper report.



We have just started reading ‘The Christmasaurus’ by Tom Fletcher.


Could you discuss with your child what they know from the opening chapters and write a prediction of what they think will happen next.

Please don’t buy this book and read ahead.


Year 2 Spellings:

Vowel digraphs

To be tested - Thursday 23rd November


1. paid

2. afraid

3. stay

4. point

5. join

6. enjoy

7. annoy

8. each

9. person

10. Thursday


Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 13th November 2017


In your book, write the name of the following shapes:

A four sided shape with four equal sides

A three sided shape

A five sided shape

A six sided shape

Once you have named the shapes, go on a shape hunt around your house. List the 2D shapes that you find and where you find them.



This week we have read ‘The Day the Crayons Came Home’.


Which colouring crayon do you feel most sorry for and why?


Year 2 Spellings –

To be tested Thursday 16th November 2017


  1. back

  2. pocket

  3. carrot

  4. catch

  5. catches

  6. fetch

  7. fetched

  8. kitchen

  9. jumped

  10. buzzed

Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 6th November 2017



Write out this passage and put the capital letters and full stops in the correct places:


bonfire night is on November the 5th every year we celebrate the fact that guy fawkes’ plot to destroy the houses of parliament failed



Learning poetry by heart is one of the Year 2 objectives.

Learn this poem off by heart! Make sure you practice.


Remember, remember the fifth of November,

Gunpowder treason and plot.

We see no reason

Why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot!



Year 2 Spellings –

To be tested Thursday 9th November 2017


1. busy

2. water

3. again

4. half

5. money

6. parents

7. Christmas

8. of

9. off

10. us

Happy Half-Term!


You will find that we have stuck in the 'Bright Sparks' project homework in your book. It is also uploaded as a document on here.

You are expected to complete one of these at some point over the next half-term.

We will have a 'Show and Tell' session to share these projects late on in the half-term - we will let you know when closer to the time.


You may wish to complete your project over the holiday.


You also have some spellings to learn for the first week back:


1. move

2. prove

3. improve

4. sugar

5. could

6. should

7. would

8. who

9. whole

10. clothes




Awesome Africa Homework!


Please bring the homework task you completed from the Awesome Africa homework map with your homework next week!


We will be putting aside a lesson to share what children have completed, even if you brought it in to show earlier in the term.



Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 16th October



Subtracting 10 on a number line:


27 – 10

39 – 10

62 – 10

85 – 10



Mr Williams has 78p and buys a bar of chocolate for 30p. How much money does he have left?




This is the monkey that let out a shriek,

That startled the bear with the long pointy claws,

That jumped on the crocodile, gaping its jaws,

That snapped at the toad with the big beady eye,

That gulped down the spider,

That gobbled the fly,

That buzzed through the heart of the jungle.


1.) What startled the bear?


2.) What does the phrase, “gaping its jaws”, tell us about the crocodile?


Don’t forget to learn your new spellings too. They are stuck in your spelling book. Look back at the list from last week and work on the ones you got wrong. They may be popped in too.


Year 2 Spellings –

To be tested Thursday 19th October

1. beautiful

2. pretty

3. steak

4. everybody

5. gold

6. both

7. only

8. most

9. climb

10. wild

Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 9th October



Add one of the below conjunctions to turn the two sentences into one sentence.


                        and                      but                     so                because


Duncan went to take out his crayons. He found a stack of letters with his name on.

I know that elephants are grey. That’s a lot of colour for one crayon to fill.

Please settle this soon. They are driving us crazy.

I can’t even see over the railing in the crayon box anymore. I need a break.




It’s because you think I’m a girls’ colour isn’t it? Speaking of which, please tell your little sister I said thank you for using me to colour her “Pretty Princess” colouring book.


  1. Which colour crayon do you think wrote this letter?

  2. Is the crayon happy with Duncan? Explain your answer.


Don’t forget to learn your new spellings too. They are stuck in your spelling book. Look back at the list from last week and work on the ones you got wrong. They may be popped in too.


Year 2 Spellings –

To be tested Thursday 12th October

1. children

2. child

3. behind

4. mind

5. kind

6. find

7. because

8. poor

9. floor

10. door

Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 2nd October 2017



In maths this week, we have been learning about adding 10s to any 2-digit number.

Please write out the following number sequences in your homework book and fill in the missing numbers:


5      15     __     35     __

27     __     __     57     __

__     24     __     44     __

53     63     __     83     __




Sleepily, Mr Williams stretched his arms above his head. He stamped his feet angrily and moaned grumpily that his alarm clock had woken him up.


  1. Write down the three adverbs from this passage.

  2. Why might Mr Williams be so grumpy?


Don’t forget to learn your new spellings too. They are stuck in your spelling book. Look back at the list from last week and work on the ones you got wrong. They may be popped in too.


Year 2 Spellings – Common exception words

To be tested Thursday

1. break

2. great

3. half

4. sure

5. every

6. even

7. eye

8. Mrs

9. Mr

10. people


European Day of Languages T-Shirt Competition (OPTIONAL)

On Tuesday, we celebrated the European Day of Languages. As part of this, the children were informed of a T-Shirt competition that they may wish to take part in. Please follow the link below if you would like to find out more.

There is also a template attached if you would like to have a go. It is also okay just to do it on A4 paper.


1. Please keep in mind that the design should be about languages, not countries. So please don't use flags or similar.

2. You can use up to 3 colours.

3. Keep in mind that we need a simple design that is not too complex or that has small details. This will increase printing quality.

4. Keep in mind that the maximum printing surface is 30 cm x 30 cm


Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 25th September 2017



In our grammar lessons this week, we have been learning about verbs. The children have identified imperative verbs in sentences and in recipes.

For your homework, you need to use imperative verbs to write a set of instructions for your teacher. You might want to tell your teacher how to make the perfect cup of tea or even how to bake your favourite biscuit or meal.


Remember to start each sentence with an imperative verb e.g.

  1. Fill the kettle with cold water.
  2. Plug the kettle into a socket.
  3. Turn the kettle on.

Make sure you set your instructions out clearly with one on each line.




The lazy lion prowled through the dry desert stalking his prey.


1.) Re - write this sentence in your book and underline the adjective, noun and verb. There may be more than one of each!


2.) Why do you think the lion might be lazy?


Don’t forget to learn your new spellings too. They are stuck in your spelling book. Look back at the list from last week and work on the ones you got wrong. They may be popped in too.


Spellings - Tested on Thursday 28th September


2. last

4. told

5. hold

6. cold


8. who


10. any

Year 2 Homework – due in Monday 18th September


Maths: In Maths this week we have been working on place value and ordering numbers.

1.) Partition the following numbers: 56 28 31


e.g. 60 + 4 = 64                          6 tens and 4 ones


2. Explain which number is the biggest and why?

a) 45 or 72

b) 63 or 59

e.g. 23 or 57

57 is the bigger number because it has 5 tens and 23 only has 2 tens.



Gerald hung his head low and stomped back to the jungle.

  1. Find and copy the verb that tells us how Gerald moved.

  2. How did Gerald feel? How do you know?


Don’t forget to learn your new spellings too. They are stuck in your red book. Look back at the list from last week and work on the ones you got wrong. They may be popped into

Year 2 Spellings

To be tested Thursday 21st September 2017

1. was

2. our

3. today

4. once

5. were

6. come

7. she

8. said

9. here

10. are

Presentation expectations for homework:

  • Please only write in your homework book with a pencil
  • Put the date at the top of the page
  • Look after your homework book and bring it in on Monday


Homework Set: Thursday 7th September 2017

Homework Due: Monday 11th September 2017


In literacy this week, we have looked at using adjectives to add description about nouns






In your homework book, sort the following words into two columns: one for nouns and one for adjectives.

elephant       tall       huge      giraffe      river      spotty      tree      Africa      hot      dry      boy      dusty



The tall giraffe, with its head in the treetops, was munching the green leaves.


1.) What is the giraffe doing?


2.) What is the adjective that describes the leaves?


Please answer in full sentences. For example:

Q. What is the adjective that describes the giraffe?

A. The adjective that describes the giraffe is tall.


Year 2 Spellings

To be tested Thursday 14th September 2017


1. some

2. one

3. friend

4. school

5. push

6. pull

7. ask

8. where

9. love

10. house