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Week beginning 1st July 2019


It's been another very busy week in Reception as we draw closer to the end of the year. The children are really impressing us with their independent writing and have made so much progress since September. We welcomed the New Reception starters into the classroom this week and many of the current children helped and supported their younger peers. The children were incredibly caring and reassured the new arrivals. We were all very proud of the children and I think they enjoyed showing them around their classrooms! We finished the week with the children's very first Sports Day. The children had the opportunity to take part in lots of exciting events as a class. All children then competed in the key Stage 1 running races. It was a warm and busy morning and the children were fantastic and really enjoyed themselves! Watch out for some future athletes!

 Week beginning 24th June 2019


As we continued to finish off our two weeks of learning about 999 Heros, the children have become very creative when designing and making their own 999 vehicles. The big event this week was ‘change over’ day. During this day all children spent the day with their Year 1 teacher. They spent the day taking part in activities and completing art work which will be displayed in September. I’m sure the whole Reception team, felt as l did, at how proud we were with the children. To hear from their new teachers at how well behaved and well mannered they were all day. All of the children copied very well with the change of routine and classroom exceptional well. Thank you to those parents that came and supported us at the Summer Festival. It was lovely to see so many of you there. Don’t forget that next Friday is Sports Day Morning, children should come to school in their PE kit.



Week beginning 17th June 2019

We were certainly blessed with wonderful weather for the Reception trip to Hatton Farm. The children had a fabulous time feeding the animals large and small, going on tractor rides and getting up close to the snakes and lizards in the reptile house! The children loved the JCB digger enclosure and of course, the soft play area and fun slides. We were extremely impressed with the children’s behaviour throughout the day and would like to extend our thanks once again to the parents who accompanied us on our trip.

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 Week beginning 3rd June 2019


Welcome back! Can’t believe we only have 7 weeks left. We came straight back into learning about Healthy Heros as part of our, ‘We could be Heros’ topic. The class have met Unhealthy Ethal and have been writing about what she needs to do to become healthy and safe. In Maths we learnt a new concept of sharing and what sharing means and how to do this with objects. The children quickly noticed that even numbers are easier to share than odd numbers. We also discussed beach safety and what the different flags mean on the beach. Preparing them for their Summer holidays. Considering it is the first week back after a week off, Mrs Ellis and l are very pleased with the children’s independent writing. I have included a photograph of their learning logs, which are independently written each week.



Week beginning 20th May 2019

The warmer weather is finally here and the children are enjoying our outside environment in the sunshine! We have also had a visit from some tortoises. The children asked some very interesting questions and were fascinated to learn about hibernation, what tortoises ate and how they ‘disappeared’ into their shells!

We hope that you all have a fabulous half term break and look forward to seeing you after the holiday when we will be introducing our new topic, ‘We could be heroes’

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Week beginning 13th May 2019


This week we have been learning all about caterpillars and butterflies. We have had the amazing opportunity to observe caterpillars and they are currently all hanging in their cocoons! Hopefully we will see them flutter away as butterflies really soon. We have loved learning about the 'Hungry Caterpillar' this week and our teachers are really impressed with the progress we have made in our writing! We have been looking at symmetry and made butterflies using a variety of materials, including peg boards. In Maths, we have been practising our doubles to 10.

Week beginning 6th May 2019

I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. We have squeezed a lot of learning into 4 days this week. Our focus was on Bugs so we took our inspiration from ‘Miss Spider Tea Party’ in Literacy. We wrote our own invitations and learnt how to write an address on an envelope. Following on from our Maths Chat last week, we have been learning about subtraction and using the cross off method to help us work out the answers. We were very excited to be using clay this week. We had a superb time in PE experimenting how different bugs moved. As well as clay tools to create different textures on our own clay bugs. Thank you to all the parents who came and joined us during come and learn. We also had so small fluffy visitors come and see us this week. We borrowed Year 2 chicks to learn about their life cycle and observe what they like to do. Also this week we have sent home a sheet showing which letters the children need to practise, ready for Year 1.

Week beginning 29th April 2019

Welcome back to a short but action packed term! This week we said goodbye to our frogs, who were returned safely to the river and then greeted our class caterpillars. We will be studying the life cycle of caterpillars to butterflies, observing their changes and writing sentences describing their appearance. In Maths, we will be looking at the symmetry of butterflies and creating simple wing patterns to understand the mathematical concept of Doubling. RJW are enjoying their pet shop role play and Sam brought in his pet hamster ‘Jeff,’ explaining to the class how to care for a hamster.

Week beginning 1st April 2019


We started the week of with a lovely violin assembly. Where children throughout the school showcased their skills and talents. This week we have been writing our numbers from 0 to 20 without any support, it’s very tricky making sure all of our numbers are the facing the right way round and knowing where to start them from. We also have been learning about 1 more and 1 less. The children have been enjoying playing snakes and ladders. There are lots of skills involved when playing a simple game, turn taking, listening to others, sharing, following the rules and instructions are just a few. The ‘Big Art’ canvas are up and look amazing. I hope you all have popped in to see them in the Lower School Hall.








Week beginning 25th March 2019

This week in Reception we have been 3D shape detectives, learning about Cubes, Cones, Spheres, Cuboids and Cylinders. The children have been on a shape hunt and have been creating buildings using 3D shapes. We have also been practising counting backwards and looking at simple subtraction calculations, using objects to help us find the answer.
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Week beginning 18th March 2019


This week in Reception, we have been practising our phase 3 phonics and tricky words. We have been really impressed with the children's progress! Words and sounds to practise further at home will be coming soon. We have been creating house structures out of sticks and sweets this week which has been really fun. It has been tricky to make them and we had to persevere a lot, especially so we didn't eat any!! We really enjoyed making them and we are proud of our final results. Please can you continue to practise your words for the assembly, make sure you say them loudly and clearly. 

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Week beginning 11th March 2019


At the start of our Science Week, Mr Hobbs came and talk to us about famous scientists. He even did some dangerous experiments that were amazing! Later in the week we went and had a look at the year 5 and 6 Science fair. The children loved hearing, seeing and being part of these different activities, Well done Year 5 and 6. At last, the frogspawn have arrived and the children are in awe, creating lots of independent wring and discussions about their lifecycles and the different physical stages they go through to become frogs. We have gone shape crazy and making our houses out of 2D and 3D shapes. The children have been very artistic this week recreating 'The 3 Little Pigs' houses out of different textures and materials. Their observational drawings of daffodils, using pastels, are up on the window and give us all something to smile about during these rainy days. Thank you all that came into school today wearing 'something funny for money' for Comic Relief. Reception raised nearly £100! 

Week beginning 4th March 2019

This Thursday we celebrated World Book Day. The children decorated their own ‘Super Reader’ superhero masks and wore them to a special end of day assembly. Earlier on in the morning they shared their reading books with another year group, listening to each other read and talking with their partner about the characters in their books. Throughout the day, the children were also busy creating a canvas which will form part of a display in Lower School Hall. Each canvas will depict a different story and Reception have taken their inspiration from traditional tales. Watch this space as we will shortly be revealing our three canvases!

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Week beginning 25th February 2019


This week we have started our new topic all about the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'. All three classes will be performing a class assembly towards the end of the term. This week, the children have had the opportunity to act out the story in the role play and have really enjoyed playing the big, bad wolf! We have created our own story maps of 'The Three Little Pigs' and we will be using these to write our own stories next week. We have also created our own paintings of pigs using watercolours. 

Week beginning 4th February 2019

A big thank you to those parents who were able to make our ‘Come and Learn’ session. We have been very busy using our sounds to write an list of the animals which were in the Great Race. All of us have enjoyed watching the live video links from Chengdu Panda Reserve in China. This has inspired the children to write sentences about the Pandas. Be prepared to be blown away when you look at their work books during Parents Evening. This week the children used the Beebots to find their way through a maze. Thinking about directions and coding them to follow the path.

Week beginning 28th January 2019

The children have been enjoying the airport role play this week, each taking differing roles from pilot to security guards. They have been learning where in the world China is, in relation to the United Kingdom, and how much larger it is!

We have been segmenting, blending and writing cvc words and are well on the way to finishing learning our Phase 3 sounds. In Maths we have been looking at addition, using the crossing off method in order to add together two groups.

Week Beginning 21st January 2019


This week, we have been continuing to learn about China. We have learnt about the 'Great Race' and have used our sounds to write a list of all the animals who competed. Our teachers were really impressed with our writing and we are making so much progress! We have read a story called 'Chopsticks' and talked about things that we are good at. Some of us are good at writing our names, some are good at doing a sport and some are brilliant at drawing! We have been learning all about Pandas this week and created our own Panda Reserve in the role play area. We have painted some amazing pictures of Pandas too! Check out some of our paintings below. 

Week beginning 14th January 2019



This week RLW have been learning about Dragons in Chinese culture, where China is and famous landmarks. At the start of the week we made our own dragons, as well as learning about the dragon boat races. In Literacy we have been using our phase 3 sounds to help us label a picture of a Panda. Luisa bought in photographs of her Dad at the Great Wall of China, the photographs helped us to remember that the ‘Wall’ was built around mountains and is made up of steps. Looking at these photographs inspired the class to build, ‘The Grat Wall of China’ out of several different media. We have been looking at Mathematical symbols especially ‘+’ and ‘=’ when counting two sets of objects altogether. This has helped up in our Maths Chat demonstrating how 5 bricks can be split into two separate parts but still make 5.

Week beginning 7th January 2019

Welcome back everyone! Our new learning theme this term is focusing on China, its geography, wildlife, customs and culture. RJW is fully immersed in everything ‘Panda.’ We have been learning about their habitat, food and the very important conservation work at the Chengdu Panda Reserve in China. We have recreated our own panda role play area in the classroom and have been watching the pandas live from China on the Chengdu Pandacam! We have been inspired to write our own panda sentences in Literacy and have been busy measuring the length of bamboo in Maths. 

We look forward to looking at the children’s work in the new Home Learning books that were sent home on Thursday. Please remember to return them every Monday and as always, thank you for your continuing support.

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Week Beginning the 10th December 2018

Thank you so much for coming to see the children perform in their very first Nativity. We have been working very hard on our singing and learning our words. All the teachers and teaching assistants were really proud of them. Thank you for your help with the costumes, all the children look fantastic. Christmas is fast approaching and we will be getting in the festive spirit on Monday for our Reception Christmas party. Thank you for your money contributions and a reminder that children will need to bring in a named bag of party clothes to change into on Monday. 

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Week beginning 26th November 2018

This week our learning is focused around the theme of ‘Drama’. Our creative table has been taken over with a variety of materials and embellishments to make different puppets. From spoon puppets to finger puppets each and everyone of us has enjoyed taking on the role from, ‘The Gruffalo’ in the role play area, especially thinking about how we use our voices. We were very lucky to have a Singing Playground workshop morning, where we learnt different songs that the play leaders we use in the playgrounds at lunch times. In Maths we have been thinking about and using lightest, heavier and heaviest when comparing the weight of different objects, using balance scales.

Week beginning 19th November 2018

Our Symphony of Arts topic continues with the children creating their own musical instruments using junk modelling, demonstrating their joining and assembling skills. In role play, the children have been enjoying the ‘Photo Booth’ creating their own accessories and even taking each other’s  photos! They have also been listening to different pieces of music, describing the emotions that each piece evokes and then expressing those feelings through dance in P.E. ‘How we feel’ is also being explored in the Taking Care Project that Reception is following this half term. 

Week beginning 12th November 2018


We have had another busy week in Reception. Rehearsals for our Christmas Nativity have started so make sure that you keep practising those lines at home so you can say them in a loud and clear voice! In our classrooms, we have started Reading Roundabout this week. We have all had the chance to read a story with our teachers and have enjoyed sharing a text with our friends. Thursday was a special day as we joined forces with Year 1 to celebrate Centenary Day - 100 years since the end of World War 1. We had a chance to learn about why we wear poppies and how it is important to remember those soldiers that fought in the war. We each made a poppy that will be displayed in school. We enjoyed working with Year 1 and we even had a chance to march around the playground!

Week beginning 5th November 2018

I hope you all had a great half term and feel rested and ready for the coming half term. The children have come back and straight into a new Learning Theme, ‘Symphony of Arts’ splitting this into Art, Music, Dance and Drama. This week the role play has been turned into an Art Studio, where the children have been using a wide range of mark making tools. During Maths the children have been demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of Numicon order them correctly. As we are focusing on Art, the children have been exploring with colour mixing and then using their phonics knowledge to label the colours they made. This week we have been influenced by Wassily Kandinsky art work, Concentric Circles and everyone has worked hard to recreate this master piece, using and improving on our cutting skills. A big thank you to those families who have taken the time to research and create a poster to mark the Centenary of the end of the First World War.

Week beginning 15th October

This week we have been looking at different types of buildings that we recognise in Warwick. We looked at lots of pictures of shops and houses and discussed when we had visited them. We have been drawing our 'Journey to School', thinking carefully about the sights that we see along the way. After drawing some fantastic pictures, we even tried writing some of the initial sounds of the words. In Phonics, we have been learning the new sounds - g, o, c, k and ck. We have been getting ready for Parent's Evening and made some lovely work for you to see. We can't wait to show you our work next week.

Week beginning 8th October 2018

Can l just say it was so lovely to see lots of you at our ‘Come and Play’ session this week. I hope it gave you the opportunity to see the sort of activities we plan and the learning which occurs through the children’s play. At the beginning of the week the children noticed how the leafs are changing colour in the garden, time for our Autumn walk, collecting as many different coloured leafs as we could. Many of these were used to create the Autumn crowns during ‘Come and Play’ session, what fantastic crowns there were too. It was great to see so many children helping other children with the creations and demonstrating the 4 Golden Rules too. After another successful week of phonics children are beginning to initiate opportunities to practise their writing skills in many different areas of the classroom. Also this week the children completed their individual Christmas card designs and look forward to seeing lots of them being used at Christmas. Finally can l remind you to book you Parent Evening appointment if you haven't already done so. 

Week Beginning 1st October 2018

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning their first four phonic sounds and are becoming aware of the initial sounds in words that begin with these. The action songs and phonic games that we play all promote phonic awareness, please continue to help your children at home as phonic sounds are all around us, not just in the classroom. Thank you again for your support, we look forward to seeing you next Thursday morning at 9.15am for ‘Come and Play.’

Week Beginning 24th September 2018


This week we have been learning more about each other. We have been practising to write our names and we have been drawing pictures of our family. We made a self portrait using paint and oil pastels and then added wool for hair! We have used all these pictures to create our own 'All About Me' poster. Next week, we will be starting our phonics. New Phonics folders will be coming home on Monday. Please ensure they are in school every Monday so you receive the next set of sounds.

Week beginning 17th September 2018

At last we have full classes, let the learning and fun begin. Our first topic this term is called, ‘All about me’. During their first full week week in school the children have already showing great attitude towards each other. Many children help others in the garden or show them how to complete a task. The class have also started their first piece of work which will be a lovely surprise for you all, when you come in for our ‘come and share’ session next month. I am very pleased with all the children and how they are eager to learn, as well as having the confidence to try new activities and experiences.

Week beginning 10th September 2018

A very warm welcome from the Reception team! We look forward to sharing with you the learning and achievements of your children and explaining the topics that we will be covering throughout the year.

We have really enjoyed getting to know the children during induction week, introducing them to the rules and routines of both the school and classroom environment and finding out what they enjoy! 

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