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Week beginning 7th May 2018

I hope you all had a great Bank Holiday weekend. The children and l came back from our short break ready to start our new week of learning. In Maths we have been looking at time, specifically a minute. We started off by trying to judge how long a minute was and it seemed a very long time. We then took part in 'A Minute to Win it.' There were several activities, threading beads on to a lace, writing our name, building a tower using duplo and making playdough balls. We had to compete against each other to see how many we could build, thread, write and make all within 1 minute. We used both the iPads and egg timers to show when the time was up. Incorporating computing skills allowed the children to think about using iPads not only for activities but for keeping time and alarms.They liked setting alarms on the iPads, very much so. We also had the opportunity to plant our own sunflowers and learnt what seeds needed to germinate and grow. We also learnt what might happen if you over watered a seed or left it by the heat all day and night. Fingers cross RLW will have 30 strong and healthy shoots appearing soon. Another activity which we all enjoyed this week was in the creative area where we had a variety of flowers to paint, with water colours or draw with pastels. Using our senses to recreate what we saw was very interesting. The art work demonstrated what part of the flowers the children were concentrated on. Many different perspectives, was  it the colour of the petals, how many different flowers were in the vase or the different shape of the petals they could see. Thank you again to all those parents, grandparents or other family members who were able to come along to our 'Come and Learn' session on Wednesday. I hope you all enjoyed the snap shot of how the children learn and the sort of activities they complete.



Week beginning 30th April 2018

The warmer weather has finally arrived and in Reception we have been focusing on the changes to our outdoor environment. The children have been out on the field looking for signs of Spring, carefully recording their observations. In our outdoor play area, the frozen ice is a distant memory and the children have been learning about capacity and sinking/floating through water play. In Maths we have been learning about Doubling, ladybirds spots and dominoes helping us to understand this new concept. The insect theme has continued in our Art and Design with all the children making their own clay bug and in Literacy, a piece of descriptive writing of a spider.

Week beginning 21st April 2018


We have been continuing to learn about Nature and Spring in our 'How does your garden Grow?' topic. Each class have some tadpoles that are continuing to change and grow. We have all been busy observing the tadpoles which are slowly growing into froglets. We also have some caterpillars which we have been observing too! They are stripy and spikey to protect themselves from predators. Some of them are beginning to hang from the lid! Hopefully they will turn into chrysalises soon! We have been sketching and painting flowers too and have really enjoyed doing this. Our teachers have been very impressed with our art work. We are busy spotting the signs of Spring like blossom and bluebells - Can you spot any yourself? 

Week beginning 16th April

Welcome back, l hope you all had a lovely and enjoyable Easter. Our new topic is 'How does your garden grow?' I am sure the children will be fully engrossed in our science based learning topic. All ready the children have been having a spring clean in the garden, as we make the most of the better weather. In Literacy we have been reading several books about friendships and how our words and actions can effect others. Thinking about how and what we can do to to make sure all of us are treated with respect. During our Maths learning we have been learning about the concept of estimating. Using different size containers and estimating how many cubes they could hold. Afterwards counting in 1s, 2s or 10s to find the auctal answer. Around the classroom we have been looking at different habitats and thinking about which mini beasts suit these habitats. We were also very lucky to have a session with a tennis coach to help us improve our ball skills. We look forward to sharing our new topic with you over the coming weeks.



Week beginning 26th March

As we come to the end of our topic 'The Three Pigs'  we have enjoyed learning about different houses around the world. We can name a few different types of houses and describe what shapes we see in them. This week we have been writing our phase 3 sounds and reading words with these sounds in them. Several children in RLW wanted to talk to the class some of their achievements outside of school and we listened carefully to them. They could also answer our questions too. We also startled thinking about new life and seeds. As it was the last week we have been very creative, we created our own pattern to decorate our Easter eggs, cut out and used different media to make Easter masks and then printed Easter bunnies. We wish you all a very Happy Easter and look forward to seeing you all at the beginning of the Summer term.

Week beginning 19th March

We are almost at the end of our topic and RJW are busy rehearsing their class assembly, learning their lines and songs. The Three Little Pigs writing continues to impress us, and it is lovely to see the children developing their story telling through role play. In Maths we have been creating 2D houses, naming the shapes and their properties. The end of the week saw the annual Coten End Easter Egg Tombola, a great fund raising event for the school and a chance to stock up on chocolate eggs ready for Easter!

Week beginning 12th March


We have had a very exciting week in Reception. To celebrate National Science Week, we had a whole day of Science! We investigated floating and sinking in the outdoor area. Inside, we predicted what would happen to Candy Floss when water or baby oil was added. Year 5 had the opportunity to come down to Reception so that we could share our learning with them. In the afternoon, we had the chance to walk round Key Stage 2's Science Fair. We were really impressed with the children's projects and we learnt lots of new facts!


RMC performed their class assembly, 'The Three Little Pigs' on Thursday morning. All the teachers were really proud of the children's performance. RLW's assembly will be next week and RJW's in the last week of school. We are all busy practising learning our lines and singing songs.  

 Week beginning 5th March 

It's been very exciting this week as we have created our story maps of 'The Three Little Pigs'. The story map allows the children to use pictures to help them to remember key events in the story. Along with their own pictures children have written key words which will be included in their story. We all look forward to next week when we start to write their own simple version of the story. During our Maths chat we have been counting in 10s and discussing what we notice about these numbers. Maths this week as got the children thinking about different ways to make the total of 10, using the Numicon. Then writing our number sentences with the addition symbol being used correctly. Also we have been using 2D shapes to make a house and then identifying these shapes in the classroom and outside. All the children have been impressing us with their writing of Phase 2 sounds and will continue writing Phase 3 sounds next week. Finally, l wish you all a very happy Mothers Day and l hope you have a wonderful day with your family.



Week beginning 26th February 2018

A very snowy welcome back, we hope that you had an enjoyable half term. It has been a very busy week, the highlight being World Book Day on Thursday. Thank you for your support, the costumes were fantastic and the children loved sharing their favourite books with each other. Our new topic is ‘The Three Little Pigs.’ As well as reading, writing and acting out this traditional tale, Reception will be looking at the different types of houses that children from other parts of the world live in, from an igloo to a jungle treetop house! We will also be looking at the shapes used to design houses and the materials used to construct them. Our busy role play areas will be featuring a builders yard, estate agent and the three little pigs. We look forward to sharing our new topic with you over the coming weeks.

Week beginning 12th February


This week we come to the end of our topic on China. The children have loved learning about China over the last few weeks. They have had the chance to produce some beautiful pieces of Art including the cherry blossoms below. The children have now finished learning all phase 3 sounds so are beginning to write longer words and sentences! Everyone has worked really hard over the last few weeks and we are really proud of the progress the children have made. We hope you all having a relaxing half term holiday. 

Picture 1

Week beginning 5th February 2018

We all enjoyed the 'Come and Play' on Tuesday, it is nice to see the parents experiencing and witnessing what activities the children do throughout the morning. Lots of interaction and great discussions going on which highlights how important it is for pearents to be involved in their children's learning. In Literacy this week we introduced the children to their very own work book. The first special piece of writing that they had to create was super sentences about Pandas. Remembering to use those key essential skills of capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. During our Maths activity we were comparing and ordering different lengths of bamboo, listening out for comparable language. We have been improving our fine motor skills by colouring and cutting out our Pandas as well as painting and cutting out our own lanterns. Looking forward to seeing you all on Parents Evening this week.

Week beginning 29th January 2018

The children have thoroughly enjoyed using the apparatus during our P.E lessons, imagining they are training at the ‘Dragon Warrior Camp!’ They have practised balancing, climbing and moving over and under the equipment in a variety of ways. In role play, they have been using the bricks to build an aeroplane to fly to China, taking on the roles of pilot, stewards and passengers most diligently! We have also been looking at 2D and 3D shapes and talking about their properties. The children have enjoyed sorting them, choosing colour, size or shape. We have been very impressed with their confident explanations as to how and why they have sorted the shapes into particular groups.

Week beginning 22nd January 2018


We have been continuing to learn about China in our topic Panda-monia this week. Our teachers have been really impressed with how well our writing is progressing. We all had the chance to work in a Maths problem solving workshop which we really enjoyed. We worked in groups to solve a variety of problems using shapes and colours. We have enjoyed painting pictures of Pandas and they are now displayed in our classrooms. We even had the exciting sight of a panda on the zoo panda cam! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Week beginning 18th January 2018


This week we have been focusing on China and looking at the differences between England and China. In the role play the children have been building the Great Wall of China and creating their own Dragon Boats to race. All the children enjoyed beating the drum to keep the rhythm for the rowers. Lots of blending and sounding out to complete our Literacy work this week. Matching pictures of Chinese and English objects with the correct labels. The Art table has been very busy with Willow plates, dragon models and blossom trees. Children using a variety of media to create their own versions after learning about Chinese traditional tales. Don't forget to have a look at the superb paintings the children have completed to learn numbers up to 5 in Chinese. During our Maths activity the children have been learning to recognise the mathematical symbol of addition and then adding two groups of objects altogether. In Maths chat this week we have been recognising 3D shapes and finding them in the classroom.

Week beginning 8th January 2018

Welcome back and a very happy New Year from the Reception Team! This term the children will be learning all about China, it’s culture, geography and the conservation of their famous Giant Pandas. We have been reading ‘The Great Race,’ a story about the animals that represent the Chinese New Year. Using this knowledge, they have written their own lists of animals from the Chinese zodiac. The children have also been finding out which animal represents the year that they were born in. This year it is the year of the dog. 

In Role Play, we have our very own ‘Panda Reserve’ which the children absolutely love. They have been finding out that a Panda’s favourite food is bamboo, that they have an extra thumb and sleep a lot! 

We look forward to sharing more information with you as the term progresses and hope that you enjoy hearing about our new topic from the children.

Week beginning 18th December 2017


Wow what a very busy week to finish the germ off. At the start of the week we had our Christmas party and showed everyone's our dance moves, until our feet were sore. They we tucked into our party food which didn't last long. Without stopping for a rest we went to watch 'We're going on a bear hunt' at Warwick Art Centre. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the performance and once again they managed to entertain all of us. The children demonstrated fantastic behaviour and once again were a credit to the school. The next day the children were very excited to have their Christmas lunch and from their faces l think they enjoyed every last bit. Which only left  'Jumper day' to go. As you can see from the photographs below, the parents out did themselves as every child had a different jumper on. Well only one thing left to do, to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We thank your for your support throughout this term and look forward to seeing you all in 2018.

Week beginning 27th November 2017

So this week we are in full swing of rehearsals for our Christmas Nativity play. Its been lovely to hear and see so many children confidently say their lines. We have started Phase 3 sounds in phonics and will be starting digraphs very soon. We have been counting 1:1 correspondence while making our bubble wands. Carefully counting one bead at a time to ensure we only use 10 beads. The role play has created many X Factor wannabes and a wide range of songs being performed. Our Literacy activity was linked with our bubble wands. We had to draw our own bubbles and then draw and label an object using our sounds. Lots of skills being used and applied to complete the writing independently. During the week we also have been listening to different music. We then thought how the music made us feel and drew this on our whiteboards. As it's now December it can only mean one thing...glitter is out and about in our classroom. It is non-school uniform day Thursday as children will need to bring in a gift for the Christmas fayre and we look forward to seeing you all after school on Friday, at the Christmas fayre.

Week beginning 20th November 2017

Reception have been enjoying lots of singing this week, not only practising their nativity songs, but also taking part in a ‘Singing Playgrounds’ workshop. They have been busy creating art inspired by Kandinsky and painting on different media. In Phonics, the children have been concentrating on recognising and writing ‘Tricky Words’ and are looking forward to beginning to learn the Phase Three sounds next week. 

Week beginning 13th November 2017

Another busy week in Reception. We have been continuing to practise our Phase 2 sounds. Our teachers are really pleased with the progress we have made! We have been writing CVC words such as 'hat' and 'sun'. We have been learning more about shapes and some of us can identify a square, oblong, circle and triangle now! Our learning theme this week has been about Music. We have listened to different styles of music and even made our own musical instruments out of junk.

Week beginning 6th November 2017

This week we used the great art work that one of our children bought in, to show her class, as an art activity. Children used different media to recreate the fireworks they had seen over the weekend. We then continued to look at Wassily Kandinsky Concentric Circles and used our fine motor skills to draw and cut out lots of circles to make our own. Then finally making our Remembrance Art using paint, pastels, felt tips and crayons. Wow lots of skills being learnt in these creative activities. During the last week of having the role play as an 'Art Studio' the children have been looking at different sculptures and models. Sometimes the children posing in different positions while others draw them, looking closely where their arms and legs are placed. In Maths we learnt that objects can be placed in a tens frame. They can be placed in different positions but still show the same number, key skills of 1:1 correspondence and counting accurately. Finally it was great to see so many of you at the disco, dressed up and enjoying the DJ and his tunes.



Week beginning 30th October 2017

Our term has started on a creative note with our new topic, ‘A Symphony of Arts.’ The children have been enjoying the role play area which has been transformed into a music/dance studio. We have a few boy bands in the making and several prima ballerinas! Our Phonics continues at a pace, and at the end of next week we will have completed all of our Phase Two sounds. Thank you for your support, the children really enjoy learning their phonemes and corresponding graphemes and when reading with them, we are seeing this new knowledge continuing to develop.

Week beginning 16.10.17


What a busy end to this half term?! We have been learning how to form our numbers in sand and practising our fine motor skills. We have been tapping golf tees into pumpkins which has been lots of fun! In Phonics, we have learnt the sound - g, o, c and k. Our writing is getting better everyday. Thank you for visiting us for Parents Evening and we all agree we deserve a restful half term holiday. We are really impressed with how well the children have settled in to school life.





Week beginning 9th October 2017

Wow this week whizzed by. At the beginning of the week we were thinking about our journey to school. The children used their phonic sounds to label their pictures of what they saw as they walked to school. Lots of great writing and discussions about their journey. We had a great time and weather for our 'Autumn walk'. Again this produced lots of great comments about the colour, size and shape of the leaves we collected. Reception had a super time explore KS2 playing and scramble area.  It's was so nice to see lots of adults at our 'Come and Play season this week. We hope you enjoyed exploring some of the activities we do inside and outside of the classroom. In Maths this week we have been looking at number formation and using sand to practise our correct number formation. Don't forget to sign up for an appointment for Parents Evening next week on Wednesday and Thursday.

Week beginning 2nd October 2017

This week in Reception we have been learning about all things Autumn. The children told us about the ‘strong winds’ and the ‘coloured leaves fallng’. We also talked about animals that slept during winter and learnt a new word, ‘hibernation’. All the Reception children had a go at leaf rubbings and enjoyed feeling the textures of the leaves, conkers and fir cones in the tuff trays. Finally, we started our phonics. The children love singing the action songs that go with each phoneme, we are sure that you will enjoy singing along too!

Week beginning 25th September


Another busy week in Reception! The children are really starting to settle in to school life. We have been looking at naming shapes and making simple patterns. The children are beginning to use their skills in junk modelling and making some interesting creations! We have continued to use the outdoor play area and are enjoying building upon some new friendships. We are looking forward to starting our Phonics next week! Please make sure that you have brought in a family photo for your child to talk about next week if you have not done so already. Have a restful weekend.

Week beginning 18th September 2017

Wow! What a great first week we've had in Reception. The children have been accessing both the classroom and the outdoor activities. Lovely to see so much sharing and communication happening, while they are enjoying the different activities. Inside the children have been demonstrate their number skills and as well as their hand-eye co-ordination with pencils, pens and scissors. Lots of creative learning occurring to ensure that each child will be ready to present their 'All about me' posters very soon. Don't forget the Phonics meetings on Tuesday afternoon or evening. Remember to send your slip back to which session you would like to attend. 

Week Ending 15th September 2017

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Reception have really enjoyed their Induction Week, getting to know their teachers and teaching assistants, making new friends and exploring the environment. They have been very busy creating their 'All About Me' posters, impressing us with their drawing and design skills. We are looking forward to having them with us full time next week!

Week Ending 8th September 2017

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

The Reception team have thoroughly enjoyed visiting all of the children at home this week.  Back at school we have been very busy preparing the classrooms for the children's first day.  We are looking forward to seeing to all!