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Introduction Evening Powerpoint

Week beginning 14th May 2018


This week we have been writing about traditional stories like the Three Little Pigs. We have also been writing our own version of them like the Three Little Wolvs and The Big Bad Pig. 


In science, our beans are starting to grow quite well. A couple in each class aren't doing so well!


For our geography lesson, we went round the school grounds and planned a map. We then drew the map on A3 paper. 


By Dylan and Ajna



Week beginning 7th May 2018

Our bean experiments continue. The bean in the cupboard has grown more than we thought it would as it has grown more than the ones in the classroom which have grown a little bit. 


This week, we have been looking at The Tempest in literacy and focussing in particular on the storm and how it would feel to be in such a storm. Today, we wrote some first person, present tense narratives describing the scene.


Another great week in Year 2!


By Dylan and Ajna

Week beginning 30th April 2018


This week we have been investigating hydroponics. We have planted beans in a bag with water and put our bags in the classroom to see if they will grow. 

We have also put a bag in the cupboard to see if there is a difference in their growth.

We predict that the bean in the bag in the cupboard will not grow as well because it won't get the light needed for growth. 


We have also written poems based on The Three Witches poem in Macbeth and then made up our own potions to write a set of instructions.


Dylan and Ajna 

23rd - 27th April


This we have been writing about Shakespeare's Plays, especially focussing on 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. We found it very funny when Bottom was turned into a donkey. 

In science we have been learning about how plants grow and we found out that seeds can be dispersed in various way, including: 








We remember this using the acronym BEEFFS


In maths, we have been learning how to make sensible estimates for various calculations.


By Eleanor and Oliver



Monday 26th March - 29th March

Happy Easter!

We have absolutely loved our Spring Term!

We enjoyed find out all about 'Under The Sea' in our first topic and 'What Came First' has been an Easter treat.

This week we successfully designed, created and tested egg transporters - some more successful than others!

We also finished our study of Fantastic Mr Fox by completing a diary entry in the role of one of the foxes children. 

By Eleanor and Oliver

Monday 19th March - 23rd March


This week we have been writing out our Fantastic Mr Fox stories. We chose our own characters and we've enjoyed writing in the style of Roald Dahl.

We have also been  designing vehicles in DT.

We are super excited about the Easter Egg Tombola!

We have been doing laps for Sport Relief - this was great fun and a real challenge.

In computing, we have turned our information text about chickens into a Google Slideshow.


By Eleanor and Oliver 2NW

Friday 9th March 2018


We have had a very exciting start to our new topic - 'What Came First' - and not just because of the snow day!

Our year group chicks have had an exciting start to life as they needed to be rescued from school Thursday evening and spent the weekend hatching at Mr Williams' house. 

We had 8/10 eggs hatch which is more than the average so they obviously appreciated the excitement. 


The children have produced some sketches of the chicks and you can see some of these below:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

30th January - 3rd February 2018

We all really enjoyed our visit to the Sea Life Centre.


A few photos have been attached below!

26th January 2018


Another busy week getting our heads round fractions and the past progressive tense in literacy!


We really appreciate everyone who came to support their children on our 'Come and Learn' maths problem solving day. We hope that you found it useful and we will be adding the questioning prompts and problem solving challenges from now on when maths homework is set.


We have put some pictures of the sessions below!

19th January 2018


What a great start to our new topic - Under the Sea!


We have all impressed with the knowledge the children have already been able to share and we can tell that they are very enthusiastic about this topic, as are we.


Please take a look at some photos below from our fabulous 'Marine Biologist Day'.

8th - 12th January 2018


Wow! What an incredible start to the year.

We can already tell that the children are extremely enthusiastic about our 'Under the Sea' topic. Lots of children are demonstrating their prior learning and clearly David Attenborough is quite a popular figure in many homes!


We had a brilliant Topic Day to kick-off our learning this half-term. Check out some of the pictures below.

Happy Christmas!


Thank you for all of your support over the Autumn Term. Your children have worked incredibly hard and have made so much progress already. 

Also, a big thankyou for our Christmas Presents. We are always humbled by your generosity.


Have a great Christmas!



1st December 2017


Happy Advent!


Take a look at the photos of our Kandinsky inspired Newspaper Skylines!

23rd November 2017

This week we have been focussing on the life and times of Samuel Pepys, who we learned about when studying the Great Fire of London.

The children found out some very interesting facts and were particularly surprised that when the first began, he buried his wheel of Parmesan to protect it from the fire!


We have also started our Christmas Production and 2CW enjoyed their Fire Walk, led by the very knowledgeable Mrs Pope. 2LW and 2NW will be going on their fire walks next week.


Please remember to keep bringing in your scripts for our rehearsals! Parents - you will find out about tickets next week.

16th November 2017

What a brilliant first few weeks we have had to our 'Bright Sparks' learning theme.


The children have studied Guy Fawkes and 'The Gunpowder Plot' in great detail. We pretended that we were Guy Fawkes in the cellar before his capture and wrote a diary from his perspective.


In maths, we have got our head round basic fraction work - finding halves, thirds and quarters of shapes.


In science we are learning about different materials. Take a look at our photos below.


20th October 2017

We have had a brilliant last week to our half-term.

Firstly, we hope you enjoyed looking at all of our work on parents' evening.


As well as fitting in loads more maths and literacy, we have had an RE day and an art day this week.

On RE day, we were lucky to have some Hindu visitors come and talk about Diwali. We then learned all about Hindu Gods and wrote about Diwali.

In art, we experimented with different media to create different styles of sunset using the warm colours (orange, yellow and red).


Have a great rest over the next week.


The Year 2 Team.

13th October 2017 -


We have had a great couple of weeks in Year 2. We were very grateful for such a great turnout in our Come & Learn sessions and hope that you enjoyed the lesson. We know the children did!




29th September 2017:


Another very busy week in Year 2.

We have learned an awful lot about Africa and produced some very impressive information texts including information about landmarks, animals and famous people from Africa.

Maths has been all about moving in steps of 10 from any 2-digit number.


We have also looked at the use of Adinkra symbols in African textiles.


Please don't forget that next week, on Thursday, it is our Come and Share Reading session. These will take place in the Year 2 classrooms after registration and until 10am. We are looking forward to seeing you there!



Our First Two Weeks!


Wow! What an incredible start we have made to our Awesome Africa topic.

The children have spent a lot of time learning about the geography of Africa and The World and in literacy we have been exploring Tinga Tanga Tales as well as The Lion King.

In science this week, we looked at animals and their habitats.

Yesterday was a great way to end the week with our Awesome Africa topic day. Check out the pictures below!

Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome to Year 2!

This week we have started our Awesome Africa topic!

To start with, we have revised our knowledge of the continents. The children have located Africa in an atlas and have learned about the Equator. 


In literacy, we have been using adjectives and conjunctions to describe pictures from the Tinga Tanga tale - 'Why Elephant Has a Trunk'.


We are looking forward to an excellent year!


Mr Williams, Miss White, Mrs Whitehall, Mrs Lloyd