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Year 2

Week ending 28 June

What a busy week we have enjoyed once again. In Science our focus this term is in on planting and this week we sewed bean seeds in water/coke or orange juice (hydroponics) to see how well they would grow (or not). We will be continuing with this experiment next week. We continued to look at the artist Frida Kahlo and the children drew portraits of themselves. In Geography we have been using our observational skills to mark a map of the school with key features. On Thursday all children in the school moved up to their new class and everyone in the school was so excited, teachers and children alike.

We hope to see some of you at the School Fair on Saturday, enjoy the sunshine!!

Week ending 14 June 2019

What an extremely busy week this has been. We welcomed parents and carers into school this week for our year 2  'Come and Learn' session, the focus this time was on writing. Parents were able to see how writing is taught in year 2 and then work with their own child on a piece of narrative writing about a 'Magical Plant'. We continued to work on this throughout the week in our English lessons. On Thursday all children and staff enjoyed a fabulous French Day. Most of the staff and children dressed up and the children learned about french food and the various French words for cafe food. They were then able to order and enjoy these foods, in our pop-up cafe. Later in the day we looked at work by the famous French artist Cezanne and we tried to observe and produce our own still life work in his style. 

We hope you enjoy a slightly longer weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week. 


Week ending 7 June 2019

Welcome back to our last term of year 2, how quickly the year has flown by. It has been a busy week, as normal. The children have been introduced to the new topic A Midsummer Night's Dream and we have considered some of Shakespeare's writing (Macbeth and A Midsummer Night's Dream). Today, we read through the The Witches' Spell and the children had to write their own poem imitating this style, entitled The Fairies Spell. The objective was to include repeated phrases, rich vocabulary and rhyming words. In Maths we revisited number bonds and related facts, word problems and balancing equations. The children designed fantastic front covers for their topic books in the style of artist Georgia O'Keeffe and in PSHE we discussed the meaning and implications of copyright. Enjoy a great weekend.

Year 2 Team

Week ending 17th May 2019

This week we got to bake cakes and investigate how using different amounts of eggs affects how the cakes turn out.  Each group made a batch of cakes with 0 eggs going up to 4 eggs and then we got to taste the results.  Most of us agreed that 0 eggs was not enough and that 4 eggs was too much, however there was much discussion about whether 1,2 or 3 eggs were the idea amount for the perfect fairy cake!  

The UN Convention's 'Rights of the Child' was the focus for PSHE. We played a debating game in which we had to place the different human rights in order of importance and respond respectively when our peers disagreed.

In Maths we have been practising a range of word problems and calculation strategies when we have identified the correct operation.  English has seen us having fun developing a  plan for writing a new version of Fantastic Mr Fox, with a different main character and different farmers. We have drawn the Human Life Cycle in Science and compares it to the Life Cycle of Chickens. In PE we have been playing Kick Rounders in small groups  and developing racquet and hand-eye co-ordination skills in Tennis. 

Week ending 10 May 2019

This week we have been finding out about the lifecycle of chickens in both Science and English and we have been thinking about how eggs are used in baking in preparation for making cakes next week. We continued to observe our chicks and each child held a chick and had their photo taken. The focus in Maths has been revision of fractions and division and we have considered Gender Equality in PSHE; many of the children had some very mature thoughts on this subject.

Have a great week.

Year 2 Team

Week ending 3 May 2019

Welcome back to all of you, our final term in year 2. 
The big news is that we welcomed some new creatures into year 2 - seven chick eggs which have hatched into seven chicks. It has been brilliant for the children to witness the eggs cracking and observe these tiny creatures emerge into the world. These additions form part of our Science work on life cycles and we shall be studying these birds closely over the next few weeks. All of the children have been really excited and I must say the adults have been pretty impressed too. In addition to studying the chicks we have been busy revising in Maths by revisiting money and time. The children have been very keen on our work in English which is based on the novel Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. This week we have been writing a Guide to Stealing Chickens with a little help from Mr Fox himself!! Eric Carle, the illustrator best known for creating the artwork for the Hungry Caterpillar book, has been our focus. We have learned how he creates his collages and his preferred choice of media to achieve his unique style. We have tried to create our own collages using his methods and style as the impetus. The chicks have gone home for the weekend but will be back next week so that the children can observe them and watch them grow.

Enjoy a lovely, long weekend.

Year 2 team


Week ending 5 April 2019

A very busy week trying to finish off our topic work; the children have really engaged with this theme and it is a shame we can't carry on for a bit longer. We have been thinking about the various jobs people perform in a castle and writing diary entries from the perspectives of a page and a squire. Who knew an 'arming squire' was a glorified washerwoman? Symmetry and partitioning have been the focus of our maths work and we have compared the structures of Warwick and Kenilworth castles and labelled the various parts. It was our final week considering the arguments for and against taking part in the Daily Mile and preparing for our school debate. Lots of amazing learning and fact gathering by all the children

Week ending 29 March

We have all enjoyed the super spring weather and it has been warm enough for us to go outside without coats, spring must really be here!! We have continued writing facts about our chosen dragons in English focusing on time adverbials and conjunctions and the children have produced some fantastic, detailed writing. The topic in Maths has been position, shape and symmetry and the children have been challenged to look for 2D shapes on the surface of 3D shapes. In Science we have been investigating the strongest paper to use when packing a present which needs to go on a long journey to reach its destination. Creating simple programs using the 2Code program was out topic in Computing and in PE we continue to enjoy learning the skills of archery and invasion games. 

We hope the lovely weather continues over the weekend so you can get out and about with your children.


Week ending 22 March

How the weeks are flying by as we approach the end of the Spring term, where has the time gone? All the year 2 children enjoyed our taster cricket session and we continued to play invasion games and test our skill and accuracy in archery lessons. We looked at block graphs, tally charts and how to read data in Maths and wrote the introduction for our extended piece of dragon writing in English. We progressed with our work on materials in science, this time focusing on elasticity of fabrics and we conducted an investigation into what the best material would be for a sports headband. Fascinating stuff in history as we found out about coats of arms and who lived in castles during the Middle Ages and what they did - astonishing. Have a great weekend.

More next week.

Week ending 15 March

We have had an amazing Science week; the children have enjoyed participating in lots of experiments such as how to make slime and finding out about famous scientists and jobs people do in the world of science.  In Maths and English we have spent time reviewing our subject knowledge and revising division and multiplication. The children continue to enjoy archery and invasion games and we introduced them to the nuances of debating in our PSHE lesson.

We hope you have a fabulous weekend and that you enjoy carrying out the experiments set for Science homework.

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Week ending 8 March 2019

What an amazing week and great start to our new topic, A Knight's Tale. On Thursday, all the children and most of the staff dressed up in costume. There were knights, princesses, kings, jesters and dragons and everyone looked amazing and thoroughly enjoyed being someone else for the day. Sir Teachalot took us on a whistle stop tour through the ages and we found out about the costumes knights wore and the weapons they used to defend themselves. Jousting was next and each child rode a horse (mounted chair) and had to thread a jousting pole through some rings, incredible fun. In the afternoon the children built a wooden castle and used a trebuchet to knock it down!! History, geography, science, maths and literacy were all covered in a fun, exhilarating way. One child said it was his 'favourite day ever!'

We did do some other work earlier in the week, in English we focussed on apostrophes for possession and contraction and coordinating and subordinating conjunctions in our writing about dragons. Multiplication and division were the topics for maths and we investigated the best materials for building a waterproof house in science. What do Jewish people believe was the question we tried to answer in RE.

Next week is science week so we will be enjoying many more fun activities. Have a great weekend.

Week ending 8 February


Another action packed week in year 2. This week it was the turn of 2LD to perform their assembly and what an amazing job they did! The children remembered lots of words, actions and of course our wonderful song. Well done and thanks to parents for your brilliant support with the costumes.

We have been learning about time in Maths this week - quarter past, quarter to and 5 minutes increments. It has proved rather tricky but with lots of practise we will get there. In English we have focussed on present and past continuous - I am swimming/I was swimming and we have been reading about the Chinese New Year in our group reading. We have been considering living, once lived and never lived in Science, rather tricky concepts but the children enjoyed looking at fossils and thinking about creatures who lived hundreds of years ago.

A lot of the children enjoyed the year 1 and 2 disco, they certainly looked the part in pretty party dresses and waistcoats.

It is the turn of 2NL for their assembly next week and Parents Evening too so we look forward to discussing your child's progress with you.



Week ending 1st February


First of all, well done to 2BS on their superb performance in their Under the Sea assembly on Thursday. 2LD’s assembly will be next on Thursday 7th February at 9am.


In Music, as well as learning our assembly song ‘Octopus Garden’, we have been listening to sea-inspired music and describing its tempo and dynamics, in drawing and in writing. We also thought about how the music makes us feel. Next lesson we will be playing instruments and learning to interpret a graphic score.


This week in English we have had a grammar focus, concentrating on nouns and adjectives linked to Our Under the Sea Theme. Reading comprehension has been linked to Science and we have enjoyed reading about Microhabitats and answering questions.


Science this week has seen us learning about the differences between mammals, birds and fish and learning to name some types of fish.


In PE, we have been developing our throwing and catching skills and in gymnastics, we have been practising different balances and shapes and creating sequences involving these.


Finally, we have been reviewing the value of different coins and notes during Maths and have enjoyed doing lots of money themed calculation and comparison.

Week ending 25 January

This week in English we have been focusing on demarcating sentences whilst writing a recount of our trip to the Sealife Centre. We have also analysed a poem called To Make a Red Shark with a focus on adjectives and adverbs. Partitioning numbers and place value have been our topics in maths and we enjoyed sharing our learning with parents in our Come and Learn session.

We have been learning about the lifecycle of the Seahorse in Science and how pollution affects the food chain and the availability of different food in Geography.

The children are really engaged in our new topic and we have learned lots of amazing facts from them. Happy reading.

Week ending 18 January

An exciting week which ended with a wonderful trip to the Sealife Centre in Birmingham which was truly amazing and was a great start to our topic. The children were able to get very close to unique creatures such as penguins, ray, turtles, octopus, jelly fish and much more. It was incredible how much knowledge the children already knew about the sea creatures. I think the teachers learned some new facts from the children. We had a fun time in the 4D cinema where the children were squirted with water, had bubbles blown at them and sat on vibrating seats. We did some work in the week - another look at habitats, ocean habitats this time in science and some more work on division in maths.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Year 2 team

Week ending 11 January

A Happy New Year to all of you, we do hope you enjoyed a restful and fun festive time.

The children have had a really busy first week and have loved our new topic - Under the Sea. They have written an application form hoping to be selected as a marine biologist and they made some amazing front covers whilst learning about tints and shades of paint. In maths we have continued our work on division using subtraction as an aid to calculating division. In science we have been considering food chains in the sea and we have located the world's oceans on maps in Geography.

All in all a very busy four days. Next week we have a fabulous trip to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham.

Week ending 14 December

Well, what an amazing week! The children performed their Christmas play twice and we are sure you will all agree, they were absolutely fantastic!! Thank you to everyone who helped with costumes, learning lines, dances and songs, your help was vital to the success of our show. We also enjoyed our annual trip to the theatre with a show at the Warwick Arts Centre on Tuesday which was enjoyed by all.

Much of the week has been taken up with rehearsals, prior to our performances, but we have enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of Warwick in English considering why it happened and we have made a time line of facts about it. We have continued with our work on different faiths and this week we have found out about Muslims and where and how they worship.

We hope you have a fabulous weekend in the lead up to Christmas and that it is not too hectic. We look forward to seeing you all for the last week.

Year 2 Team

Week ending 7 December 2018

We have continued to work hard on our Christmas Performance and it is sounding and looking great.

In Maths multiplication has been our focus, fine tuning our understanding and looking at different ways of calculating. In English we have looked at punctuation and how important it is when writing. We have also been thinking about the difference between phrases and sentences in text. 

The children have enjoyed thinking about the historical figure of Samuel Pepys and the role he played in the Great Fire of London. We have been considering the Jewish faith in our RE lessons.

Happy Christmas preparations,

Year Two Team



Week ending 30 November

Lots of rehearsing again this week for our Christmas performance and it's looking and sounding good. Lots of children have worked really hard to ensure their performance is first-class.

Multiplication has been the topic in Maths this week. We have tackled this by drawing the problem, then working it out using repeated addition and then writing the associated multiplication fact, the children have worked well using this format. In English we have been thinking about the main features of non-fiction texts. We have drawn up an outline plan about the Great Fire of London using sub-headings and bullet points. We have also included a glossary. 

We do hope you enjoy the Christmas Fair this weekend.

Year 2 Team  

Week beginning 19 November

Another jam packed week for year 2 as we are already beginning to feel the impact of Christmas. We have spent a considerable amount of time rehearsing our play, learning dances and songs and lots of lines and actions. The children have coped with this really well. We have also continued our work on fractions in Maths, thinking about using the circle method to compare fractions. In English the children composed a letter to Guy Fawkes from Robert Catesby in which they tried to persuade Fawkes to take part in the Gunpowder Plot. Our aim for this piece of work was for the children to show they could use expanded noun phrases, conjunctions. In Science we experimented with various materials and assessed their suitability for a specific job and in RE we spent time considering different churches and the various names for different areas and objects inside a church.  Respecting differences and developing good relationships were the topics of our PSHE work. 

Have a great weekend.

Year 2 team 

Week beginning 12 November


Hello Parents and Carers,

What another busy week in year 2.  We have had an amazing day commemorating World War 1. The children have performed drama, made poppies, learned some songs from the Great War and found out many facts. We do hope you were able to join in the commemorations at the weekend.

Subordinating conjunctions and apostrophes have been the focus of our work in English and fractions (1/2, 1/41/3) has been the topic in Maths. We have discussed that 2/4 is the same as 1/2 and we have been thinking about when a shape is split into more pieces is each fraction larger or smaller?

We have continued to think about materials in Science and we undertook a survey around the school to look at how materials are used in our environment. Bullying and respect have been 2 key features of our PSHE work and we have acted out some scenarios so that children know how to make the right choices, choosing to respect someone rather than bully them.

Have a great weekend.

Year 2 team

Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn tern, we do hope you enjoyed a restful holiday.

We have been super busy and have already started to think about our Christmas production, so you may well hear your child      singing snippets of the songs.

In literacy we have had a fabulous time thinking about Found Poetry which is formed by using lines or simply words from text and joining them to make a poem. We have also been thinking about how we might use extended metaphors to write firework poems.

Our maths topic has been 2D and 3D shape with the emphasis being on the vocabulary of shape - vertices, quadrilaterals, straight and curved sides etc. The children have really absorbed this new vocabulary.

We have learnt about the character of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot in history and our science topic is Materials. We have made some great collages showing London burning during the Great Fire for our topic book covers.

Have a marvellous weekend.


Well, we have made it to half term. The children have worked really hard and they are ready for a well deserved break.

In maths we have continued working on subtraction but looking at the strategy of partitioning the numbers before we subtract. This has proved quite a challenge for some children. We will revisit this later in the year.

In literacy, we have written up the Tinga Tinga tales focusing on demarcating sentences accurately and in reading we have been thinking about strategies for decoding such as prediction and using the context to decode.

Why physical exercise is so important has been the question we have been trying to answer in PSHE. Lots of interesting ideas!

Have a fabulous half term and we look forward to hearing how the children have spent their time.

Year 2 Team

Week beginning 15 October

Another full week of learning and assimilating new information. We have continued using the Tinga Tinga tales as inspiration for our literacy work with a focus on expanded noun phrases and conjunctions and this has led to some amazing descriptive writing. Subtraction has been the topic in maths and we have consolidated previously learned methods and introduced some new strategies for solving subtraction. 

We have been exploring fixed and growth mindsets in PSHE and have discussed how important it is to have a positive outlook in all that we do so that we can make the most of our lives. Food chains has been the topic of our science work and we have thought about how the plant and animal kingdom depend on one another for survival. 

Finally, as part of our music work we have enjoyed compiling a musical notation and then using clapping and instruments to create a pulse and a rhythm.

We hope you have a fantastic week.

Year 2 team

Well, what an exciting WOW Day we have just enjoyed. We started off by using the stamps the children had made on Monday to print our own version of an Adrinka cloth. Adrinka cloths originated from Ghana and were originally worn as religious garments by members of the Ashanti royal family. Each cloth was decorated with a series of symbols which tell a story/give a message. The children chose the symbols they wished to include in their design, they then created a stamp and used this stamp to decorate their cloth. All of the children knew the meaning of the symbols on their cloth. Later in the day, we enjoyed mindfulness art, drumming (courtesy of Mr Lingard) and we evaluated the Jollof Rice (traditional African food) we had made earlier in the week saying what we enjoyed about this food and considered what we would change if we made it again.

In Maths we have been looking at subtraction and considering how important it is to work methodically and logically when solving problems and in English we have been reading the Anansi tales. We continued to think about habitats in Science and the children had to invent their own animal and plant which could survive and thrive in a desert or woodland environment.

We think you will agree that the children have had a very busy week. 

Hello Parents/Carers

We hope you all enjoyed our fabulous Harvest Festival. We think you will agree, the children sang beautifully and performed their poetry and prayers amazingly well. Well done to all.

Our week has been very busy and we have learned lots of new things. In English we have been thinking about suffixes and using them in our writing which has proved to be quite tricky but the children have given it their best effort. We have continued looking at addition in Maths by using our current knowledge to help us work out trickier problems eg, 8+2=10, therefore I know 80+20=100.

Plants and how they have adapted to their habitats have been the science focus. We enjoyed playing the plant habitat game where children became plants or habitats and the plants had to choose the correct habitat in order to survive. We thought about Adrinka cloths in DT and how the symbols on the cloth tell a story. We continued our work on databases in computing.

Enjoy a lovely weekend everyone.


Hello parents and carers, 

This week we have been very busy preparing for our Harvest Assembly which is next Thursday morning, we do hope some of you will be able to join us for a morning of songs, poems and much more.

We have enjoyed reading Meerkat Mail together in our group reading and the children have been extending the work they have been doing in English by formulating questions they would like to ask Sonny, the meerkat about his travels and meerkat life in general. Different sentence types - statement, question, command and exclamation have been the focus of our literacy work. The children can now recognise these sentence types in texts and add the appropriate punctuation for each one.

We have revisited addition this week in Maths and have learned a new term COMMUTATIVITY which means that the order in which numbers are added together in a number sentence doesn't matter, the answer will be the same ie, 7+4+6 = 6+7+4. Methods to help us speed up addition problems such as looking for number bonds, doubles and near doubles has been a focus of our teaching and learning.

In computing the children have designed a Branching Database and then tried to use someone else's Branching Database. 

In preparation for our WOW Day we have thought about how African food differs from our food and we have written a recipe which we are going to attempt to make. We can't wait to taste this.

The children are settling well into the new routines and challenges of year 2 and have made good progress with their work.

Continue to enjoy this marvellous weather together.

A great big welcome back to school to all children, parents and carers. We hope the children have an exciting, happy year, learning lots of amazing new things.

The children have enjoyed a very busy four days getting used to new classrooms and staff and have coped brilliantly with all the different routines.

Our learning theme this half term is Awesome Africa and already the children have been fully engaged with this topic.

In English we have been thinking about nouns and adjectives and learning to use expanded noun phrases in our writing. We have also enjoyed writing our own poetry following a set structure.

Place value has been the topic in Maths and the children have been looking at different ways of representing 2 digit numbers and part of the learning has been to explain how two digit numbers are made up of different values - tens and ones. 

In our Learning Theme we have thought about the differences between things that are living, dead and have never been alive and we have examined what each of these statements mean. The children have also been learning how to use a map and have labelled continents of the world, the equator and the north and south poles. We have also used various sources to find out about the country and people of Kenya.

What an action packed week. Enjoy your weekend. 


We do hope you have had a good week and that you are back in the swing of school routine once again. The children have been working really hard and we have enjoyed a fun week learning new skills and acquiring knowledge.

The focus in English this week has been on co-ordinating and sub-ordinating conjunctions (conjunctions are used to join clauses together) and the children have been striving to include conjunctions in their writing in order to produce more complex work.

We have continued to work on place value in Numeracy and have been ordering 2 digit numbers according to their value. We have also revised the greater than > and less than < signs and we have used them when comparing numbers.

It has been fascinating to think about the habitats of animals all over the world and why these animals are particularly suited to their environment. Our comparison between Warwick and Kenya has continued and this week we have been considering climate and landmarks in both locations.

In computing we have started to make our own database about animals and we have celebrated our differences in PSHE. Finally, we have enjoyed learning how to move our bodies in time to African music.


Once again parents and carers we think you will agree, we have had a very busy week.

Please continue to read together and try to spend some time outdoors enjoying the colours and sights of Autumn.




Another great week of learning through our topic, Awesome Africa. The children have really enjoyed thinking about colour and the colour wheel, primary and contrasting and warm and cold colours. We looked at Tinga art and thought about the colours the artist had used for the animals and the background and why these might be appropriate.

We met a very significant figure in African history, Nelson Mandela. The children were fascinated to learn about his life and the pivotal role he has played in both African and world history.

We have continued our work on habitats, exploring the habitats of minibeasts this week. The children still love dancing to African music and have managed to create some interesting routines. 

We have been reinforcing counting in twos, fives and tens and using counting strategies to solve number problems. We continue to secure understanding of place value through games, place value cards and ordering and comparing numbers.

Editing and improving writing and changing verbs from the present to the past tense has been the focus of our English work this week.

The children are learning some catchy harvest songs, ready for our assembly so you may hear them singing these songs at home.

Remember to continue reading and looking for patterns in numbers eg, if I add on 10 to a number it is only the tens column which changes.

Have a great week.

Year 2 Presentation Evening - July 2018