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Week beginning 14th May 2018


After a busy weekend, we did a test sheet thing and it was really long. In English, we started writing the first paragraph of our honey bee report.

We went swimming and in swimming we did in the shallow end forwards rolls and handstands.

We had our Wow Day for our Keen to be Green topic; we made a bag out of a t-shirt which is what we are doing for the rest of Friday afternoon!


By Sophia and Tamzin

Week beginning 7th May 2018 


This week we had our 'Day of the Drones' which was using small helicopters and controlling them to hit a target. 

While some people went to do the drones the rest of us did: hour of code, typing club, bee reaserch, mathletics or hit the button. So lots of exciting things on our Chromebooks!


Sarra and Tamzin

Year 3 Drone Day

Year 3 at Coten End enjoyed a fabulous morning learning all about drone and how to control them. From manoeuvring land based drones around obstacles to controlling flying drones, the children learned lots about coding and the applications of drone technology.


Many thanks to Friends for their generous donation which made this event possible.

Week beginning 30th April 2018


On Monday we did something in art which was doing a diagram filled with lines and we made everything out of different lines (it was really hard but fun.)


In the morning we did swimming  where we learnt how to dive. It was fun. 


In maths we did shapes and we learnt some 2D shapes like: circle,hexagon,pentagon,triangle,square and rectangle.


On Thursday we did some English where we wrote newspaper reports about the Amazon rainforest. Did you know that 15 billion trees are being cut down?


On Friday we did PE where we had some races.



23rd April - 27th April


We have been learning all about the Amazon Rainforest and the animals within it. We created non-existing animals using our knowledge of the parts of real animals.

Here are some examples our our new species: 

'Poisonous Grass Butterfly'

'Mager Water Caterpillar'

In maths we have been working towards short division, short multiplication and naming 2D shapes. For our Topic Day we created fashion clothes out of recycling materials and presented them as our topic is linked to recycling.

We went home is some interesting outfits!


By Sarra and Freya

Monday 19th - 23rd March


In Year 3 we had our Viva Espana day where we do lots of fun things to do with our topic. For our Viva Espana day, we made a 3D map of Spain - it was really fun! We also have an Easter egg tombola on the last day of school to celebrate Easter.

In English this week we have written stories about ‘How the Flamingo Got its Colour’, ‘How the Llama got its neck’ and ‘How the Chameleon got its Tail’. We also did some marvelous maths and in maths we have done all sorts of things with division, multiplication, addition and subtraction.


By Sarra and Tamzin

Viva Espana Theme Day


On Thursday this week we had our Viva Espana Theme Day. We worked in pairs in the morning to create a 3D map of Spain. We mapped the key physical features including the mountain ranges and rivers before adding some key cities and their landmarks.


Unfortunately in the afternoon our Flamenco workshop was cancelled due to the instructor being ill but thankfully our very own Flamenco expert (Mrs Doncaster) stepped in and saved the day. She taught us some basic steps and we finished the afternoon with some performances on the stage. Whilst some children did Flamenco, others spent the afternoon with Mrs Allison and learnt about how Easter is celebrated in Spain before making some cards.


Have a look below at some of the photos from our exciting day.



Viva Espana Theme Day

Friday 2nd March


This week we started our Viva Espana learning theme. We will be doing lots of work on Geography this half term and began the week by using Atlases to map continents, Spanish-speaking countries, countries of Europe and their capital cities. We also looked at the work of famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. We learnt about Cubism and played 'Roll a Picasso' to create a Cubist-inspired portrait for our topic book covers.


In English, we have been developing our debating skills all week. We have practised using persuasive devices and listening and building on the viewpoints of others. Next week we will be holding a whole class debate about whether or not bullfighting should be banned so we can show off the debating skills we have learnt.


We will be learning about time for the next few weeks. This week we learnt to record the time from an analogue in digital format to the nearest minute. Next week we will be moving onto the harder skills of telling the time in words and converting into 12 and 24 hour time.


Scripts for class assemblies will be coming home within the next week so please try to spend some time learning your words at home but also remember to bring your scripts into school for rehearsals!

Friday 9th February


On Thursday this week we had our Prehistoric Theme Day. We learnt about the coil technique and made our own groove-ware style pots with clay. Mr Garlick gave us a very exciting talk about how the first humans would have made and used fire before demonstrating a traditional technique of fire-making. We spent the afternoon looking at cave paintings and practising our drawing skills to create our own.


Today we all really enjoyed our trip to the Natural History Museum and the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. The Natural History Museum had hundreds of amazing skeletons of different species and the Pitt Rivers had amazing artefacts from around the world. Some photos of our Theme Day and trip can be seen below.

Prehistoric Day and Oxford Museum Trip

Friday 2nd February


In Maths this week we have started learning about fractions. We learnt how to calculate unit and non-unit fractions of quantities and developed our use of diagrams and bar models to help our mathematical reasoning. 


We have been working on a long narrative in English based on the book 'Stone Age Boy'. Our stories will follow the adventure of a modern day child who finds themselves in the Stone Age. We spent the first part of the week planning our whole narrative before focussing on descriptive work for the setting and character descriptions which open the narratives.


We have carried on our learning about Prehistoric Britain in History and have been learning about the Bronze Age this week. We learnt about important changes to farming, homes, tools and religion from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and will be finishing off the topic with the Iron Age next week. 


Remember we have our Prehistoric Theme Day on Thursday next week for which you can dress up if you would like to. We then have our trip to Oxford Natural History Museum on Friday.

Friday 19th January


We've had another busy week in year 3 with lots of exciting visitors. On Wednesday, we had a visit from The Freshwater Theatre Company. We watched 2 plays (The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears) performed in French! It was an excellent opportunity for us to see how much French vocabulary we have learnt so far this year.


Later in the week, 3BS took part in the first of our resilience workshops. We completed some collaborative challenges in groups and learnt more about Growth Mindset, resilience and how we could apply these skills to our learning. 3DR and 3GD will also be taking part in the workshop over the next few weeks.


Photos of both our visits are below.

Resilience Workshop

Freshwater Theatre Company

Prehistoric Art and Writing

Friday 12th January


We have had a very busy first week back in year 3. We have begun our Prehistoric Britain Learning Theme and at the beginning of the week we took a virtual tour inside the Lascaux Caves in France. We experimented with the use of stencils and negative space in art to create our own Prehistoric-inspired art work for our topic book covers.


In English we have based our work this week around a short film called 'Egg Hunt' which features two cave men fighting over some eggs. We have been specifically focusing on our use of description in our narratives and have produced some fantastic setting and character descriptions.


In Science this half term we will be learning about animals and humans. This week we looked at the diets of different animals and humans. We played the game 'Diet Riot' to group animals according to whether they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. We then went on to learn about a healthy diet for humans and found out the jobs of all the different food groups in a balanced diet.

Myton Fireworks Workshop


This week year 3 visited Myton school to learn about how fireworks are made. We went to the science labs and learnt about using Bunsen burners safely before carrying out an experiment where we tested different chemicals to see what colour sparks they created.

7.12.17 - 3BS learning about fireworks at Myton


3DR have had a great time learning to code as part of the "Hour of Code" week. We used block to create simple procedures so that Moana could catch fish. Look at the photos to see us at work. 

Coding in 3DR


Year 3 have had a fantastic week making stir-fry as part of our Firework Maker's Daughter Theme Day. The children practised their chopping, cutting, slicing and dicing knife skills to prepare the vegetables ready for the frying. As you can see from the photos, the children enjoyed tasting the end product and the evaluations were generally favourable!

Preparing the vegetables


This week , we are looking forward to our Theme Day on Thursday. We spent some of last week investigating the types of vegetables and spices we could use in our stir fry. We will share pictures of the end results (and some feedback) next week.


We also spent time working on our adventure stories. We have been learning to use direct speech and thinking about ways to build up tension. James, in 3DR, wrote this:


At 9 o'clock that night, he took his wand and broom and jumped out of the window as stealthily as a panther pouncing on his prey. It was petrifying. What he saw was an endless hole of nothingness!


Isn't that an effective piece of writing? 





The Firework-Maker's Daughter - Adverts for Rambashi's Jungle Grill

Year 3 have been busy reading The Firework Maker's Daughter by Phillip Pullman. The children worked hard to create an advert for Rambashi (one of our favourite characters) for his restaurant, The Jungle Grill. After this, we performed our advert to the rest of the class.

Introduction Evening Powerpoint

Week Beginning 9th October 2017

On Thursday, we went across to St. Nicholas Church for a Harvest Festival service. We did a fantastic job of singing the harvest songs and some of us read prayers and poems that we had written.


We really enjoyed having our parents in class with us on Tuesday morning at the Year 3 'Come and Learn' reading session. We read 'The Dark' by Lemony Snicket and worked on our inference skills by creating a tension graph and writing 'show not tell' sentences.


In English, we learnt about the discoveries of Mary Anning and wrote a diary entry in character as her on the day that she found her infamous ichthyosaur fossil. We tried hard to use prepositional phrases.

Week Beginning 2nd October 2017

This week we have written some fantastic newspaper articles about the discovery of the egg on palaeontology day. Our teachers were so impressed that they gave out lots of pen licenses for super handwriting! In maths, we have continued our work on column addition and subtraction and have even learnt how to check our answers using the inverse operation. We enjoyed putting the finishing touches on our pneumatic dinosaurs and wrote detailed evaluations about them. We had a lot of fun in science making our very own fossils by creating a mould using clay and a seashell. We have also been busy practising the harvest songs ready for harvest festival next week.

Week Beginning 25th September

On Thursday, 3BS went on a trip to Cross Hands Quarry. They learnt a lot about rocks and fossils and enjoyed being proper palaeontologists for the day. Everyone found lots of fossils and calcite that they got to take home with them at the end of the day. They also spent some time sketching the different rock layers of an interesting rock face at the quarry. 3RC and 3DR are very excited about their visits next week!


We have also been learning about how to write newspaper articles in preparation for next week when we will be writing an article about the egg discovery in our playground. So far, we have learnt about key features of newspaper articles, how to write a good orientation and reorientation and how to punctuate direct quotes accurately.


Other highlights from this week include learning how to use column addition, getting the high gymnastics apparatus out in PE lessons and painting our egg boxes in preparation for making our pneumatic dinosaurs!

Week Beginning 18th September

Yesterday was a very exciting day here at Coten End! When Year 3 were gathered in the hall to find out about the activities we would be doing on our palaeontology day, My Grana came dashing into the hall in a panic. He told us that Mr Garlic had discovered a mysterious egg in Wildlife Way! Naturally, he asked the expert palaeontologists in Year 3 to help him find out what the egg belonged to. We bravely ventured outside to search for clues. Amongst other things, we found giant footprints in the mud, scratches on the fence and various chewed items. We all had different theories about what type of dinosaur it was. Mrs Chenault, Miss Siddorn and Mr Roberts have now sent it off to the Natural History Museum to get their thoughts on it.


After all that egg-citement, we then went on to produce some wonderful dinosaur artwork, learning how to use oil pastels to create different textures. We also took class in a class 'Kahoot' quiz all about the Mesozoic Era. A great day was had by all!


Week Beginning 11th September


Another busy week in Year 3! In Maths, we continued our learning about place value, including ordering and comparing numbers. We really enjoyed using the Chromebooks and iPads to research different dinosaurs in English lessons. We took notes about the information before using them to write our own non-chronological report, focusing particularly on using conjunctions and organisational devices. This tied in nicely with our History work this week, where we were learning about the different periods of the Mesozoic Era. We created a dinosaur timeline and found out when different dinosaurs were roaming the planet. In Science, we learnt about different types of rock and how they are formed. We even found some fossils amongst the examples we looked at!

Week Beginning 4th September


It has been an extremely busy first week in year 3! We kicked off our 'Fossil Hunters' theme by learning about the different layers of the Earth and created some super 3D diagrams. The children have already impressed their teachers by doing some amazing writing based on the picture book 'Tyrannosaurus Drip' by Julia Donaldson, including a letter and a diary entry. We have been revising different word classes, particularly looking at using adventurous verbs, adverbs and adjectives. Our maths lessons have all been based on place value, including some tricky problem-solving and reasoning tasks.  In Computing, we learnt about the importance of having a 'powerful password' and changing it regularly. We have created some brilliant front covers for our new learning theme books by sketching dinosaur skeletons and colouring them using a wax resist technique.