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Year 4 Introduction Evening held on the 27th June 2019

Year 4 Romans Theme Day


Just a reminder that the Theme Day will be on Wednesday 10th April. Children should not dress up in costume for safety reasons as there is a significant Design Technology component on this day. Also, please remember to look on the Coten End App where dates for Theme Days are added.

Many thanks, Year 4 Team

Science Week 2019

What a week Year 4 have had! As many of you will know, the children have been very excited about their investiagtions and the Science Fair proved to be a roaring success The children were also fortunate to receive a visit from Chemistry students from Warwick University who amazed us all with their dry ice demonstration. Thank you to all the parents and other adults who have supported the children to help make this week so successful.

Science Week Dry Ice demonstration by Warwick University to Year 4

Advance notice for Theme Day on Wednesday 30th January

On this day the children will be investigating ice and how to melt it quickly. They will be learning more about the choices polar explorers need to make and the children will also be painting (so aprons will be needed please). If children wish to then they can dress up as a polar explorer or as a penguin!

Welcome back

We hope you all had a restful and enjoyable break. The children have been back a week and are becoming thoroughly immersed in the Science (States of Matter) and in English they have been learning about the technical and organistional features they will need to include in their writing. Maths has been all about multiplication but we are about to move onto methods of division.

A massive thank you...


Thank you to all the parents for providing the children with costumes, practising lines and bringing them back to school for an evening performance yesterday. Without this invaluable support, we would not be able to do these shows to anything like the same standard.


So, once again - thank you from the Year 4 team (Mrs Bloomfield, Mr Upcott and Mr Roberts).

BAH HUMBUG costume letter and date for bringing costumes in

Year 4 Monstrology Day

Year 4 had a brilliant day building dens in order that they could use them as a base from which to observe any passing monsters. They worked collaboratively and showed enormous resilience and good-humour as the dens were being constructed in the morning. The afternoon was spent sketching the passing monsters. Naturally, Year 4 were superb observers of monsters (of which there were a surprising number) and were far better than the adults (Mr.Roberts, Mrs.Hixon, Mr.Upcott and Mrs.Bloomfield could never quite see them!).


Finally, thank you to all the parent support we received in sourcing the materials and then transporting them to and from school.

Year 4 Introduction Evening July 2018

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Introduction Evening Powerpoint