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Week beginning 7th May 2018


This week in year 4 we had our amazing Roman wow day and we made some amazing catapults! In maths we have been converting Roman numerals to normal numbers  and adding roman numerals. In RE this week we have been rewriting stories from the bible, and in literacy we have been learning how to do correct spelling punctuation


By Rhys 4WR

23rd April - 27th April


In Year 4 our topic is all about The Romans. We did our class assembly about our trip to London and this linked well with our literacy when we were writing recounts about our trip which some of us read aloud as you heard on Thursday morning!

In maths, we are working with money. This includes dividing, subtracting and multiplying amounts of money. 

In literacy, we have been learning about Romans and Boudicca vs The Romans. Boudicca's army had very little armour or advanced weaponry in comparison to The Romans but The Romans found them incredibly difficult to defeat. 


By Rhys and Lucy

Week commencing 26th March.

This week has been full of excitement and activities.

In literacy we have been learning about recounts as well as writing our own recounts about our wonderful trip to London. We even used the Chromebooks to write up our recounts so that we could include some pictures that were taken on the trip.

In Science, we have continued to look at electricity and circuits.  The focus of this session was complete and incomplete circuits and explaining our observations. We worked in pairs to create circuits including switches, multiple bulbs and cells. As well as drawing our circuits scientifically into our books and recording our observations.

Let’s not forget the highlight of our week, our bridge building day! We had a whole day working in our groups to build the bridge we designed. We used our prototypes to calculate the correct measurements for our bridges. First, we measured and marked our wood accurately. Then, we used handsaws to cut the wood to the correct length. After that, we used the glue guns to build and attach our structures – to strengthen our bridges we added gussets and struts to our designs.

Well done Year 4!

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    Monday 19th - 23rd March               


Year 4 Blog


This week in Year 4 we went on our trip spectacular to London. We had to wake up very early to be at St Nicks car park at 7am! On our way there we had some snacks and played some games to entertain ourselves. When we got to London we went to the Natural History Museum which was amazing. Then, we went to Jubilee Gardens to eat our lunch and because we were behaving we got to go to the park.Then we walked to the docks and got a tour of London from our Tour Guide. We all saw lots of different monuments like The Shard , The Gherkin and the 'Cheese Grater'. Last of all, we went on the London Eye - it was great fun!We also got to watch some awesome 4D which shows some different Monuments all over London.


By Rhys and Daisy

Week Beginning 12th March


What a week! This week we celebrated British Science Week with our very own science fair projects. We saw bouncy eggs, presentations about saving animals and our planet and of course, mentos and coke experiments. We went to see other year group's projects and then KS1 came down to see ours. It was a sight to behold and I'm sure Miss White in 2CW, who is our science lead, was very proud of all of our hard work.

We have been looking at time reasoning problems in Maths this week and continuing to practise telling the time. Please continue to practise this at home as it is a very important skill!


On Friday, we began the very exciting process of bridge building. We have learnt about types of bridges, how to make them strong and started to design our very own bridges which we will be making in the last week of term. We included struts and gussets and began to think of our bridge's dimensions. There were some very creative bridge designs!


We are really looking forward to our trip to London next week and have used google maps to explore some of the landmarks we will be seeing on Thursday such as the London Eye and the Natural History Museum.

Week Beginning 5th February

After the excitement of the snow last week, we entered the start of this week with just as much excitement as it was our 'Super Structures' curriculum enrichment day! We learnt about some amazing structures and even tried to create our own out of spaghetti and marshmallows. We then had to create a bridge out of paper that was strong enough to hold a 1kg weight. During art, we have learnt how to draw 3-D buildings in the style of Remko Heemskerk who uses contrasting colours to really make his art pop out of the page.


In English, we created our own buildings and then described them using fronted adverbials and interesting vocabularly. We had lots of eco houses and interesting blends of different London landmarks all with very unique features! 


In Maths, we have been continuing to tell the time. Lots of us have worked hard to be able to tell the time on an analogue clock and a digital clock in 24hour time. 


During Science, we have been learning what electricity is, where it comes from, how it gets to our homes and what uses electiricty. We sorted appliances into ones that need to be connected to the mains, and those which are battery powered. Can you think of an electrical device that can require both the mains electricity or battery power?


We have worked hard this week during a couple of assessments and the determination and resilience shown has really impressed our teachers. 

Keep up the hard work Year 4!

Week Beginning 5th February


It has been another busy week in Year 4, which culminated in our Penguin Day on Friday.  We spent the day making and icing Arctic animal biscuits, drawing and painting life sized penguins and having fun admiring everyone’s outfits.

As part of our literacy this week we looked at Krill and Polar Bears. We wrote an information booklet about Krill where we had to find out some fascinating facts and identify how important they are to the survival of many Antarctic animals. For example, did you know that a swarm of Krill in the ocean can be seen from space as a shadow in the water.

For our Polar Bears we created an information poster. Again we had to find out facts about Polar Bears and then share them with our group, ensuring that no one had the same facts.


In maths we have focussed on decimals. We have looked at place value and identified tenths and hundredths. We have looked at round decimals to the nearest whole number and looked at adding decimal numbers as well.


Finally, as part of science we have looked at how salt affects the freezing temperature of water. We had 5 containers with different amounts of salt in and had to record the order in which they froze. We found out that salt lowers the temperature at which water freezes, so instead of freezing at 0 it will freeze at -6 for example.

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Week beginning 29th January


This week in Year 4 we have been working really hard! Our teachers have been really impressed with our literacy work as we have been incorporating the grammar we have learnt over the past few weeks into our own stories. We watched the beginning of a story and focused on the characters and wrote descriptions about them. After this, we wrote the story out and included our own endings making sure we included fronted adverbials, interesting vocabulary and embedded clauses. We even edited and improved our first draft like real authors!


In maths, some of us have been learning how to convert fractions into decimals and compare them- saying which are bigger, smaller or the same. We also used calculators this week to check to see if a fraction was equivalent. Some have been learning how to create bar chart and interpret statistics. We collected data and produced a graph and also discussed the difference between discrete and continuous data.


In our learning theme, we conducted an experiment to see where the warmest place was to stand in a penguin huddle. We filled 7 cans with hot water and measured the temperature over a period of 30 minutes. We wrote out our investigation in detail including the method and conclusion. We now know where the warmest place is to be – why don’t you ask us?

Don’t forget, our curriculum enrichment day is next Friday 9thth February. The children can come to school dressed as explorers or animals from the Arctic and Antarctic if they wish to.

Week Beginning 22nd January 2018


First of all a big thank you to the parents that were able to attend our come and learn session this Friday. It was lovely to see so many faces and delightful to hear the conversations you were having with your children.


This week in Literacy we have focussed on fronted adverbials.  We use a fronted adverbial to tell us the; time, frequency, place, manner or degree to describe the actions that follow.

Once a year, animals migrate north from the Antarctic in search of warmer weather.


In maths we have continued to focus on fractions.  We have paid specific focus on finding fraction amounts of a whole number. 2 groups did this through the use of skittles, where they had to sort them into colours and then identify what fraction of the total each colour was worth.


In our learning theme we have looked at the water cycle, identifying the 4 parts, evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. We created a leaflet to show what happens at each stage.

We then went on to look at Global Warming. We talked about the causes of it, the problems that it brings and what we can start to do to slow the rate at which the Earth is warming.


Finally, next week on Wednesday we have a French performance company in during the afternoon and on Thursday we will have our WOW day. The children can come dressed as explorers or animals from the Arctic and Antarctic if they wish.

Week Beginning 15th January

This week has been assessment week and the children have worked hard to complete these to the best of their abilities showing fantastic resilience.

In literacy we have focussed on writing expanded noun phrases. We linked this to our topic and Arctic animals.  One example that a student came up with was:

The enormous, snowy owl with razor sharp talons…

In maths we have looked at fractions. We have been finding equivalent fractions, amounts of shapes and whole numbers. The children have worked hard to use the correct mathematical language such as denominator and numerator when they have explained how they have solved a problem.

In our learning theme we have looked at the continents and found countries within them. We have also looked at the similarities and differences between the Arctic and the Antarctic.

Week Beginning 8.1.18

This week we have started our new learning theme ‘The Big Freeze’. In literacy we have been writing diary entries as well as using our inference skills to predict an ending to a story. We have been improving our writing by using embedded clauses to add detail and extend our writing.

 In Math we have been focusing on area and how to find and create area for a variety of shapes.

In Science we have started looking at states of matter; identifying solids, liquids and gases and their properties.  Also, we have created our new book covers using crayons and water colour paints to create a polar scene.   In PSHE we have started discussing what a good citizen is and how they contribute to their community.

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Week beginning 18.12.17

This week began with our performances of our Christmas show ‘Bethlehem’, which went down a treat!

There was amazing acting, dazzling dancing and super singing! Well done Year 4!

We have completed some festive Christmas Maths this week, creating Rudolph and Holly with coordinates.

We also finished painting our Greek pottery, which look fantastic.

The Year 4 Christmas party was a hit with lots of fun and games. Finally, we ended the week with our Christmas sing-a-long!

Week beginning 11.12.17

This week we have been working really hard on the final touches to our Christmas performance.

In Science, we have been looking at sound and pitch and how this changes through experiments using boomwackers, triangles, water bottle organs and rubber band guitars.

We have managed to put our handles and final layers onto our Greek pots ready to start painting next week.

We had a treat to finish the week, we all had a great time at the pantomime on Friday!

Week beginning 7.12.17

This week we have continued to practice our Christmas performance ‘Bethlehem’, the children have been working really hard on learning their lines, dances and songs.

In Literacy, we have been looking at the myth of Perseus and Medusa and writing a police report about the monstrous Medusa and her crimes. In Maths we have been learning about translating coordinates, plotting and translating shapes and writing translations. In addition, the children have been continuing to work in groups on creating their Greek pots.

Week beginning 27th November

This week in literacy we have completed our myths and written them up in neat. We have turned them into a display piece by making them into pop up books.

In maths we have started looking at coordinates. We have identified which axis is which and used the saying ‘Along the corridor and up the stairs’ to remember which coordinate we plot first.  We have been able to plot shapes accurately and then draw our own grids and plotted shapes from set coordinates.

In our learning theme we have started making our Greek vases. We have used a balloon and a cardboard base to give us our vase shape. We then started to use papier mache to build up the structure. Next week we plan to add handles to our vases to give them a real Greek feel.

Picture 1

Week beginning 20th November


This week we all got to dress up like ancient Greeks and take part in the ancient Olympic games. We wrote declaration speeches for the opening of the games and created beautiful laurel wreaths. We also designed posters in groups to support and encourage our city states throughout the games.  This was a fun filled day and the winning Greek city state was Megara!


This week in Literacy we have been writing our own Greek myths, including exciting vocabulary and descriptions, speech and embedded clauses.

In Maths we have been thinking about explaining our answers using mathematical vocabulary.

We have been investigating the topic of sound in science; we have learnt all about the different parts of the ear!

Week beginning 13th November 2017

In literacy this week we have been looking at the structure of a myth and thinking about what needs to be included in one. We have planned our myths out, focussing on the problem and mythical creatures that we could include. We have started to write our introductions where we have had to describe the characters and the settings so that it is clear to the reader.

In our maths we have focussed on problem solving and reasoning. We have worked hard to ensure that our mathematical thinking is clear and we can explain how we solved a problem, the operation required to do and the steps take to get to our answer. The journey is just as important as the answer.

This week as part of our science we have looked at the ear and how we hear. We identified the key parts and identified that sound was made by vibrations. In our ear the ear drum turns these vibrations into pulses that can be interpreted by our brain.

In our learning theme we have looked at the difference between the modern and the ancient Olympic Games. We have looked at equipment, technology and the events as points of comparison.


Week beginning 6th November 2017

In literacy this week we have been looking at how to use speech punctuation correctly. We have also looked at how we can use exciting vocabulary instead of simply using the word said.

In our maths we have focussed on identifying and explaining what prime numbers are. We have worked out that a prime number can only be divided by 1 and itself. If it can be divided by any other number, it is not a prime number. How many even numbers can be prime?

This week as part of our learning them we have been comparing different city states, specifically Sparta and Athens. We had to identify key parts about each city and state where we would rather live and explain why. Would you choose Sparta with a priority on war and discipline or Athens with democracy and education as the focus?

Week beginning 30th October


This week we have started our new learning them - The Groovy Greeks. In our literacy we have looked at the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. We had to put our selves in Theseus' shoes and explain how he was feeling.  We continued to look at some characters from these myths and wrote sentences with embedded clauses in them.


In maths we have looked at dividing whole numbers by a single integer.  We have talked though the short division method and been able to explain when we carry  and why.

Week beginning 23rd October


This week we had our come and learn session. Parents were invited in and we looked at classifying animals based on their unique features. We had to come up with questions to sort animals, create our own classification chart and explain how it worked.


In maths we focussed on how to multiply numbers using column method. We ensured that we could explain how to solve a problem and not simply give the answer to the question.

Week Beginning 9.10.17

In Science, we have learnt more about food chains this week and made our own food chain mobiles. As part of our English learning, we wrote letters in role. We imagined we were stick insects, and wrote about problems we had! We then had to write back, offering advice using scientific facts. In Maths, we have done some addition and subtraction and then we applied our learning when solving problems.

Week Beginning 2nd October 2017

This week in Literacy we have been creating our own monsters based upon the book, ‘A Field Guide to Monsters.’ We have used exciting vocabulary to describe their life cycle, habitat and diet.

In Maths, we have consolidated our learning about place value and number sequences.

We have finally finished sewing our felt monsters! They are looking great and some have been put up on display around the school.


Week beginning 18th September

This week in literacy we have constructed a poem about being a Wild Thing. We had to think what we were like when we were ‘wild’ and think of how we could rhyme certain words. We then started to look at different biomes across the globe and had to extract information from different sources and identify where in the world each biome was, the plants and animals that grow there and describe that biome. We then transferred this from notes into a biome pyramid and completed at least 2 different biomes.

In our learning them we started to look at and design our felt monsters. We had to think carefully as to how we would make them as we need to sew them ourselves. We made sure that they had short fat arms and legs so it is easy for us to stuff them. We then labelled and coloured these to give ourselves a clear idea as to what they will look like.

In maths we have focussed on our addition and started to use the inverse to check our answers. We have identified what is wrong with certain calculations and ensured that the column method was used correctly.

Week Beginning 11th September

This week in literacy we have been thinking about different parts of speech and how to structure a sentence by identify nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives. We then tried to up level sentences ensuring they had detailed description in them.

In numeracy we have looked at place value and rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. We have also started to challenge ourselves with a few reasoning activities and have tried to explain our thinking using mathematical language.

As part of our learning them we looked at the world map and had to identify different continents, the equator, the tropics and the prime meridian line. We then had to use biome maps to plot the different climate regions across the globe.

Introduction Evening Powerpoint

Week Beginning 4th September

First week back at Coten End after our long summer holidays, we were straight back into work, creating blow paint monsters that we would use as inspiration for our writing, topic book covers and character descriptions. 

In maths we dived straight into looking at place value by identifying what each digit was worth. We also started comparing and ordering numbers with up to four digits.

We held our class council elections where we had to give a short speech or presentation that gave reasons to vote for us.  It was hard to persuade people but we managed to in the end and elected our class council representatives.

Thankfully with it being the first week, the teachers spared us any homework, with the exception of reading.  Spellings, maths and literacy to follow next week.