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Come and Share Session -  9-10-18 - 9am


Parents are most welcome to join our lesson on Tuesday 9th October from 0900 to 1000. We will be focussing on reading, and sharing some of our activities, techniques and strategies. You will have the opportunity to work alongside your child and to ask questions.


We look forward to seeing you.


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Introduction Evening 2018-19


It has been an exciting term so far in year 5 and we have been working so hard!


Here are a few highlights from the first two topics!


Cool Britannia 

  • Learning all about the Industrial Revolution
  • Learning how to read and draw a map
  • Participating in Armonico Consort's 'the Armed Man' performance at the Warwick Art Centre
  • Year 5's Theme day where we dressed as historical figures from the past
  • The Harvest Festival


The Truth is Out There

  • Our fantastic class assemblies! 
  • Discovering the universe is far bigger than we thought (have a look at the video to see for yourself!) 
  • Children in Need Cake Sale
  • Whole School Centenary Theme day 
  • Singing at the Christmas Tree Festival 
  • Creating documentaries all about day and night
  • Trip to the Think Tank 
  • RSC performance of a Christmas Carol

House Captain and Executive Committee Job Descriptions