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Introduction Evening Powerpoint

Week Beginning 14th May


This week, Year 5 have been hard at work developing their construction skills. In groups they have designed a Maya temple using computer software to help them create a 3D model of their design. They have then used wood, saws, glue guns and card to create their models. All of Year 5 have impressed us with their teamwork, productivity and attention to detail. This has taken a lot of effort from all the members of both classes, so much so, that it has been left to me to write this week's blog.


In other lessons, they have debated the pros and cons of Fairtrade. Both classes, enthusiastically debated their different viewpoints and it took strong leadership from Ed, Huw and Alice W to control the debating chambers. The children have also continued to look at the purposes of places and worship in order to answer the big question: "When it comes to worship, are the people more important than the place?" As always, the maturity at which 5JL and 5BC have approached this question has impressed me greatly.


It's looking like another fine weekend and I know many children are involved in outdoor activities so I hope they make the most of the sunshine.


Have a great weekend.


Mr Lingard

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Week beginning 30th April 2018


This week we have been practising our class assembly. We have based it about our learning and what we have done over the past few months. 

We have included poetry, folk tales, news reports and lots of other informative and fun things to make our play brilliant!

We have mostly written these ourselves with a little help from Miss Cooper and Mr Lingard


In maths, we have been looking at volume and capacity.


By Kira

Week Beginning 23rd April



Today in literacy we did a story mountain.So a story mountain is a plan you do if you want to do a story .Also our parents came in so that we could do an example of our writing. It was great to share our writing with our parents. Thank you to all who could attend.



Yesterday, 5BC wrote our story mountains (plan) for out Folk Tales. Today we could get onto drafting our folk tales! We wrote about something natural that needed to be explained for example a giraffe has a long neck, but why?The Mayans had no science or technology so they just had to guess and they did this in the form of storytelling.

5JL have been developing their oracy skills by adapting their amazon poetry into a performance. We are looking forward to showing you on Thursday at the class assembly!



It was super fun! To start of the day we tried a special drink called Xocoaltl. This was the Mayans form of chocolate.The ingredients were:


2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

1 jug of hot water

2 teaspoons of cinnamon

1 teaspoon of vanilla essence


Some people found it yum (Kira found it yum) and some people hated it (Roni hated it).


After we tried that bitter drink we did some chocolate tasting.We had to think like a real chocolate taster (bonjour!) and think of the texture ,the smell,the taste ,and rate out of 5. We also had to note down any comments we had on the chocolate.Kira absolutely hates chocolate whilst Roni finds it yum .After break, we made chocolate tiffins (a type of cake with crumbled up biscuits mixed up with a sugary mix  under a layer of melted chocolate) we worked in groups of 4 and at the end of the day we shared it out and had it as a Mayan snack! In the afternoon, we did a science experiment about which chocolate melts the fastest.We tested 2 different types of chocolate-milk chocolate with hardly any cocoa and dark chocolate which in which 85% cocoa.We found out that the milk chocolate melted first because cocoa is a very thick ingredient and so the dark chocolate will melt slower.Then we recorded our results in a line graph and wrote a conclusion.


Today we had a ‘normal’ day (whatever that is). We enjoyed learning French and maths. In Miss Cooper’s class we have been exploring different units of measures and even converting between them. In Mr Lingard’s class, we have been debating about whether 0 is a number or not. What do you think?


In the afternoon, 5BC continued wrting their Folk Tales and 5 JL practised their class assembly.



Today we also did some other things. 5JL were practising their play and all I will say is it is to do with poetry the rest is a surprise! We also finished of our Mayan stories (they are all really great!) and most people started to write theirs up in neat. Now everyone is doing R.E(religious education) and after that was achievement assembly.

What a great week!

By Roni and Kira

Week Beginning Monday 16th


Welcome to the summer term!


Well, it's our final term as year 5 and what a glorious way to start. Scorching heat, an exciting Space Day and a live link to the International Space Station! What could be better?!


We are kicking off our summer term by learning all about the ancient Maya (who we've heard discovered chocolate!)

This week we have begun learning some traditional Mayan Folk Tales and we've had a go at both rewriting and retelling these to the class.


In maths, we've managed to get outside and enjoy the weather. Mr Lingard's class have been hard at work learning all about perimeter and area and Miss Cooper's class have been out and about exploring which unit of measurement is more suitable for certain objects.


On Tuesdays, we were so fortunate to experience the Space Day at Warwick Prep. 300 other year 5 pupils participated in a multitude of space-themed challenges. The children truly represented Coten End and their collaboration made myself and Mr Lingard so proud. They are superstars!


Excitingly, on Thursday, we were able to tune in to the LIVE LINK to the ISS! It was truly a special moment when we first hear the astronauts responding live over radio. We feel very fortunate to be able to listen in. It was a moment we won't ever forget!


Next week, we look forward to our Come and Learn event happening on Monday afternoon and our Chocolate theme day on Wednesday!


Have a superb weekend!

Monday 19th - 23rd March


This week, on Tuesday, Year 5 went to the butterfly farm!There were lots of different types of butterflies including the owl butterfly which was the one we saw the most.The owl butterfly is a butterfly who uses a tactic called mimicry. That means -because of its giant owl like spots on its wings- it looks like an owl which is a predator for some of the predators of butterflies. Later on in the week we wrote information texts all about the life cycle of a butterfly.


In art, we are also creating pictures of the Amazon rainforest. We have used watercolour paints for the backdrop and we are now adding detail with pencil.


By Kira

Monday 12th

Here comes spring, easter and poetry. In English we have been learning about different forms of poetry.There are:


Kenning-A poem that consists of compound words, which are words that can make sense on their own e.g white-board


Haiku-this poem must only include 3 lines and the first contains 5 syllables the 2nd 7 syllables and the 3rd 5 syllables. This challenges the reader and the writer.


We also learned about a free verse poem and a sonnet.

Wednesday 14th

Today was science day! We all created investigations and showed them of to other classes in the school. Also we had a very special person to remember. While we learnt more from other peoples investigation, we were also keeping Stephen Hawking in our minds. He was a famous scientist who, at the age of twenty, was diagnosed with ALS. He still managed to dedicate his life to science and the exploration of the universe though! The night before our science fair he died and so we are dedicating this entire blog to Stephen Hawking.


The science fair was a fantastic day. It was really exciting to see each others hard work and to show our investigations off to the rest of the school.


Thursday 15th

Today we did our science write up about our projects and how well it when, what went wrong and how we fixed it. We also thought about what we learned from the other projects.



Today we learned about adverdiabs and how to spot the different ones.There are time adverbials, adverbials of place and adverbials of cause.


We hope you have a great weekend!




By Owen(5JL)and KIra(5BC)

Monday 26th February


We’re back! Everyone has just had an enjoyable(but cold) half-term with some people who have had a vacation and some who stayed at home.Of course, when half-term ends we can go back to school to have a new topic! THE AMAZING AMAZON RAINFOREST!!! We started off by writing in our new books about what we knew about the AMAZON forest and what we wanted to know.


Tuesday 27th Feb 2018


In Mr.Lingards maths group we have began our work on scaling.Scaling is when you times a set of (usually instructions) numbers and make it for a different amount. We had to scale some recipes and prices from an electronics shop. Then in Literacy we did a character description of Fred or Con (Constentia) who are characters from the book we are reading. The book is called The Explorer and is about four children who find themselves at the scene of a crashed plane (that they were in) and stuck in the Amazon Rainforest! Lila,Max,Fred and Con must manage to somehow get themselves out of this natural labyrinth before they starve to death! After lunch, we did Geography and labelled South American countries.Then we estimated where the Amazon Rainforest was on the map.

Wednesday 28th February 2018


On wednesday we learnt about expanded noun phrases like this;


The king cobra

The long king cobra

The fat,long king cobra bit someone's head off .Then we did about extending are writing .


Thursday 1st March 2018



This year everyone came dressed as their favorite character from a book.There were lots of brilliant costumes and 25% of the school came as Harry Potter! In Mr.Lingards maths group we scaled some naughty pupil potions for 5 students,32 students and 1 student.The rest of the day was spent doing reading activities with an author called Chris Davids! He has written 3 different books which are all on sale on amazon (the shopping thing, not the rainforest).


From heavy snow-falls the previous night, we were of school and lots of us went sledding at priory park or somewhere else.Lots of people went to priory park though and we all saw each other!The people were:

Sofia,Kira B,Ella,Charlie,Miss.Cooper and Miss.Cotton

IT WAS VERY FUN! Hope everyone else had a good time in the snow!

Monday 5th March


We learned about the life processes of a mammals,amphibian,insect and birds. 

Tuesday 6th March


We had Assessments.Lots and lots of them.We did the same assessments as before reading and maths assessments. Many of us achived higher scores than before. Miss Cooper and Mr Lingard are really proud of us.

Thursday 8th

On Thursday we wrote a letter from the perspective of one of the children from The Explorer. This was a lot of fun as we got to pretend to be different characters from the story. We has to think carefully about the style and structure of the letter that we were writing.


Friday 9th march

Today we learned about Manaus which is a city in the amazon rainforest. We also looked at Birmingham and compared them to each other.

Finally we want to wish all our mothers a happy mothers day!

By Kira And Owen

Week beginning 29th January 2018 


On Monday, this week, we began by retelling the Anglo Saxon legend Hengist And Horsa.We began these stories last week and were finishing them off. Then that afternoon we learnt about Anglo Saxon law and punishment and then wrote information texts on the subject.


The  next day (Tuesday) we began to plan our own legends! It had to consist of a very clear brave hero and a cold hearted villain.We had a lesson were we chose the name for our hero and villain and then adjectives and adverbs  to describe both the characters.Then we wrote a character description for our hero and our vilain.


The next lesson was music and we learnt the note G on the recorder. Last week we learnt the notes A and B and so this week we had a go at playing a few songs with those notes and then we even composed our own piece of music.


The next day we learnt about modal verbs and were given a sheet with sentences and missing modal verbs where we had to fill in all the modal verbs.Then we wrote our own sentence with a modal verb in and after that we wrote our heroic speech that our hero would use to persuade the people that they could let them go fight the horrible monster.


The next day was the first of February and also the day we were going to write the beginning of our stories.We had 1 hour to write the introductions and we had to get up to the part our hero arrived in the foreign land.


Finally on Friday we did some science and learnt all about plants. First of all we wrote down some facts in our learning theme books and in the same lesson we did a drawing of a flower on a piece of paper,cut it in three thirds so you could flap it open,stick it down and write facts on the inside.T


hen that afternoon we did PSHE and did drama of good and bad decisions.Then we had Achievement assembly and then we all went home(apart from people at clubs and people going for play dates)



By Kira (5BC)

Thursday 30th November 2017


This week we have been preparing for the Christmas Tree Festival as we are singing some songs in it on 1st December 2017. We have rehearsed all week in the afternoons and have really got the hang of it now. In maths we have been looking at precise angles in Mr. Lingard’s maths class and roman numerals in Miss Cooper’s maths class. On Tuesday we researched famous astronomers like Stephen Hawking and Neil Armstrong and we had to find lots of different facts about them. We also finished of filming our documentaries and then watched them. They were all well-made as they were all very clear, descriptive and full of good ideas. Personally, I think they were all great. In literacy, we have also reviewed our trip to the think tank with lots of photos to go with our writing. On Wednesday, we carried on with our abstract art from a few weeks ago. A very few of us actually finished but the rest of us haven’t quite completed ours yet.

A great week!


Written by Ella and Charlie (5BC)

Week Beginning 6th November 2017


This week we have been writing our final drafts about night and day. We have learnt facts about the Sun and the Earth's rotation which causes day and night. In art, we have water-coloured our poppies. We also looked at abstract artists and we painted our own versions. We started with a small section and then added the rest. I thought it was really easy and fun.


Next week we will be making our cakes ready for Wednesday when we will be raising money for Children In Need.


I hope you have a fun and good weekend.

Liam (5JL)

Week Beginning 9th October 2017


This week Year 5 have been learning all about advertising. They have looked at how radio and TV adverts have changed over the years and have begun to design their own advertising campaign for a brand new Cadbury's chocolate bar.


They have really developed their creative side in many ways this week. In music they have listened to regional folk music from the four countries that make up the United Kingdom and identified similar themes and sounds that occur throughout. In art the children have looked at some of the work of L.S. Lowry and then sketched out their own versions; exploring how to use perspective to add depth and space to their drawings.


Have a great weekend,

The Year 5 Team.

Week Beginning 2nd October


After all the excitement of our theme day it was back to normal lessons this week. In Maths the children have been developing their understanding of factors, multiples and prime numbers.  They have explored the work of the ancient Greek mathematician Eratosthenes who developed a way of finding out all the prime numbers in the 100 square. In Literacy the children have further developed their understanding of what it was like to be a child in a Victorian work house. They have been able to develop their empathy skills and have written in role as a Victorian child; producing diary entries to explain the feelings and emotions linked to the topic. 


The busy week was rounded off with a come and learn session all focused on reading. We were glad that so many were able to come and learn alongside the children and we hope that the session was useful. We will have further sessions later in the year focused on Maths and writing. We are having a rethink about the dates and times that were given out in the introduction evening so we can ensure as many parents who are able to attend can. 


We hope you enjoy your weekend, 

The Year 5 team

Week Beginning 25th September

This week we explored all things British in our theme day. The children dressed up as a range of different British people - past and present - who have inspired them with their achievements. We discussed how these people have helped to shape Britain and inspire more people. We tested our culinary skills by using seasonal vegetables to create a rather tasty dish and our sewing skills by designing and making a bunting using the colours from the union flag. We finished off the week by listening to music written by famous British composers such as Edward Elgar, Thomas Arne and Charles Parry. This music is often heard at the Last Night of the Proms and the children impressed us with how maturely they discussed whether they felt this music was still a good representation of Britain today. 


We hope you enjoy your weekend. 

The Year 5 team

Week beginning 18th September 2017

This week in year 5 has been really exciting.

 In Literacy, we have finished writing up our Revolting Rhymes in neat and some of them are on display! We also have started a unit of work on the Industrial Revolution. We have conducted some research on the chrome books and began writing from the perspective of a child in Victorian Britain. We finished the week with a drama lesson where Mr Lingard took us through a ‘mind cinema’ and Miss Cooper led a hot-seating session. We also created some fantastic freeze frames as you can see below!

In maths, we have been focusing on problem solving and using a variety of methods to help us do so. One of these methods is the bar model! We have learned the basics of how this model helps support our understanding of a word question.  Miss Cooper informs us we can ask our parents to help us with any bar model homework as they are now experts!

In geography this week, we learned how to read symbols on a map, find a six figure grid reference, plot a route and label the 8 points on a compass.

We are really looking forward to next week and in particular the Theme Day on Wednesday 27th! Don’t forget your costumes!


Happy Friday everyone!


Year 5