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Introductory evening PowerPoint

Friday 15th September


We had fun in English and with our theme this week, acting a scene in Shakespeare's language and then turning it into modern English. After that, we made it informal as though it was and Liam from One Direction. We also pretended to be witches from the first scene and we read their poem and wrote our own spell using rhyming couplets (see below for 6JN's).


In computing, we learned out to use PIXLR to edit pictures and to 'distort' them and use layers. We are going to make our own portraits later, a bit like Holbein's 'The Ambassadors'. In art we finished our pen and ink drawings and Mrs Nickels' class looked at the Holbein painting and drew some of the artefacts.


A Dark Spell by 6JN


Gecko’s eye, mammoth’s tusk,

Tiger’s tail cut off at dusk,

Fair is foul and foul is fair,

Donkey’s hooves and horse’s hair.

Long  tail from a unicorn    

Mix it with a rhino’s horn

Candle wax stirred with some wine

Mix it with a thorn from vine


Gory poison of a god

Mix it with the snout of hog

Get one dark hair of your foe

A croc’s stone tooth beneath the snow.

Get one of medusa’s snakes

And dunk it in some mouldy cakes

Big green scale of a dragon

And a wheel of a wagon


Double, trouble war and threat,

Cauldron bubble blood and sweat

With it all, the cauldron shakes

With our spell a fire blood makes


Grab a giant hydra’s scale

Mix it with a pegasus tail

Leg of centaur, eye of cyclops

Mix it with tail of fox

Blubber of a killer whale

Shiny shell of steady snail

Jagged wing of blind eyed bat

Pointy nose of dirty rat


Sticky slime of black-eyed slug

Bendy leg of orange bug

Rough bark of an ancient tree

Wing of a black buzzing bee

King Kong strength that’s super strong,

Dragon's wing that’s very long.

Bright, shiny blood of unicorn,

Sharpest speare of blackbush thorn.


Double, trouble war and threat,

Cauldron bubble blood and sweat

With it all, the cauldron shakes

With our spell a fire blood makes


T rex  blood fresh from a creature,

Gorilla's arm with grizzly feature.

Take a bit of tigers tail,

Mix it with a mermaid’s tail

Take a crying baby’s tear,

And stir it in with children’s fear,

Steal a wing of tiny fairy,

Mix it in with all things scary.


Be sure to take a horn of bull,

Stir it with a basilisk’s skull

Always have a snout of pig,

Mix it with a purple fig.

Wing of phoenix, slime of slug,

Wicked heart put in a jug,

A cyclops eye, a hero’s blade,

A eagle's wing bathed in the shade.


Double, trouble war and threat,

Cauldron bubble blood and sweat

With it all, the cauldron shakes

With our spell a fire blood makes


Heart of otter 5 seconds dead,

10 seconds later take its head.

Zebra skin and tiger’s tale

Ivy leaf and night storm hail

I take a phoenix rip its heart

Then the world be cold and dark

Horn and tooth of sacred bull

Large ferocious tiger’s skull


Take a tail from a skunk,

And mix it with hair from a monk.

Venom from a deadly snake

Collect some fishbones from a lake.

Rage that comes so vile and wild,

Fear we took from cornered child.

Elation from when something clicks,

And sin that slips from sinner’s lips.


Reap the core, atop a tower

Of the deadly foxglove flower

Teeth of river crocodile

Blood that has been cold awhile.

Snatched hair of a unicorn,

Tear of a baby newly born.

In the moonlight steal the Sun

Then our work be dead and done.

Friday 8th September


Year 6 made a great start to the year! We had some lessons on the routines and rules and then we got straight on with our learning theme and our English and maths.


Our theme is all about Shakespeare and Macbeth. We looked at evidence about who Shakespeare really was. We could see that someone called Shakespeare had a grave: he asked people not to take his bones away. People had also written about him. Robert Greene obviously didn't like him because he called him an 'upstart crow'!


We did some drama where we had to re-enact the bit before the start of the play when they were having a battle and also write about what we thought of Macbeth. He was brave but bloodthirsty.

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Picture 2