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Curriculum Leads: Allison White and Bernadette Doncaster



Art is a way of stimulating children’s creativity and imagination through visual, tactile and sensory experiences. It allows children to explore different ways in which mood can be expressed and the chance to study life in different cultures and times. It gives children the opportunity to understand and respond to the world in a unique way and develop their own interpretations. At Coten End, the children will develop an awareness of the key elements of art: line, shape, colour, texture, form, space and value. The children will then improve their ability to identify these elements through researching and appraising a wide range of artists and designers. Skills demonstrating these elements are then practised and honed and the children are given the opportunity to apply them, using a variety of media. This approach gives the children the subject knowledge and confidence to make autonomous decisions when creating their finished projects.




  • Taught as part of a half-termly learning theme
  • Taught in a clear sequence of appraisal, skills practise and final piece
  • Key vocabulary is taught and referred to throughout the sequence
  • Use of knowledge organisers to support learning
  • Building on children's prior learning
  • Children study artists and designers from a range of time periods, countries and cultures
  • Children are supported in using a wide range of media



The impact and measure of this is that the children at Coten End will leave here with a secure understanding of the 7 elements and the ability to appraise their own and other's work. They will have developed the ability to think critically and make autonomous decisions which can be transferred into their wider lives. Children leave Coten End feeling inspired to further develop their skills and showcase their interpretations of the world around them.

Art Scheme of Learning

Exhibition for Young Local Artists



The children in Key Stage One have just enjoyed a wonderful workshop run by renowned junk modelling sculpture Antony James from Creaturama. Antony has appeared on many high profile children's craft shows including Blue Peter and CBeebies 'Junk Rescue' to name just a few.

Antony brought some of his amazing structures to school, made from junk, so that the children could see what can be achieved quite simply from rubbish!! He even made a huge turtle specially for our workshop.

We were then given a masterclass in junk creativity where we were shown how to model squid, sharks and turtles using a plastic bottle, a cereal box, two kitchen rolls, some newspaper and of course masking tape. Nothing more. The children then designed their models, assembled them using lots of new techniques and skills (if you squash newspaper it makes it easier to work with and if you make a picture frame from a sheet of newspaper and masking tape you can easily cover a water bottle), and finally they gave their sculpture a good coat of paint.

A super-fun day was enjoyed by all and the final products were amazing.


Super Junk Structures