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Educational Visits


As well as enjoying the challenges presented through a range of interesting learning themes, our curriculum is further enriched by stimulating educational visits and visitors and creative themed days. Teachers also aim to maximise the opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. Some of the enrichment planned for the children this year are outlined in this document:



As part of our European Day of Languages celebrations one of the UK's leading Deaf SignSong performers, Fletch, came into school to teach the whole of KS2 some British Sign Language. By the end of the workshop the children could sign to a whole song! 


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Reception- Spaceship Crash Landing 


Today, after reading the Beegu story, we found that a spaceship had crash landed in our playground! The children were amazed and sure that Beegu must be somewhere in the school. 

Reception- Autumn Walk

Reception children thoroughly enjoyed a sunny (but chilly!) Autumn Walk. Children were given the task to collect as many autumn objects as they could find and put them into their paper bags. The children used these items throughout the week to create a range of art work. We had lots of fun exploring the lovely park and school grounds, discussing the objects we had found and how we might use them. Once we returned to school, we warmed up by having a special treat - hot chocolate and biscuits, whilst listening to an autumn story.

Reception- People Who Help Us Visits


As part of our 'People Who Help Us Topic', Reception welcomed a series of visitors. First, they talked to us about their job and explained that their main role is to try and help people and keep us safe. We had a chance to ask lots of questions and understand a bit more about the life of a police officer in our community. After that, we got to try on items of their uniform and go in the police car and sound the sirens! Later that week, we had a visit from Simon the Paramedic. He talked to us about his job and taught us what number we need to call if there is an emergency. After that, we went to look at the ambulance. We saw where the patients sit and saw the flashing lights and heard the loud siren!

Inter-Faith Week at Coten End

The week of 15th-19th November was Inter-Faith Week. At Coten End, we wanted to celebrate this by highlighting the importance of learning about different faiths, demonstrating the fundamental British values of mutual respect and tolerance for the views and beliefs of others. We invited two visitors to speak in assemblies across school: Attiya Shams came in to discuss Islam with Y1, Y2 and Y3 and Pam Kaur Sandhu visited to discuss Sikhism with Y5. The children also had the opportunity to share their own religions and speak to their classes about their faith and beliefs. This included dance performances, sharing important items/artefacts, videos and PowerPoint presentations. It has been a lovely week - thank you to our visitors and for the children who shared and listened so well. 

Year 4 - Motionhouse Dance Workshop

Year 4 have taken part in two dance workshops lead by Motionhouse. They have been learning some unique choreography movements, including some partner counter balance sequences. We have been linking the movements with our theme ' Groovy Greeks' - using movements to retell some of the Ancient Greek myths. 

Concert - Warwick Independent Schools Foundation

In October, we welcomed students from the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation to play for us is two assemblies. Year 1 and 2 came together to enjoy some live music, followed by Year 5 and 6. It was absolutely wonderful having live music in school again and we look forward to welcoming them back to play for us again in the near future.



Year 1 visit from the bunnies

Year 1 have been learning about different types of animals in Science. We have studied fish, looked at reptiles, labelled amphibians and now we are looking at mammals. We were delighted to welcome the baby bunnies to school on Wednesday 17th November and learned about how they look and what they can do when they are born and compared this to an adult rabbit.

Cuddles with them were an added bonus for everyone!


Year 1 visit from the Vicar at St Nicholas Church

On Thursday 18th November, Year 1 enjoyed a visit from the Vicar at St Nicholas Church. She taught us all about Christian symbols and how Christians think about God.


We started off with a quiz, looking at symbols we are all familiar with. One of those was a great big yellow M! That one made us feel hungry!



Year 3 Palaeontology Day

There was much excitement in Year 3 when a mystery dinosaur egg was discovered in the school playground! Luckily, the Year 3 children are expert palaeontologists after their 'Fossil Hunters' theme and agreed to help look for clues as to what dinosaur might have laid the egg. Having found intriguing clues such as scratch marks, fossils, footprints and even coprolite, the children did a lot of research about different types of dinosaurs and drew conclusions about what species of dinosaur it was. The egg was then sent off to the Natural History Museum to be examined further. The children spent the rest of the day completing a fossil hunt orienteering activity around the school grounds and using clay to make their very own 'mould and cast' fossils.