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Coten End Primary School

wb. 9 October 2023

Another very busy week in Year One. On Thursday, as part of our history focus on Old and New Toys, we had a visit from 'The Specialists' who brought along toys children had enjoyed playing with in the past. The day included handling and playing with old-fashioned Playground Toys and a session called Parlour Games in which the children were taught traditional games like Grandmother's Trunk. This game involved a child naming an object from the trunk and then naming an object of their own. The next child repeated the 2 objects from the previous child and added their own and so it continued until all the children had had a go!!  There was also a fun history lesson too. It was a brilliant way to bring history to life.

In Science, we had to classify groups according to eye colour, height, hair colour and gender and produce a pictogram with the data we collected. In Art we continued our work on Van Gogh building our own portraits in his style. Our focus for writing was the book Mixed by Aree Chung. This book explored how the colours learnt to live together harmoniously and in Maths we looked at the part, part, whole method in preparation for work on addition.

Have a restful weekend.

Year One Team


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