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Coten End Primary School

WB 6/11/23

We welcomed the children back after half-term with another busy week in Year 2!

This week, the children have really enjoyed cooking Jollof rice, following on from last half-term's topic of Africa. The children had to learn how to use different cutting skills, such as the claw cut, and discussed how to cook and make the dish. After they had finished cooking, the children got to sample their delicious cooking and evaluated how well they had done.

We also began our new topic of 'Flames and Fireworks', by discussing what we already knew about Guy Fawkes and by comparing what life is like in the modern world compared to when he was alive, during the Jacobean era. 

Our science topic for this half-term is to learn about materials. This week, we discussed the different properties of materials, e.g. rigid and flexible, which can help us to identify what each material is and therefore what each can be used for. The children did a great job at categorising materials by feeling each and using the correct vocabulary to sort them into piles.

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