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Coten End Primary School

WB 29/01/24

Year 2 have been busy learning about animals in science again and focused on the life cycle of a frog this week. The children had to order the different life stages and made a moving frog disc to demonstrate their understanding.

In English, the children created wonderful non-chronological reports all about dragons. They applied lots of the grammar taught so far this year, such as expanded noun phrases and different sentences types, e.g. statements, commands, questions and exclamation sentences. They did a fantastic job and enjoyed themselves in the process!

We have had a big focus on our learning values across school this year, with this half-term's focus being 'determination'. Lots of children showed great determination this week, whilst completing assessments to showcase how much learning they have completed so far this year.

We also looked at the value 'collaboration' during PSHE and had to work together to complete lots of jigsaws placed around the classroom. We chatted about how to collaborate successfully, and the children did a great job of navigating differences of opinion to ensure they were working together successfully.

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