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Coten End Primary School

Week Beginning 9.10.23

This week in year 4 we have been learning how to add and subtract with at least one exchange. We have also been learning about negative numbers up to 100.This is a challenge for children as they have never learned this before.

We have also been planning to write a narrative by writing a short paragraph of a picture of a rainforest. We also have been learning and writing complex and compound sentences.

In geography the children have been going orienteering around the school. They had to find numbers on a map then go to that location and answer questions about the location. The children then had to do an extension to ask their friend to find a location.

In PE the children have been moving on to hockey but we still do tag rugby aswell. They have been practising dribbling and even been going into little games by push passing into the goal. In tag rugby we have been playing cross the golden river with the rugby balls.

We also went to Warwick school hall to watch an orchestra. The children enjoyed it a lot and they hope to go again soon. 


By Theo (4SW)

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