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Coten End Primary School

Week beginning 20.11.23

As part of inter-faith week, Year 4 had a visit from Daniel Dutch, who is the Co-President of Warwick Jewish Society. He shared his life experiences as a Jew and each of the different holidays and festivals that he celebrates. The children were an excellent audience and enjoyed learning about some of the rituals that the Jewish faith has. In computing, we have started creating websites about an area or topic of interest. The children have been using Google Sites to assist them, and have already been able to add text, images and embed a URL into the website. During our English lessons, we have been incredibly impressed by the quality of work that has been produced. The children have written an application letter to Ernest Shackleton to be a part of his Antarctic expedition. After editing their work, they then wrote a letter of acceptance Shackleton to their crew member. 

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