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Coten End Primary School

Week commencing 22.1.24

We are flying through this half term! Year 4 are doing an incredible job with their weekly swimming lessons. The progress in technique and general confidence in the water is growing with every session. In English, children have been building up to write their own myth based on Theseus and the Minotaur. We used the power of AI to interview Theseus to understand how he felt facing the Minotaur, and the children used his answers to develop their vocabulary and use the skill of 'show not tell'. In Science, we have begun an experiment to test the effects of different liquids on teeth. We have placed eggs into orange juice, squash, vinegar, water and coke. The children will make daily observations and see which has the greatest effect. It might put them off drinking some of them in the future! Finally, we have been carrying on with Greek art in preparation of our clay pots. 4CK had the opportunity to use salt dough to make an example pinch pot, using a variety of pottery techniques - the results were outstanding!

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