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Coten End Primary School

Week commencing 4.3.24

We have had a wonderful Book Week in Year  4. As part of Book Week, we were given the challenge of creating a class poem linked to one of our school values (determination). The inspiration for our poems was from the book ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’. The children were able to use rhyming, repetition and a range of figurative language which made the poems wonderful to listen to.

In DT, we continued our work on bridges and investigated which shapes would be the strongest when creating their final design. The children were given strips of paper and split pins and created their shapes. Afterwards, they looked at the effect of applying pressure to each shape to see which one didn’t change - they were then given further paper and pins to try and reinforce their original shapes. The triangle was the clear winner!

We have been incredibly impressed by the progress in the children’s ability in Tri-golf. This week, we used the chippers and gave them the challenge of trying to clear different obstacles by hitting the ball progressively higher - some were so good that they even managed to find the school roof!

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