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Coten End Primary School

Week Beginning: 02.10.2023

Another week of learning has come to a close and our Year 5 bloggers have put pen to paper to share all the incredible things we have been learning!

Exciting English

In English, we have been looking at the use of subordinating and coordinating conjunctions to connect clauses and write different types of sentences. We then used them to explore the raid of Lindisfarne further, using fronted adverbials and other skills taught in other lessons.

Marvellous Mathematics

In Mathematics, we have been learning how to use short division and the written methods of addition and subtraction. We learnt to use different mental strategies for addition and subtraction and help us to perform calculations more efficiently. 

Super Science

This week, in Science, we were looking at the effects that water resistance by dropping a pieces of 'playdough' formed into different shapes into glasses of water. We explored which shapes were able to fall the quickest and how these shapes affected the amount of water resistance it experienced. We discovered the sausage shape was the streamlined and fell the quickest.

Q: What about the shape of a penguin's body helps to make it more streamline and reduce the effect of water resistance?

Fantastic French

In French, we have been learning new words and phrases to describe a Viking (Il est...). Fraser said, "I love learning new languages, it's so much fun!"

Noteworthy Moments

This half-term, we have been joined by Mr. Beavis-Berry from Warwick School every Tuesday morning to learn Music. In these lessons, we have been learning about beats and rhythm, creating our own compositions using simple words and phrases such as coffee (cof-fee), coca-cola (co-ca-co-la). We then learnt the different musical notes to represent the words before practicing and performing these compositions.

Orly and Miki (Year 5)

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