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Coten End Primary School

Week Beginning: 20.11.2023

As another week of learning comes to a close, Eva and Miki reflect on what has been happening across Year 5 this week.

Marvellous Mathematics

This week in Maths, we have been learning about equivalent fractions and identifying which fractions are equal to each other and which are not. After this, we continued to explore how to convert improper fractions (e.g. 11/5 or 5/2) to a mixed number fractions (2 1/2 or 1 2/5). During these lessons, we developed some Steps to Success that would help us to ensure we converted the fractions correctly. 

Steps to Success (Improper Fractions to Mixed Number Fractions): 11/5

1. How many of denominator can go equally into the numerator?

5 goes into 11 twice with one left over.

2. Write as whole number. 


3. If there is a remainder, use the remainder as the numerator of the proper fractions.


4. Keep the same denominator.

2 1/5

Steps to Success (Mixed Number Fractions to Improper Fractions): 3 1/4

1. (whole number x denominator) + numerator 

(3 x 4) + 1 = 13

2. Keep the same denominator.


Engaging English

This week, we finished looked at poetry by creating our own 'blackout' or 'gap' poem where we took a passage of text and circled words or phrases we wanted to include in our poem. We then use coloured pencils and drawings to cover the remaining text to leave behind the uncovered phrases which made our poem.

Pin on The Written Word

This example is for illustrative purposes only and is an example found online and not an outcome of a Year 5 at Coten End.

Scintillating Science

In Science, we discovered the arguments for and against the 'Flat Earth' theory and used these to write a letter to 'Flat Earth Fred' explaining why his belief that the Earth is flat is incorrect. Later in the week, we explored the causes of night and day using evidence (Sun rising in the east and setting in the west) to prove the direction of Earth's rotation. 


In PSHE, we started looking at the difference between people and how people can like different things. We also looked into cultural differences between people and consider how these can be celebrated to help people feel part of our Coten End community. Finally, we took some time to list positive things about ourselves to understand how we - as individuals - are unique and should be celebrated. 

Marvellous MFL

This week, we completed our vocabulary sheets to help describe the planets of the solar system in French, which will be helpful in future weeks when writing planet descriptions. We also discovered the names of each planet in French and added them to our word bank.

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