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Coten End Primary School

The Nativity: A Christmas Story (Part 1)

During the final week before Christmas, Year 5 have been challenged with retelling the story of the Nativity as an extended narrative. What follows in this post (and the next) is a retelling from some of the children in Year 5AJ. We hope you enjoy!

NOTE: The text below has been taken directly from the child's books and has been edited with them to ensure accuracy.

Malaika R

In a town in the middle east, lay a small, mudbrick cottage. This was the home of two people: one called Mary and one called Joseph.

One day in Nazareth, which was were Mary and Joseph lived, an angel appeared. This mysterious, magical figure spoke to Mary and explained, "You will have a baby and must call it Jesus." Hours later, the same angel appeared in front of Joseph and exclaimed, "Don't worry, you will have a child that will save people from their sins." All of Joseph's worries about the child went away and he felt much calmer.

The couple heard a conversation about a census and that they needed to head to Bethlehem - their home town. Joseph was sweating and Mary put her head into her hands. Mary was pregnant and Bethlehem was a large travel from Nazareth. 

Did Mary Really Ride on a Donkey into Bethlehem?

They packed bags for Bethlehem and set off. They ventured through the grasslands and trees overcoming everything to try and reach Bethlehem. By this point, Mary was heavily pregnant, so she rode on the back of a donkey. The journey was rough, but they were determined to get there so they kept moving.

Elliot T

Mary and Joseph restarted their long journey ahead to Bethlehem. After more days of travelling through the deserted, barren desert, Mary and Joseph could see the town of Bethlehem in the distance. Ahead of them, a long twisting path of people and donkeys.

Nativity Bethlehem backdrop -

"Not long now, my dear," explained Joseph calmly, as he tightened the bags on the donkey. 

Eventually, they arrived in Bethlehem (a large town crowded with people) they breathed a sigh of relief. Mary stopped for a moment, as a pain erupted from her insides. If only they had known about the census, if only God hadn't chosen her, if only they had set out earlier, then this stress wouldn't have happened. 

Mary and Joseph started looking for a place to stay. As day became night, they were starting to lose hope, so they decided to ask one more person. 

Joseph And Mary In The Stable

Joseph asked the final innkeeper, "Please sir, my wife is very pregnant and we have nowhere to stay. Do you have any space in your inn?"

The innkeeper sighed, "Sorry, I don't."

Mary and Joseph walked away disappointed, but as son as they had taken a few steps, the innkeeper spoke, "Oh! I am sorry. We don't have any space in my inn, but I do have an empty pen. I have some animals in it, but I can move them to one side for you."

He lead them into the straw stable. Mary, who was heavily pregnant and exhausted, fell to the floor of the barn. Within minutes, the baby Jesus was crying and being placed into a manger, with both Mary and Joseph watching on crying happy tears. 

Find out what happens next in 'The Nativity: A Christmas Story (Part 2)' which is coming soon!




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