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Coten End Primary School

Week Beginning: 29.01.2024

This week, bloggers - Orly and Miki - walk us through what has been going on in the world of Year 5. Enjoy!


Young Voices 2022 - Resorts World Arena - Birmingham - 20th May - YouTube

Last Friday, the Young Voices Choir from Coten End attended the annual 'Young Voices' concert at the Resorts World Arena, Birmingham. The concluding event of our weekly Young Voices Choir practices (every Friday morning), the event was an opportunity for us to come together with other schools in one voice. With just under 6,000 children at the performance, the event was an unique and special occasion that will remain with us forever! Thank you to all of the staff who came with us and for the parents and carers who travelled to sing with us.

Exciting English

What is an apostrophe? | TheSchoolRun

This week, we have been learning about common contractions and the use of apostrophes for omission (missing letters). We learnt about how the use of apostrophes for omission could help to make our writing more informal and practised this skill when writing a 'howler' to Harry Potter.

These 'howlers' were to scold him for his behaviour and problems he'd been causing for the Dursleys.

Marvellous Mathematics

In Mathematics, we learnt the formal methods for short division and learning the process to accurately divide larger numbers. We also spent this week completing our NFER Assessments, which will help our teachers to plan ahead for future lessons.

Scintillating Science

Within Science, we continued learning about different material proprieties and went on to explore soluble and insoluble materials. We discovered that soluble materials are ones that are able to dissolve in liquids where as insoluble materials cannot dissolve in liquids. We experimented by mixing a variety of materials (including salt, sugar and flour) into warm water. 

Delightful Design Technology

In this unit, we have been looking at creating prop banners for use within the Harry Potter films. This week, we explored computer-aided design (CAD) and used the Chromebooks to create our final designs. This helped us to refine our designs further and prepare us for sewing next week!

This example was made by Eva (5AJ).

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