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Coten End Primary School

Week Beginning 2nd October

This week in Year 6 we have been looking at the book Diver's Daughter by Patrice Lawrence. This tells the tale of a dark-skinned girl living in Tudor London who is asked to join her mother in searching for sunken treasure. 

As October is black history month, this book is giving us an opportunity to look at some lesser known aspects of Tudor history. We have looked at the diver Jacques Francis who was employed by Henry VIII to help salvage lost weaponry from the Mary Rose. As he came from West Africa, he was experienced in freediving for food. 

In Maths, we've looked at prime, square and cube numbers before we start looking at more complex multiplication questions. 

In DT we have been examining joining techniques so we can create secure structures. This will help us when we design our Tudor houses later on in the term. 

Also this week, 6JL went to Mary Arden's Farm which is just outside Stratford-upon-Avon - Shakespeare's birthplace. Mary Arden was a Tudor and lived their during the reign of Elizabeth I. We completed various activities that would be completed on a Tudor farm such as: wattle and daub, working with sugar paste, creating lavender bags and producing a wall hanging for our classroom. 6MC and 6WH will visit the farm next week. 

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