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Coten End Primary School

WW2 Cooking Day

Recounts Of WW2 Cooking

WW2 Cooking Project🪖🍽


On the 9th of February 2024, we decided to start our cooking project. The aim was to make a two-course meal consisting of ingredients only available during rationing time and to use only vegan and vegetarian foods. To get the recipes, we had to research food on a 1940s website - with over 200 wartime meals. Each group would only have 30 minutes to cook/bake and then 15 minutes to clean up the mess and put everything away. The catch was we had to bring in all our ingredients ourselves like they did in World War 2. If we did not have some ingredients, the thoughtful teachers, who helped us in the kitchen, brought in a few. 


200+ Wartime Recipes - The 1940's Experiment


My group - Fraser, Alfie, Ateeb & Cameron - decided to make a pie with chips and thyme, for the main course, and a chocolate cake for our dessert. To begin, we split into two groups; one working on the pie, which took longer, and one working on the chips and cake. My group was the chips and cake one, where we started with the cake.


We had to mix all the wet ingredients and the dry ingredients in two separate bowls. Then we had to mix them together, whilst slowly adding a quarter pint of water. Afterwards, we spread it out evenly in a cake tin and put it into the oven for just over half an hour at 160-180 degrees celsius. The chips were really easy compared to the cake. You had to slice potatoes and fry them in oil with thyme, salt and pepper until golden and crispy.


Meanwhile, the pie was made, so you had to cut pre-boiled vegetables and place them in a pie tin. Next, make some dough with the ingredients needed and place it on top of the vegetables. Then cook for about an hour, then enjoy.


Our group - and another group of girls -  went first out of the other groups who prepared their meals, to cook, in the classroom. We didn't have time to prepare as we were already in the kitchen. 


I think all the groups did very well and collaborated amazingly. We all got to try each other's food near the end of the day and the chips were amazing, same with the pie but the cake was a little dry as we did not have any icing to go with it. Overall, I think it was great fun, plus it was a non-school uniform day on Friday, which seemed to lighten the mood. It is a great DT activity and I think the Year 5s will love doing it next year.

By Ashley, 6MC   


On the 9th of February, we completed a WW2 cooking project, by using rationed food and WW2 resources. We also did this by using an accurate WW2 website, called the 1940s experiment, while finding recipes.


Our cooking started at 9:00am and ended at 11:50am. We all had 30 minutes to cook our meal-dessert and main dish-there were 6 groups that had to cook, so all groups (except the first group) prepared in the classroom; peeling potatoes, cutting and adding our dry ingredients for our cake. There were 2 groups at a time in the kitchen. It was not a massive struggle, but was stressful sharing some utensils, bowls, pots and pans.


After the first group was finished, we headed to the kitchen. Firstly, we washed our hands and set up our resources. Next, we figured out who was cooking what and decided I and Elisa were going to start the cake whilst Marnie and Emily N prepped the chips. Elisa and I were looking at the recipe and carefully adding the right  amounts. However, we discovered we needed to add more as the batter was not mixing. Then, we added our sugar and milk, which we also  learnt was not enough to make the batter soft enough to mix. This taught us the reality of rationing, having to make do with what you have.

We then carried on. Our batter was soft and ready for mixing. Miss Higgins helped us mix, as it was very tiring. Mrs Kopaila helped us pour the cake batter into the case. At this time, our chips were cooking. We then started our potato pancake, which included making mashed potatoes. I made the mashed potatoes. I also added white pepper to replace the milk It tasted very nice. I and Mrs Kopaila made the pancakes in the pan by frying them and making them circular. We then put them on a plate and took them to the classroom. They were really nice. The cake was then finished, and we successfully put the icing we had prepared at home, on the cake and on the plate. Our chips were finished and we ate. 


We all left the kitchen and went to the classroom and ate. We have all said we really enjoyed our experience and the food was delightful and tasty! 


By Maisie, 6MC

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