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Weekly homework 19.3.2020 (to be handed in 23.3.2020)

Weekly homework 12.3.2020 (to be handed in 16.3.2020)

Weekly homework 5.3.2020 (to be handed in 9.3.2020)

Weekly homework 27.2.2020 (to be handed in 2.3.2020)

Spring 2 Half term project

Weekly homework 6.2.2020 (to be handed in 10.2.2020)

Weekly homework 30.1.2020 (to be handed in 3.2.2020)

Weekly homework 23.1.2020 (to be handed in 27.1.2020)

Weekly homework 16.1.2020 (to be handed in 20.1.2020)

Weekly homework 9.1.2020 (to be handed in 13.1.2020)

Spring 1 Half term project

Year 1 weekly homework 12.12.19 (to be handed in 16.12.19)

Year 1 weekly homework 4.12.19 (to be handed in 9.12.19)

Year 1 weekly homework 28.11.19 (to be handed in 2.12.19)

Year 1 weekly homework 21.11.19 (to be handed in 25.11.19)

Just a reminder...


At this point forwards in Year 1, homework will be set on a weekly basis. This will usually be a short task of either an English focus or a Maths focus. In addition to the weekly task, the children have a Topic Homework sheet stuck in their books. Only one of these projects needs to be completed and the Year 1 teachers will indicate when these should be brought in to share in the classrooms.


Weekly homework should be completed in Homework books, unless otherwise stated, but the topic project can be presented however you wish. Please don't hesitate to speak to one of us if you have any questions about the homework. We endeavour to make it manageable in a short amount of time but also appreciate that sometimes, unexpected things in family life do crop up.


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Whitehall

Year 1 weekly homework 14.11.19 (to be handed in 18.11.19)

Year 1 weekly homework 7.11.19 (to be handed in 11.11.19)

Autumn 2 Half term project



If your child does not hand in their spelling book to have new spellings put in, then the new spelling list will come home on a slip of paper for you to stick in at home. If, for some reason, this list goes missing or a mistake is made (we are all human after all!) please don't worry as weekly spelling lists are always put on the website in the Year 1 spelling section, for you to note down.


After the October half term holiday, homework tasks will be set weekly on Thursdays to be handed in the following Monday. There will also be a half termly activity sheet with a variety of activities on. Children should complete one of these pieces during the half term of that Learning Theme, to be brought in and shared with their teachers and peers towards the end of the half term. 


Thank you for your continued support and hard work at home.




Please encourage children to take responsibility for putting their own homework book into the box in their classroom on Monday morning. We do not have time in our curriculum to go through everyone's book bags to check for homework books. They also need their spelling book in school on Tuesday for their test and so new spellings can be put in.

Thank you for your continued support in helping our Year 1 children become independent learners.

Homework for Autumn 1 half term (one activity per week)