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Year 2 Homework set 19.3.20

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Half Term WB 17.02.20

There will be no homework (or spellings) sent home for during half term.

However, our class reader for next half term (linked to our new Learning Theme) will be How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. If children would like to begin reading the book (or enjoy together with an adult) with their own copy or a loaned copy from the library, this would be wonderful. 
After half term children will also be tested again on the Year 2 Common Exception Words so if you would like to spend some time revising these, then that too, may be beneficial. We will be sending home a copy of these words with your child at the end of the week.


We hope the children (and families) have a well deserved rest and we will see you again on Monday 24th February :-) 

During Spring Term, homework will have a 'reading' focus. Therefore each week, there will be a reading activity for the children to complete, along with a maths or a writing activity (alternate weeks).

Many thanks

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*** Christmas Performance Auditions ***

Year 2 will be taking part in a Christmas Performance and we will be organising the children's parts next week. We have asked the children to give their preference for whether they would like a speaking, non-speaking or solo singing part in the performance and will be doing some short auditions early next week to make sure we give everyone a part they are confident with. 


If children would like a speaking part, they need to learn (without reading the words, if possible) the line below:


HEROD: We need to find out exactly where this new King is. When those silly Eastern fools come back this way to tell me, then we’ll see who’s in charge!


If children would like to be considered for a solo singing part, they need to learn the first verse of the song 'I'm the King'. Audio track to practise and PDF of song lyrics can be found under the 'Christmas Performance' tab at the top of the year 2 blog page.


(Please see below for this week's homework!)



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