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set wb. 10.12.20

set 26.11.20 (due 30.11.20)

set 19.11.20 (due 23.11.20)

set 12.11.20 (16.11.20)



A few parents have enquired about the techniques that we use whilst teaching maths and reading in Year 2. If you would like to look at the attached document, it will guide you through the different strategies that we use to tackle each of the operations and questions that you can ask to support your child's reading. This will ensure that your child's learning at home is consistent with that at school. Many thanks, Year 2 Team.

Half Term


There will be no Mathletics or phonics homework set over half term so you can have a well-deserved rest! 


Please check the spelling overview for 'Week 7' as these spellings will be tested the first week back after the holidays and continue to read for at least 10 minutes every day.

Homework set 15.10.20 (apologies for the delay in this being uploaded!)

Homework set 8.10.20

Homework set 1.10.20

Homework set 24.9.20

Homework set 17.9.20

Homework set 10.9.20

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