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Guidance for Homework:

Mathletics (on-line): 3 tasks that should take approximately 30 minutes

Read Theory (on-line): This should be for approximately 20 minutes. This is a reading comprehension website that the children MUST complete unaided. If adults help it will skew the difficulty of text presented to the children.

Spelling Shed (on-line): The children will have the opportunity to practise the spellings that they will be tested on in the following week.

English activity: This will be completed by accessing Google Classroom. Instructions for how to access Google classroom can be found on the year group blog. The children have logged into their new Google Classroom in school and have a record of their passwords for SpellingShed, ReadTheory and Mathletics.


Please speak to your child’s class teacher if there are any issues.

Year 5/6 Spelling List

Below are the Year 5/6 spelling word list from the National Curriculum. We are not expecting you to know all of them yet but it will give you a good idea of the types of words we are expecting you to be able to spell by the end of Year 6.  It would be a great idea to put these up somewhere at home for you to look at. Maybe you could use them in a sentence during dinner or run a spelling bee to test the people you live with. Surround yourself with these words and make spelling fun.