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Welcome to Year 1 Homework.


Due to us not being able to send homework books home just yet, each week we will endeavour to put a short homework task on the website. This will be Maths and English based.


There is no need to email in photographs of homework. 




We have been working on finding '1 more' than a group of objects this week. 

Please make groups of objects and record the number just like last week and then make the group have '1 more'. Write down the new number of objects and ask your child what they notice. They may say that the number has gone up one, added 1 or that it's the next number, all of which are responses we would be happy with!



Write out the sentences below adding a full stop and a capital letter in the correct place.


my dog has black spots


i have a yellow car




This week, we have been looking at accurate counting in Maths and number formation.

Please support your child in making groups of objects from 1 to 10 and then labelling the groups with the correct digit. e.g. Make a group of 6 spoons and write underneath the number 6.



We have looked at the digraphs 'sh' and 'ch' this week. Practise the two sounds out loud with your child and find some objects around the house that start with these sounds.