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We know that many of you have been busy completing the work and suggested activities that we have provided you in your packs! We are also trying to upload daily stories or fun activities to do at home. We have now set up a way that you can contact school and let us know what you have been learning about. Starting on Monday 30th March, you will be able to write to us each week, if you wanted to, by emailing the address below -


We look forward to hearing from you!


Miss Carter


Parents and Carers


Please note  -


This service is only set up for a place to share work with your class teacher. Any questions or problems must still be sent via the school office.


Each child can send one email per week (Monday to Friday) and the teacher will aim to respond within a week of the email being sent. Please put your class name as the subject e.g. 1MC


This is completely optional - please do not feel that you have to email your class teacher. It can also be used as and when you want to send work.