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Motor Skills

WB 18.5.20


Hi children, this week for your motor skills activity, can you make something by folding paper? You could cut strips of paper and fold them in different ways to create a collage, make a fan using concertina folding or even try making a paper aeroplane.


Here are a couple of videos to give you some ideas. - making a concertina snake - making a fortune teller (you may need a grown up to help you with this one)


Check out some of the other ideas from previous weeks if you haven’t already too. It’s really important to keep practising your fine motor skills such as cutting, folding and sticking 🙂

WB 11.5.20 How to make a collage picture.

WB 04.5.20 Threading Activity

Mrs Cunningham has also had some good threading ideas. She's used shoe laces and colanders from her kitchen cupboards! 

WB 27.4.20: Open this document for some ideas for this week's Motor Skills activity

WB 20.4.20


For your motor skills activity this week, can you have a go at designing your own patterns for a butterfly? Then you can cut it out to practise your scissor skills. You can use the symmetry powerpoint in the Maths section to give you some ideas!

There is an image here which your grown up could print off, or maybe you or your grown up could draw your own butterfly instead, it really doesn't matter.

We look forward to seeing your butterflies!

WB 30.3.20


Have a go at weaving some paper. You can use coloured paper or plain. With your grown up, you can cut a template and then some strips of paper. Practise weaving the paper, under and over, to create a pattern.

We would love to see your weaving!

WB 23.3.20


Show your grown-ups how good you are at drawing along a dotted line. You could ask them to draw you a dotted line to follow, just like the ones shown in the image below. 

Remember to hold your pencil correctly and take your time.