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Coronavirus (Covid-19) update


Please find attached the latest information and advice regarding the Coronavirus.



  • New guidance has been published regarding meeting others outside and new "social bubbles" guidelines for single adult households
  • New guidance has been published about safe use of places of workship (individual prayer now allowed as of 13th June 2020)
  • New evidence regarding health inequalities and COVID-19 has been published. 
  • A new study has been launched to monitor the prevalence of COVID-19 in schools. 
  • New guidance has been published for teachers regarding teaching about mental wellbeing
  • Some national level NHS Test and Trace experimental statistics have been published, alongside some lower tier LA level mortality statitistics (overall mortality, not reflective of current position)
  • New resources have been added to the national campaign resource centre re Test and Trace for BAME communities, as well as resources regarding face coverings and littering. 



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Our children have been busy making beautiful rainbows to show support for our community and help keep people smiling.

We hope you enjoy seeing some of their pictures here:




Sarah Sheepy