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Coten End Primary School

School Council

Welcome to the Coten End School Council

School council is a small committee for children Year 1 to Year 6 (Year 6 Executive Committee) where we share ideas and issues that we hope will benefit the school. Two children from each class are voluntarily selected each year to: report, discuss explain and feedback in meetings (held every three weeks) and in class council.

Our meetings are run by the Executive Committee with a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Officer, Liaison Officer and Sports Ambassadors. The Chair runs the meeting with assistance of the Vice Chair; the Secretary organises whilst the Treasurer accounts for money.

For 2022-23 our Executive Committee are:

Chairperson - Mia

Vice-Chairperson - Archie

Secretary - Ewen

Treasurer - Fraser

Communication Officer - Carrie

Liaison Officer - Min

Sports Ambassadors - Jessica, Joshua, Beatrice, Amelia