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Physical Education

Curriculum Lead: Chris Kirby



Physical education at Coten End provides opportunities for all pupils to become physically active in a way that supports their health and fitness. Children will be given the opportunity to be active on a daily basis and will learn the importance of exercise as a lifestyle. It gives chances for children to be creative, cooperative and competitive and to face up to diverse challenges both as individuals and in groups. Many activities taught in PE improve teamwork and leadership skills, whereby children can develop essential concepts of fair play, honest competition and good sportsmanship. We aim to provide children with a broad range of physical activities, with a progression of skills that builds on past understandings and combines new practices. We strive to deliver engaging and inclusive lessons so that children of all capabilities can appreciate and enjoy PE for sustained periods of time. We enable all children to swim competently and learn about water safety as an essential life-saving skill. Physical education can also reduce anxiety, stress and tension and results in improved attention in the classroom, fundamentally supporting children’s mental well-being.



  • A cycle of lessons for each subject, which carefully plans for progression and depth in the different subject areas.  A wide range of sports and activities are delivered from Reception to Year 6 enabling pupils to develop their knowledge and skills in physical education in a variety of different areas.
  • A specialised sports coach supports and delivers some of our physical education lessons across KS1 and KS2.  This ensures pupils are receiving high quality Physical Education in sport specific areas and also teachers are receiving CPD whilst the sessions are being delivered. 
  • Alongside our curriculum provision for P.E we also provide all pupils with the opportunity to participate in at least 3 different sports clubs weekly.  These clubs may be provided by our resident sports coach, class teacher or external coach. Pupils are consulted termly about which sports club they would like to be offered.  
  • Pupils are encouraged to take part in competitive sport.  Upon joining the school each pupil is allocated a ‘House’.  Each term the pupils compete in a variety of different sports and can earn house points for their house.  At the end of the school year pupils also compete in a fun/ competitive school games event.  Sport Ambassadors are recruited from the Year 6 pupils each year. 
  • Coten End also encourages pupils to apply their skills and knowledge in sports against other schools.  Pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 take part in team games against other schools.  Sports that we compete in during the academic year are football, netball, athletics, cricket, dodgeball, gymnastics, archery and multi-skills and rounders.
  • All children from the age of year 3 are encouraged to take part in weekly swimming lessons for half of the academic year. Pupils will be able to swim at least 25 metres before the end of Year 6 and will know how to remain safe in and around water.
  • Year 6 are provided with ‘Bikeability’ session which aims to develop mastery in cycle handling in an off-road environment and prepare riders for cycling on the road.



  • Our PE Curriculum is high quality, well thought out and is planned to demonstrate progression.
  • We focus on progression of knowledge and skills in the different physical activity areas and like other subjects discreet vocabulary progression also form part of the units of work.
  • If children are keeping up with the curriculum, they are deemed to be making good or better progress. In addition, we measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:

- A reflection on standards achieved against the planned outcomes.

       - Pupil discussions about their learning.

       - Video/Photo analysis through recordings of performance in lessons.

       -The annual tracking of standards across the curriculum.

  • The impact of our P.E curriculum is also measured in the uptake of our afterschool clubs and participation in inter school sports competitions.  Each year we aim for 50% of pupils to have attended a sports club or competed against another school in a sport.  Participation levels are tracked by our specialised sports coach.
  • External measures are also used to measure the impact of out P.E curriculum.  Each year we apply for the School Games Award.  This recognises high quality provision in school with either a bronze, silver or gold award.  We have achieved the Silver Award for our high-quality physical education and school sport.


PE Scheme of Learning

Here is our long term plan for  Reception to Year 6, offering a range of different PE areas in the different terms. We ensure there is a progression of skills from year to year and that children have every best opportunity to achieve the outlines set in the national curriculum for PE. Ks2 children take part in weekly swimming sessions at St. Nick's leisure centre for 3 consecutive half terms over the year. 

Coten End's School Games Mark

We are extremely proud of our pupils for their dedication to all aspects of physical activity and school sport, including those young volunteers, leaders and officials who made our events possible.  We are committed to using the School Games to try and engage those young people who haven’t previously been active or represented our school and to try and ensure that all our students have a positive experience and want to try out new activities beyond school too in our community.  We believe in the power of physical activity and school sport as a school and give opportunities to those young people that need it most either as a participant, leader, official or volunteer.


As part of our application, we were asked to fulfil criteria in the areas linked to the five School Games outcomes and we are pleased that the hard work of everyone at our school has been rewarded this year.






On 19th January 2023 we set off to North Solihull Sports Centre to compete in the CWSSP Dodgeball County Finals. We were one of two teams representing Central Warwickshire after we won the Central Warwick competition earlier in the year. We had to score each other using the three values: teamwork, honesty and respect by 1,3, or 5! Confusing, I know! After each game we would rate our opponents out of a maximum score of 15. Game after game, we all saw some good throws and catches and the whole team had to admit that we were up against some very good competition. However, we were desperate to win 1 st place. Suddenly, a big air horn went off, we knew the final result was pending. After 3rd and 2nd were announced, it was time for the champions to be crowned “The winners are from Central Warwickshire………...” We and another school were representing Central Warwickshire. We were excited at the thought of us possibly winning. Then they called out, ‘Coten End!’  The team exploded into extreme happiness and joy. Our brains exploded. We stood up ready to receive our medals. We were all so excited. We beat 15 teams from all over Solihull, Coventry and Warwickshire. Champions.


Written by Prem (Y5) and Anaya (Y5)


NB Prem was also awarded ‘Player of the Tournament’!



Year 1 Dance - 12.1.23


The Year 1s have been exploring Australia and Wombat Stew story through creative dance. They explored the geography of Australia making the shape of Ayers Rock and insects in the rainforest. Today, they explored how Dingoes move, how a Billy (cauldron) is round with their bodies and what wombat stew would taste like and how it would make their bodies move. 

Dodgeball - 9.11.22



On 9th November, Coten End entered a 'Spirit of the Games' dodgeball competition. At the end of each match, each team rated their opponent out of 5 for their respect, teamwork and honesty, resulting in a maximum of 15 points scored per game. After their 7 matches, the Coten End team won the competition with a tally of 87 points. This result means that they will represent Central Warwick in the county finals. Congratulations all of you!

Football - 18.10.22



On Friday 18th, the Y5 and Y6 girls football team played an exciting match against Budbrooke Primary School. Both teams were great and gave us a challenge, although in the end Coten End won 5-0. The girls who scored were Amelia (6WW) ,Lucy (6JL) and Molly (6AJ). Amelia scored 3 ,Lucy scored 1 and Molly scored 1. Hope we get another victory next game. By Amelia and Molly (6AJ)

Rowing - 12/10/2022


The Coten End Year 6 Rowing team entered a competition that was held at Campion School. The competition consisted of 6 teams, with each child having to row for 90 seconds to see how far they could go. Each Coten End boy won their individual races, with each travelling over 380 metres! The winning team were Joshua, Callum, James and Barny


The winning team!


Multi-sports Festival 2021


This term Coten End took part in a multi-sports festival at Campion School on the 30th of November. Eight Coten End children were selected to take part in the festival containing five children from year 6 and three children from year 5. We have been invited back to this festival for both the spring and summer term where we will continue to participate in a variety of different sports.


Ellie and Finley playing Curling and working together to beat the red team.


The sports we played......

We took part in four different activities which were led by two Campion school students.

Those activities were:

Curling – The aim of Curling is to get the closeststone to the middle on a target mat. However, there are two teams competing against each other which made it difficult.

Boccia – In Boccia you throw a white ball and the two teams (red and blue) have to get the closest to the white ball.

Cup Stacking – In Cup Stacking you need to stack cups in a certain pattern and take the cups down in the shortest amount of time, without making any mistakes.

Relay Race – We were competing against each other in a race that had a variety of obstacles that we needed to navigate.


Justin (left) and Finley (centre) practicing for their cup stacking race. 

Rayyan, Olivia, Jamie-Leigh and Ollie (left to right) focusing on their next boccia throw.


Written by Ellie

Dodgeball Tournament


We went to the Newbold Comyn Leisure centre in Leamington to play a Dodgeball Tournament on Monday 29th November. Anna, Ali, Jaida (5CB), Will, Mia, Oma (5SS), Yesh and Josh (5WR), were the Coten End students that competed. We had to play each and every school in the competition. That made a total of 5 matches altogether.


Scoring and Results

Unlike traditional dodgeball, you do not win the game by simply hitting everyone on the other team, you score points by your team's amount of respect, teamwork and honesty. All of the students would mark the opposing team based on those three categories, with five points available for each category. It was really hard to judge the other schools as they all excelled in those three categories.


In the lunch break we got to play some extra matches if we wanted to. For that the WHOLE of our group was allowed to play. We enjoyed these because they were very fun and we had more opportunities to meet children from other schools.


We came 2nd place in the tournament with 58 points from a possible 75. Narrowly missing out by 3 points to 1st place, Shrubland Street with 61 points.



(Back, left to right) Ali, Yesh, Josh, Anna.


(Front, left to right) William, Mia, Jaida, Oma.


Celebrating their 2nd place in the tournament.


Personal Highlight

Anna - My favourite part was playing the matches. They were so fun and interactive. Some of the schools were really challenging! But I still enjoyed it anyway. I really enjoyed playing side by side with my teammates.

Ali - My favourite part was catching the balls. It was very fun. St.Margaret’s was the most challenging school we had to face. In our Lunch break we got to play extra matches for some time.

Jaida - My favourite part was dodging all the balls thrown by the other team. I also enjoyed playing the extra matches at lunch.

Will - My best part was how others were being kind. They were also very honest and playing by the rules.

Mia - The thing I enjoyed the most was how very supportive and honest everyone was. Everyone was using teamwork and respect.

Oma - My favourite part was throwing the balls. I also liked dodging the balls.

Josh – I enjoyed the respect and fair play between all of the teams.

Yesh – I enjoyed getting the other players out by hitting them.

Written by Ali and Anna

Ball Skills Competition


Year 5 participated in a ball skills competition that took place at Kingsley Playing Fields on the 25th of November. Eight Year five children were selected to compete for Coten End Primary School. To enter the final, we had to complete five different ball related activities in which we were timed as a group. Fortunately, our time was quick enough for us to proceed to the final, which was very exciting!


We completed 5 ball skills activities which were:

1. Zig zag passing (21 times)

2. Dribble and then pass (until everyone has gone twice)

3. Bounce pass (10 times)

4. Passing relay in a semicircle

5. Shooting (until we scored 8 times)

Martha, completing the dribble and pass activity.


Personal Highlight

Martha = My favourite activity was shooting.

Athena = My favourite activity was the passing relay in a semicircle.

Amelia = My personal highlight was the shooting.

Maia = My personal highlight was working as a team and winning.

Ella = My personal highlight was the passing relay in the semicircle.

Theo.G = My personal highlight was doing the competition with my friends.

Josh = My favourite thing was taking part and winning a medal.

Rory = My favourite thing was working as a team and getting most improved.



Theo, preparing to shoot into a netball hoop


Coten End won a medal for the most improved team as our first time was 14 minutes 37 seconds and our second attempt, we did in 9 minutes 17 seconds. We also came second overall. The school that got first place was Clapham Terrace with an impressive time of 6 minutes 38 seconds. Congratulations to Clapham Terrace.


Written by Athena and Rory.

Rowing Competition 2021

This year's Rowing competition took place at Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre on the 24th November. Eight Year six children were selected to compete for Coten End Primary School. Every child competed in a single race and a relay race with their team.


We had 90 seconds each on the rowing machine for the singles race. Also, we had four girls and four boys compete in our own relay race in which we each had 60 seconds rowing and then we rotated. We could see how far we and our competitors had travelled on a projected screen.


Boys and girls both came first on the relay races working as a team.


The boys that were selected for our school came 4th out of 18 schools with 1,973 points, just 28 points behind 3rd place Cubbington (with an amazing relay race!) The girls are currently 2nd out of 18 schools with 2036 points, only 44 points behind 1st place (Telford School) with one more day of competitions to go. Elliza  finished with the best overall score out of any boy or girl that competed that day. If girls can hang on to 2nd place, they will advance to the county finals.



Our personal highlights

Jessica  - My personal highlight was the relay race because we came first and we were working as a team.

Elliza  - My personal highlight was once I had finished my singles race.

Marilia - My personal highlight was when I heard the final results.

Nancy - My personal highlight was when I heard my teammates cheering me on.

Howie  – I enjoyed winning the relay with my friends the most.

Harley – I enjoyed being at the event with my friends.

Joel – My favourite moment was hearing  my teammates cheer as we were winning the relay.

Toby – I enjoyed the relay race the most.


Official Results                                                         


Singles Race

Elliza  - 1st place            Harley  – 2nd place

Jessica - 2nd place            Joel – 2nd place

Nancy - 2nd place              Howie – 2nd place           

Marilia - 2nd place            Toby – 2nd place


Relay Race

Boys – 1st place

Girls – 1st place                                                                                                  


Written by – Jessica, Nancy, Marilia and Elliza.      


Year 5/6 Athletics Tournament


On 7th November, thirty Year 5 & 6 pupils headed to Myton School to compete in an indoor athletics tournament. For many, this was their first competitive experience in a sporting setting. Coten End competed against pupils from All Saints, Bishops Tachbrook, Budbrooke, Telford, Newburgh, Ferncumbe and Woodloes, with the top two progressing through to the county finals.


With little practice and experience the children excelled in at both the field and track events, with particular highlights in the 6 lap parluuf relay race and the vertical jump. Impressively, Coten End finished 2nd with 312 points, narrowly behind Telford, with both schools thrilled to be in the county finals.


With more experience and a taste of competitive sport, Coten End headed to Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre and were eager to go one better and win the county finals. Strong displays in all activities especially the 4x1 lap relay and speed bounce resulted in Coten End amassing a fantastic total of 331 points. However, this total was not quite high enough to win, finishing 3rd, with the impressive Telford progressing through to represent Central Warwickshire in the Midlands finals.


The Coten End pupils conducted themselves perfectly, congratulating Telford for winning and were a credit to themselves and Coten End. They can be extremely proud of their performance, competing so strongly with very little practice.

School Games SMILES principles

Year 5 'Spirit of the Games' Dodgeball tournament


On 27th January 2020, nine year 5 Coten End pupils competed in a Spirit of the Games Dodgeball Tournament at Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre.  


In a traditional dodgeball tournament, scoring would be based upon the first team to eliminate the other players. However, in this tournament scoring took place following the ‘Spirit of the Games’ values; teamwork, honesty and respect. Following each match, the pupils privately scored the opposing team out of ten for each of the ‘Spirit of the Games’ values.  


In addition to the pupils showcasing their dodgeball talent, Coten End also amassed a hugely impressive total of 164 points finishing joint 2nd out of 8 schools. Only five points behind the winners, St Patricks 


With one of the scoring values being respect Coten End illustrated why they placed 2nd, by going over to the St Patricks students and congratulating them on winning the competition.  



Year 2 Gymnastics Competition 


On 4th March 2020, ten year 2 Coten End pupils ventured to Leamington and Warwick Gymnastics Club to participate in a Gymnastics competition.


For the competition the pupils were scored on two different routines. Firstly, the pupils performed a routine on a piece of apparatus similar to a beam where they showcased their balance as well as leaps. Next they performed a technical floor routine consisting of complex rolls, turns and balances. Despite having very little time to learn and practice these difficult routines, each pupil was faultless, with Coten End amassing 534 points out of 600.


After the routines, the pupils had the opportunity to practice on different gymnastics apparatus led by the Leamington and Warwick Gymnastics Clubs coaches. The pupils practiced on the low bars, vault and bounce track. However, each pupil enjoyed jumping in to the foam pit the most.


To end the event all of the schools gathered together to watch professional gymnasts perform a floor routine which led to faces of amazement on the Coten End pupils. All of whom were inspired to emulate their talent.