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Week Commencing 30.11.20

This week we have been bubble painting! The children have absolutely loved it and enjoyed watching the paint bubbles grow bigger and bigger. In phonics we have learnt sounds 'sh', 'ch', 'th' and 'ng'. The children have been working hard with their nativity rehearsals and we can't wait to be able to share this with you! Please remember to bring in the children's costumes on Monday 7th December. The children have also started to make their Christmas cards this week. 


Week Commencing 23.11.20

This week we have learnt about Kandinsky and his style of art. Each class has produced a piece of group artwork in his style and displayed it in the classroom. The children have painted, used paper to collage and scrunched up tissue paper to create different effects. In phonics we have learnt the sounds 'y', 'z', 'zz' and 'qu'. This week in Maths we have been ordering object by length and height and explaining our reasoning. We did our first dough disco today and everyone loved it! This is a great way for children to develop hand and finger muscles. Nativity rehearsals are in full swing so please keep learning lines and song lyrics at home!


Week Commencing 16.11.20

We began the week by learning about Diwali and the children have spent all week creating their own Rangoli patterns using a variety of resources. They have used pasta shapes, chalk, beads, pom poms and crayons. We then read 'Giraffe's Can't Dance' and they have all made a paper plate giraffe. Each day they had to follow a different set of instruction to have the complete giraffe at the end of the week. In small groups we have been labelling animals from the story. The children listened for the sounds they could hear in the words and represented them on their work. In Maths we have learnt about number 7 and how it is made up. The children have also been doing some problem solving with working out how to share objects fairly with others. In phonics we have learnt the sounds 'j', 'v', 'w' and 'x'. 


Week Commencing 09.11.20

This week the children have learnt about Remembrance Day and made poppies in a variety of different ways. They have painted them using sponges, made them with split pins and draw them with crayons. We observed the 2 minute silence on Wednesday and enjoyed hearing Warwick Castle fire the canon. We have continued our shape theme in Maths and practised naming 2D shapes and talking about their properties. In phonics we have learnt sounds 'l', 'll' and 'ss'. We have also completed phase 2 phonics assessments, please check your child's reading records for anything they need to practise at home. The week ended with us raising money for Children In Need. The children were extremely excited to come to school in their own clothes and fancy dress, everyone looked brilliant! 


Week Commencing 02.11.20

We have had a fantastic and busy first week back at school! This week we have been learning about Bonfire Night and how to keep safe when around fireworks. The children have all created a piece of firework art using black paper and oil pastels. Also this week, we have started to focus more on letter formation. The children have all tried really hard with this and are keen to keep practising. In Maths we have been learnt about 2D shapes and talked about their properties. The children have completed shape hunts in the classroom and garden area. In phonics we have learnt sounds 'h', 'b', 'f' and 'ff'. The week finished with our Autumn sensory walk around the school grounds. This was so much fun and we used all of our senses to discuss signs of Autumn. We want to say a huge thank you to the kitchen staff who made us some delicious biscuits to have on our walk. 


Week Commencing 19.10.20

This week the children used the autumn leaves that they collected to make a hedgehog picture. They talked about the colour and shape of their leaves and how they would stick them to the template to make their hedgehog. We also had our first assembly this week. The children learnt a Harvest rhyme during the week and all performed it together in the assembly. They also watched a video about Harvest and displayed some of their work to the rest of the year group. In phonics we have learnt the sounds 'ck', 'e', 'u' and 'r'. 


Week Commencing 12.10.20

This week we have been talking about the seasons and looking out for signs of autumn. We have collected leaves from around the school ready to produce some artwork next week. The children have been great at describing what they can see in their environment. In phonics we have learnt the sounds 'g', 'o', 'c' and 'k'. Our Maths lesson have been discussing numbers 4 and 5 and different ways to make that number. 


Week Commencing 05.10.20

This week we focussed on the story 'The Suitcase'. This is a story all about making friends and trusting others. It provoked lots of discussion around how to be a good friend. In the story, the character has a suitcase with items in that are special to them. We talked about what items are special us and what we would put in our suitcase if we went on a long journey to remind us of home. In phonics we learnt the sound 'i', 'n', 'm', 'd'. Our Maths was based around number 3 and talking about different ways to make and represent that number. 


Week Commencing 28.09.20

This week we began our phonics lessons. The children have enjoyed learning their first set of sounds. You will have seen a phonics folder in their book bag. Please use this to work on their sounds at home to reinforce the learning we are doing. These need to be returned to school every Monday for us to add the new sounds for the week. This week we have started our 'All About Me' collage pictures. The children have been doing hand prints, name writing and painting their faces ready to add features next week. 


Week Commencing 21.09.20


This week we have started our daily Maths sessions. These are designed to support the children with their mathematical understanding through a range of practical activities and games. They will be encouraged to think about and apply number in a variety of different contexts, supporting a mastery approach to teaching. We use the 'White Rose' progression alongside 'Numberblocks' episodes and resources to provide a fun and engaging Early Years Maths curriculum. 


Week Commencing 14.09.20


First week of full time days, the children have been amazing and it is like they have always been here! The children have worked with their class teachers to complete Maths and phonics baseline assessments. The results of these are then used to support our teaching, ensuring that we challenge and support children where appropriate. 


Week Commencing 07.09.20


All of the children have now been to school for at least one of their induction sessions. We are so impressed with how well all of them have settled in, especially since lots have had a very long summer at home! We are looking forward to having everyone in full time next week.


Can I remind you to complete the permission forms for Tapestry and also to bring a family photo for us to display on the wall?


Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday!