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Week Beginning 23.01.23


We have had a very exciting week learning all about the celebration of Chinese New Year. We had a go at making lanterns, decorating red envelopes and wrote our names in Chinese symbols. The most exciting part of our week has been our cooking day - we made the most delicious noodles and stir fry (have a look at the pictures below, but be prepared for your mouth the start watering). We even had a go at using chopsticks to eat it!


In maths, we have been playing lots of games and listening to different maths stories to learn all of the number bonds for 5. We are beginning to be able to recall all of them and write the corresponding number sentences.


In phonics, we have been learning 'qu', 'sh', 'ch' and 'ng' and practising our writing by sounding out and labelling our favourite meal.


Week Beginning 05.12.22

This week, we had a brilliant time performing our Christmas Nativities. We are sure that everybody who came to see them will agree that they were absolutely fantastic. We were so proud of the children for learning all of their lines and all of the actions to the songs and really enjoyed seeing the wonderful costumes that they all wore.


We also started off the Christmas celebrations by having our Christmas lunch and the children really enjoyed the Story Time with Santa event.


In Maths, we have been practising writing number sentences for different numbers that make 10.


In phonics, we have been practising all of the sounds that we have learnt so far and been having a go at blending them together to read and write words. We especially enjoyed writing our Christmas lists to Santa.


We also investigated some ice balloons and as we watched them melt over the course of the day, we discussed why things melt and how we could make them melt even faster.

Week Beginning 28.11.22


This week, we have been busy making Christmas decorations and decorating our classrooms. Each class has worked together to create a whole class Christmas tree.


In maths, we have been learning all about the number 10 and had a great time playing games outside to help us recognise which number is represented by which numeral.


In phonics, we have been learning the f, ff, l and ll sounds. These are quite tricky sounds to say, but the children did a superb job and were even able to start recognising some words that begin with the sounds.


We are still practising our Nativities and cannot wait to perform them for everybody next week!

Week Beginning 21.11.22


This week, we really enjoyed visiting the Christmas Fair where we played lots of different games and completed some Christmas crafts using old CDs and DVDs.


We have also been very busy practising for our Nativity and are very grateful for all the children’s hard work learning their lines at home. We cannot wait to perform it for you all.


In maths, we have been learning about the number 9 and even used Numicon to find different number bonds that make 9.


Our Tricky Word that we have been practising in phonics is ‘the’ and we were so impressed by how many children were able to recognise it when we listened to them read - well done Reception!

Week Beginning 07.11.22 


This week, we went on a wonderful Autumn walk to discover the seasonal changes that are happening now. We collected lots of different objects to bring back to class to investigate further including leaves, pine cones, acorns, sticks and many more. On Thursday, we had a go at writing our own poem as a class about Autumn and describing the different colours that we had seen. Even though it was a little chilly, we really enjoyed our walk – we have shared some photos below.


We also had a great time welcoming all of our adults from home into the classroom for our ‘Come and Learn’ sessions and hope that they enjoyed all of the activities with their children.


At the end of the week, we started to practise the songs for our nativity which we are really excited about. We even had time to learn the actions to a couple and give each child their part. We can’t wait to continue practising next week!

Week Beginning 31.10.22 


This week, we have been doing lots of interesting Halloween and Diwali inspired learning including hammering pumpkins, creating rangoli patterns, listening to the story of Diwali and designing our own pumpkin faces. In preparation for Bonfire Night, we have also been learning about firework safety and devised lots of tips for keeping safe around them.


In phonics, we have been revising all of the sounds that we have previously learnt and have started our first reading books.


In maths, we introduced the ten frame this week and have been exploring different ways the numbers 1 to 5 can be represented. We even had a giant ten frame on the floor that we played with.

Week Beginning 17.10.22 


We have been continuing our learning this week about 'People Who Help Us' and we had a very exciting visit from the police. Jess, the PCSO who visited, told us all about her job and let us have a go at wearing some of the uniform. After, she gave us a tour of her car and she even let us turn on the blue lights and the siren! The children really enjoyed it!


We have also been continuing our phonics learning journey by learning a new tricky word - no - and some new sounds – m, d and g. In the classrooms, we even had some ‘Sound Detectives’ hunting for our sounds in tuff trays and recording them on their sound boards - we were so impressed with how many sounds the children could recognise and their superb recording of the sounds which included some tricky letter formations. Like last week, we have also enjoyed looking at the children’s phonics folder and seeing the brilliant work they are also doing at home!


In maths, children have been learning all about numbers 1 to 5 and this week, our focus was to recognise the numerals. We played lots of games to practise this and children became quicker and quicker.


We hope all the children have a lovely half term and look forward to welcoming them back.

Week Beginning 10.10.22


As our 'People Who Help Us' topic continued this week, we had a very exciting visit from the fire service on Monday morning. Not only did we meet some real firefighters, but they also brought a real fire engine for us to see! We got a fascinating tour of all their important equipment – we saw hoses, breathing masks, enormous cutters and were even lucky enough to have a sit in the back of the fire engine. The children were absolutely thrilled with the experience and really enjoyed all of our activities back in class learning about fire fighters.


This week, we also continued our phonics learning journey by learning a new tricky word - go - and some new sounds – p, i, n. It is wonderful to see the children becoming more and more confident recognising the sounds and we have even had a go at blending them to read different words. We were really impressed with all the practise at home that we saw when the phonics folders were returned on Thursday and have now added the next set of sounds.

Week Beginning 03.10.22


As our 'People Who Help Us' topic continues, we have been lucky enough to have another visitor to Reception this week. On Tuesday, Simon came to talk to the children about being a paramedic. He let some of them try on his special reflective coat and safety helmet and even checked some heart rates using a very clever machine. After that, we were lucky enough to go outside and see his ambulance! The children absolutely loved looking inside and it was very exciting when he turned on the blue lights and even sounded the loud horn and siren! It was a fantastic experience for everyone!

This week has also marked the beginning of our phonics learning journey. We began the week by learning our first tricky word - I - and then followed it with learning the sounds s, a and t. All of the children did brilliantly; learning the sound, action and the letter formation rhyme. They even impressed us all by having a go at writing the letters on whiteboards! On Thursday, phonics folders went home in bookbags and we hope you have enjoyed using these to help your child continue to practise at home. Please return them next Thursday and we will add in the next set of sounds that we have learnt.


Week Beginning 26.09.22


As part of our topic ‘People Who Help Us’, we have been learning about the importance of oral health. This week the Reception children had a visit from a dentist called Jack from Space Healthcare in Leamington, who talked to the children about teeth and how to look after them. They learnt how many teeth they have, which kinds of food and drinks are good or bad for our teeth, how to clean their teeth and what to expect when visiting a dentist. The children all listened brilliantly and some were even able to share their own experiences of going to the dentist and how they clean their teeth at home. We set up a 'Dentist Station' which all the children loved accessing; we practiced brushing teeth (not their own!) with toothbrushes and toothpaste. All of Reception were also given an amazing dental ‘goodie bag’ each. These were all kindly donated by House of Dental in Birmingham and we would like to say a big thank you to them, Jack and Space Healthcare for their tremendous support!

Week Beginning 19.9.22


It was so lovely to have all of the children in school full time week! During our carpet time sessions, we have learnt about Coten End's Golden Rules and the children are really beginning to understand what they mean and have been earning special stickers for following them. We have also spent a lot of time encouraging the children to develop friendships, learn each other's names and explore all of the different areas both inside and outside. Everyone has settled in brilliantly and we are so proud of them all! Although it has only been four days, everyone is quite tired so some early nights might be needed this weekend!

Week Beginning 12.9.22


What a wonderful first week in Reception! The children have settled in brilliantly and have learnt all about our daily routines. It has been lovely to see them playing together, making new friends and exploring their new classrooms. They enjoyed staying for their first school lunch and even had a short playtime on the 'big playground'! Please see Tapestry for a selection of photos of their first few days. 


We are really looking forward to all of the children being in full time from next Tuesday! 

Week Beginning 13.6.22


This week we have started our new half-termly theme of 'Traditional Tales'. The children have loved hearing some of these stories so far so it is worth having a read of some traditional tales that you might find in a library or having a look at some animated versions on the internet. We have started with the tale of 'The Three Billy Goat's Gruff' and we have been very creative with lots of construction! We have looked at making boats for the goats to travel under the bridge, discussing the difference between waterproof and absorbent materials when deciding what to use to make our boats. We have also used junk modelling to create strong bridges. This has led to lots of conversations about how we can make the bridge strong, such as how we can join parts together and what materials we can use that are strong enough for the goats to walk over. Some children have also enjoyed retelling the story, using storyboards.


In maths, we have been focusing on taking away and have played lots of games to help us to practise. One game we have played is called 'Race to Zero'. You and a friend/partner each make a Lego/Duplo tower of 10 cubes and take it in turns to roll a dice and take the number that has been rolled away from your tower. The person to get to 0 the fastest is the winner! Maybe you could try this at home, as we have had lots of fun playing it.