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Key Texts

At Coten End, we work thematically in English and the Wider Curriculum. Each half term, the children's English work is based around a different Learning Theme. We look at many short narrative extracts, poems and non-fiction texts within our reading and writing work but each Learning Theme has one or two 'key texts' that the children study in depth. Please find the different key texts for each year's learning themes below. If you would like to purchase any of the key texts so children can read from their own copy at school or home, we would encourage this. We do ask that you try not to read any key texts prior to the next Learning Theme as this can affect predictions work that we might do in reading.


Reading Books

While children are still becoming fluent readers, they work through a 'book band' system. Children's banded books are directly matched to the phonic phase they are currently working at and only contain sounds from that phase so children can use their phonic decoding skills in context. Children will move through the book bands as they move through the phonic phases and they become increasingly more challenging. Once children have completed 'lime' band, they will be a free reader and can choose books to read from their class library or home. Children who have a banded book will also bring home a library book from school to read with an adult. Banded books are designed to increase reading fluency and library books will help children develop their knowledge of vocabulary, comprehension and develop a love of reading.


We use a mixture of book band schemes including Phonics Bug, Songbird Phonics and Oxford Reading Tree. 

Please see the order of the book bands and the corresponding phonic phase below.