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School Closure Support

We are currently during another period of lockdown and school is closed to the majority of pupils. The last few months have been difficult for everyone, but can be particularly unsettling for those with additional needs. 


I have collated various links and resources to offer support - some related to Covid-19 and the wider measures in place, some regarding home learning and some about being in school when it feels different. I will keep updating this as more resources come through, and I hope you find it useful. If there is anything specific you would like me to provide, or you need any individual support to help you and your child at this time, please email me at and I will be in touch. 


Take care!


Mrs Munday

Useful links


Lots of places have collated lists of links to online provision. 

The most comprehensive I have found for SEND needs is at Chatterpack

SENDSupported are one of our SEND partners and are providing weekly newsletters with ideas and advice. Click here and sign up to receive the emails. 

Twinkl are making their resources available for free during school closures. Use the twinkl code CVDTWINKLHELPS on for free access, and download their SEND School Closure Home Learning Pack for a wealth of resources. 


Supporting your child's remote learning

We are using Google Classroom to set and upload work. If you have any difficulty getting on to that platform, please email or your child's year group email address. Google has the ability to type with your voice, if that will help your child to complete their work. Click here for guidance on how to do that. 


Whilst there are timetables to guide you and live sessions planned, if you need to take a slower pace, or more frequent breaks, we completely understand. Within school we would be flexible with the needs of SEND pupils so that's ok at home too! Let your child's class teacher know if you are finding anything particularly challenging, or email Mrs Munday. 

Sensory breaks are really important, particularly when working on a laptop or looking at a screen. Just getting up for a five minute wiggle, going for a walk, doing some stretches or having a dance can help refocus. Sometimes carrying something heavy, squeezing something squishy or laying on the floor really still can help us feel grounded, sometimes we might need to move a bit more to feel better. There are some ideas for sensory breaks or circuits in the Sensory section below. 

All of the links on this page were checked at the time of publication but I can't guarantee they will remain active. 

As with all resources, they will need viewing by adults first to check the appropriateness for the age and stage of your child. 

If there are any problems with links or resources on this page, please let me know.