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School Dinner Menu

School dinner menus - Autumn 2022

The menus are applicable on the following dates:


Week 1 - w/c 5th & 26th September, 17th October, 7th & 28th November, 9th & 30th January

Please note that the green option on Mondays on these weeks is Vegetable Lasagna (not Broccoli & Sweetcorn bake)


Week 2 - w/c 12th September, 3rd October, 14th November, 5th December, 16th January, 6th & 27th February

Please note that the red option on Mondays on these weeks is Cheesy Tomato Pasta (not Tuna Pasta Bake)


Week 3 - w/c 19th September, 10th & 31st October, 21st November, 12th December, 2nd & 23rd January, 13th February, 8th March