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Spring Term Science at Coten End



Year 3

Amy Hyland – In science, we have learned about magnets and they attract and repel. Attract is when magnets attach and repel is when the magnets won’t attach.



Year 3

Oscar Sternberg – Did you know …. There are 206 bones in the adult body and 300 in a baby’s precisely? This is because as a baby grows older, their bones have to shift to let you grow taller. This happens when bones move together into place with another bone exactly and then the space between gets filled with cartilage and also the largest bone in your body is the femur. In year 3 at the minute, we are learning about the different names of the main bones in your body.


Year 5

Sophie Hyland - In science we have been writing fact files to do with all the eight planets; Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. We were writing about; Their distance from the sun, length of day, length of year, temperature and just some ordinary facts like Triton is Neptune’s biggest moon. We have also been going to the hall and pretending to be the planets as we orbit Miss Clark who is pretending to be the sun.

Then also, last term, we mixed together water and cornflour trying to make slime. Our results were that it was a solid in the cup but when we held it in our hands, it had turned to liquid and slipped away.


Freya Chislett – In science this week we have been learning about why the planets move slower due to the gravitational pull from the sun. We also learnt abut all the planets orbiting the sun and how fast or slow they move whilst rotating.


Felix Kenny- I have been learning about space and the solar system. The reason the planets do not float away is because of the sun’s gravitational pull towards itself. The planets further away from the sun orbit it slower because there is less of a gravitational pull upon them. The planets rotate on their axis as they orbit the sun in the centre of the solar system.


Year 4

I have been learning about biomes. We had to colour in a world map with each different biome for each area. We were also learning about the digestive system last half term and we had to put up ground up food into a pair of tights which acted as the intestines and we got to see what happens in our bodies. We were also learning about solids, liquids and gases and we had to make a booklet about them and their properties.