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Science at Coten End Primary School




Science is essential in developing pupils’ ability to understand the world in which they live and how it works and in enabling them to make informed choices. At Coten End Primary School we recognise that science is a multi-faceted subject which has a considerable body of knowledge but which is also a practical and investigative subject. We aim to stimulate pupils’ natural curiosity and enthusiasm by teaching scientific skills and knowledge in creative and interesting ways.

Principles of Science at Coten End Primary School


  • It is relevant to the children’s interests but also pushes them into new areas.
  • Children are given freedom to explore and to investigate.
  • It is often initiated by the children’s own interests, taught in context, linked to other learning and to the outside environment.
  • The children are active learners and are given opportunities to apply their practical skills across the board and to follow independent lines of enquiry.
  • The children are provided with opportunities to demonstrate enthusiasm for science and are challenged to think out of the box.
  • Teachers are enthusiastic and are committed to maintaining and developing their own subject knowledge.
  • Resources are easily accessible, appropriate and interesting.




Coten End Primary School follows the new National Curriculum programme of study for Science. We aim to link science to our learning themes wherever we can, although some science units are taught discretely.