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Self Isolation

Week beginning 7th December 

Please see below for an outline of the planning, skills and activities that will be taught in Reception this week.



This week we are focusing on the number 10. We will be talking about different ways to make up 10 and using the language involved in addition. Alongside this we will be looking at the concept of 'one more'. 


Can you find 10 objects from around the house and explore the different ways you can use the to make 10? Can you record them in a number sentence? Can you say the number that is one more than numbers up to 10?


Please post a picture of your work to Tapestry.


This week will will be learning 'ai', 'ee', 'oo' and 'oo'. Please practise reading and writing words containing these sounds.


Use Phonics Play –


Practise blending - 

Log in details are in children's Reading Records


Click on the ‘Resources’ tab and select 'Phase 2' or 'Phase 3'. Please practise some of these games.


Learning theme

This week we will continue to rehearse our Nativity. Please continue to learn lines and song lyrics. We are also going to make Christmas cards, can you make one using resources you have at home?


Please post any work completed on Tapestry.