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Across the school, we will be using Spelling Shed to help the children learn their spellings. Year 4 will be setting spelling homework on Spelling Shed, where the children will practise the spellings through different activities and games (a bit like Mathletics!)

Spellings will be set on a Tuesday and be tested on the following Monday, so children have enough time to practise (It may be worth making a note of their log in details to keep at home). We will also be teaching lessons linked to their spellings in class to support their learning. Children should continue to practise spellings in red books and bring this book in on Monday ready for the spelling test.

Children can also use Spelling Shed to practise other spellings and play games in order to win points. Each week we will be awarding a 'Speller of the Week' award to the child who spends the most time practising!


Spelling test will be completed on MONDAY

Spellings -tion Set: 19.3.20 Test: 23.3.20

Spellings au digraph Test 16.3.20

Challenge Word Spellings Set 5.3.20 Test 9.3.20

Spellings Set: 27.2.20 Test: 2.3.20

Spellings Set: 13.2.20 Test: 24.2.20

Spellings Set: 6.2.20 Test: 10.2.20

Spellings Set: 30.1.20 Due: 3.2.20

Spellings Set: 23.1.20 Test: 27.1.20

16.1.20 'ch' words that sound like 'sh'

9.1.20 Adding '-ly' to adjectives where the final letter is '-l' to turn them into adverbs

'-ation' suffix 5/12/19