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Teacher Updates and Story Time

Mrs Urmston reads Prince Cinders

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Mrs Hawkins reads part two of Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World

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Mrs Lloyd reads Rabbit's Bad Habits, part two

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Mrs Hodges reads This is My Book

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Mrs Lloyd reads Rabbit's Bad Habits, part one

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Mrs Hawkins reads Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World

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Mrs Walden reads The Slightly Annoying Elephant

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Some Dogs Do read by Mrs Hodges

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The Emperor's Egg read by Mrs Lloyd

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Number 1 - Mrs Welbourne reads ‘We are all Different’ - linked to this week’s PSHE lesson

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Number 2 - Mrs Welbourne reads ‘Inca’ by Rosie Chenault and Beth Siddorn

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Mrs Hawkins reads What the Ladybird Heard Next

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Hello Year 2,


It's Miss Siddorn reporting today. I hope you are all having a lovely week so far! 


I don't have a garden where I live so I've been spending lots of time this week trying to find new places to walk to (I'm getting a bit bored of the park now!) This is a picture from one of my favourites that I found in some lovely woods...



Let me know if you have found any nice walks that I can try! On the nature theme, I have had lots of emails with some fantastic examples of Andy Goldsworthy art work this week. Below is an example from Isobella (2BS) that she said I could share with you...



Keep sending us your wonderful work - we love to see it. I hope you can all spend some time in the sunshine today.


See you soon,

Miss Siddorn, Mrs Welbourne, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Hawkins

Manu the Kiwi of Kindness read by Miss Siddorn

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Mrs Hodges reads another extract from the BFG:

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Teacher update 20.05.20


Hello Year 2, 

Mrs Lloyd reporting today. I was in school today getting some resources ready and clearing surfaces so the school is ready for when children return.  We are looking forward to seeing Reception , Year 1 and Year 6  but we also can't wait until it is safe for Year 2 to return as well. Mr Garlick finally was able to clean the back of the PE cupboard after we finished emptying it today. 


You can see a photo below of one of two goals we found hidden under lots of boxes at the back.  Miss Heatley and Mr Butler constructed them and I just posed for the photograph!


It has been sweltering warm today and  we hope you managed to get outside to enjoy it  - we're hoping that;s why there's very few emails today!  ☀️.  Just to reiterate - we really love receiving your emails and photos, so do keep them  coming to


I am going out in my kayak now on the River at Bidford for the second time this year and am very excited! As hopefully you can see, today I have just uploaded the next instalment of the BFG from Mrs Hodges. Enjoy!

Stay safe and see you soon,

from Mrs Lloyd, Miss Siddorn, Miss Welbourne and Mrs Hawkins

Picture 1

Teacher update 19.05.20


Hello Year 2, 


Wow what a beautiful sunny day it has been today ☀️. Did you manage to get out and enjoy it?
My little family took a walk at the back of our house where there is a field and a duck pond, and the new arrival of some very cute little ducklings! My little girl loves to feed the ducks and see the little babies. However, today there was a huge swan that wasn’t best pleased with us being there,  so we had to make a quick dash for it! 😆
What lovely signs of nature have you seen on your walks?


Talking of nature, the photos many of you have sent in to us of your Andy Goldsworthy natural art are spectacular! Great effort Year 2!


I have uploaded a story read by Mrs Walden for you today, hope you enjoy it!


Take care and let us know how you’re getting on,


Mrs Welbourne, Mrs Hawkins, Miss Siddorn and Mrs Lloyd ☺️

Mrs Walden reads ‘On a Tall, Tall Cliff’ by Andrew Murray

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Teacher update  18/5/20


Hello Year Two


We hope you've had a good start to your week and you are all staying healthy and safe.

Below is today's story read by Mrs Urmston from the Katie Morag series.

Some children have recommended using the twinkl -how to draw videos for improving their drawing skills.  If you fancy having a go,  search for 'Twinkl - how to draw ' on a search engine. For example:          Learn how to draw.......a unicorn            Learn how to draw .... a Ninja 


Also remember to look on the different tabs to find the work set this week for Reading, Writing, Maths, Wider Curriculum and Physical Education.  We are loving hearing from you all, whether about this work or your other news.

Stay safe and take care,


All the Year Two Staff

Mrs Urmston Reads Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers

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Teacher update  15/5/20


Buongiorno a tutti!

It’s Mrs Lloyd blogging today from home. I've been really enjoying seeing all the work and photos sent in, as have all the Year Two staff, so keep them coming if you can! 


I’ve had news from school that as well as the Maths and English work the children complete all morning, the children have been learning about frog life cycles with Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Whitehall Whitehall and Mrs Patterson. 

  Here is a link to the  ‘FROG FLY CATCH’ craft they have been doing (photo below too)  -  they had great fun!                       


Year 2 children at school were also helping teach the Year 1 and Reception children with a picture and sentence matching activity that you can also see in the photos below.


I've attached another video of me reading a story below. It’s the book we read at school earlier in the week, called ‘All Afloat on Noah’s Boat’.


 Here’s something we’ve been trying at school  and I’ve been trying at home too – regrowing food from scraps. My carrot tops have begun to grow already!


It’s fun and easy if you ‘d like to try it.  If you look on the Reception blog, under craft ideas, Mrs Cunningham does a really interesting talk about growing plants. This is the link if you missed it:

You can also see her in one of the photos below with a large leafy vegetable she brought in from her garden. Can you guess what it is?

Take care and see you soon and please keep emailing us with your work as we really love to see it. 


Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Hawkins,  Mrs Welbourne and Miss Siddorn    


Mrs Lloyd reads All Afloat on Noah's Boat

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This is the story we had fun reading earlier in the week at school. Can you make any links to lockdown?

Teacher update 14/5/20


Hello everyone!

Mrs Hawkins here! I hope you've all had a lovely day? I've been so impressed with some of the Andy Goldsworthy work that you've been sending photos of - it's wonderful! It was so lovely and sunny outside that we had some of our learning in the playground today at school. We went on a scavenger hunt and found items that matched the colours on our palette. We had lots of fun colour investigating as you can see in the pictures below.


We also looked at different forces by playing with magnets, looking at how many pins our giant magnets could hold on to and creating ramps of different heights to see if it would help our cars to travel faster and further.


I wonder if you have any magnets at home and could see which materials/objects attract and repel the magnets? I wonder if any of you could make a ramp to have a car race with your family. I'd really recommend it - we had lots of fun!


I've attached another video of me reading a story below. It's another of mine and Freddie's favourites - enjoy! 


Take care and speak to you soon,


Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Welbourne, Miss Siddorn and Mrs Lloyd

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Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Mrs Hawkins reads, 'What the Ladybird Heard'.

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Teacher update 13.5.20


Hello year 2! 
It’s Mrs Welbourne writing today’s update. I hope you are all keeping well?

You are all doing so well with your home-learning! Me, Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Lloyd and Miss Siddorn are so proud of you all! 

What a lovely few days Mrs Lloyd and I have had in school. On Tuesday, we learnt all about Ramadan and the faith of Islam. We listened to stories and Newsround about what Ramadan is and the things that Muslims do during this period. We also looked at some of the special symbols of this time. Children then had the chance to make lanterns and a moon and star decoration linked to this topic.

Today, children listened to the story ‘All Afloat on Noah’s Boat’ - have you heard this story before? It’s all about Noah’s Ark. Children then enjoyed exploring this story through activities such as ark making and animal creations. You can see this in the photos below. 

Talking of books, I’ve got a really exciting opportunity to share with you! I know you all really enjoy getting your book tokens on World Book Day, well this year, they are asking for your input! 
The National Book Token company have created a competition asking children across the country to design a book token and the winner’s design will be used on gift cards across the country! Not only that, but when schools reopen the winner and their classmates will each win a £10 book token! Pretty cool hey?! 


For your design, you may want to use the Coten End school crest; a drawing of your class or year group or something completely different! Be as creative as you can!
Follow the link below for more details and how to submit your entries!

Be sure to send a photo of them to our Year 2 email too so that we can see your wonderful ideas! 
Good luck! :-)



I hope you all have an enjoyable few days. It’s my little girl’s 2nd birthday tomorrow so I’m off now to try and bake her birthday cake. Wish me luck! 

Take care and stay safe,


Mrs Welbourne, Mrs Hawkins, Miss Siddorn and Mrs Lloyd 😄

P.s I’ve uploaded another story below for you to enjoy 😊 







Mrs Welbourne reads ‘Tiddler’ by Julia Donaldson

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Teacher Update 12.5.20


Hi everyone!


It's Miss Siddorn writing today. I hope you're all well? When I haven't been working this week I've been keeping busy learning to play the ukulele (Mrs Lloyd is learning too!) and I've started work on a big paint by numbers that Miss Stephenson bought me. I'll update you on my progress next week!


I know from my phone calls to 2BS that lots of you have had a go at using 'Active Learn' to access your reading books. It is fantastic that so many of you are still finding time to do lots of reading at home - we're very proud of you. You may not have noticed that in all your books online, there are also little quizzes that you can do as you go. If you complete all the quizzes in the book, the book will show as 'completed' and should move to your library. Your teacher also gets a notification when you complete a book by finishing all the quizzes so we would definitely encourage you to do them so we can see how well you're doing!


On some pages in your book you will see the yellow bug button...


If you click this, it will take you to the quiz which will be based on the page you have just read...


When you have answered the question, press the orange button to take you back to the book. Once you're back on the page, you will know you have completed the quiz if the bug's eyes are closed. Once you have finished all the quizzes in the book, the book will show as 'completed'.


I've also found an exciting competition run by 'National Book Tokens'. The competition is to design your own book token and the winner gets a book token for them and every member of their class! I know lots of you are very creative and would like to give this a go. Make sure you send your entries to us as well - we would love to see them! You can find the competition details using this link:


I hope you all have a wonderful week. Keep sending us your wonderful work on the Year 2 email address and I'll see you all soon.


Miss Siddorn, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Welbourne and Mrs Hawkins

Mrs Hodges shares some of her favourite of Roald Dahl's Funny Words

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Mrs Hodges reads from the BFG

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Planting seeds for edible plants, growing carrot top plants and making healthy food with play dough, not to mention having a healthy play picnic.

Teacher update 11/05/20


Hello Year Two,


Mrs Lloyd reporting back today on this chilly Monday. Did you know that this week is 'National Vegetarian Week' ?


At school, we learned about the importance of a varied and healthy diet and learned about the different food groups.

We learned some different reasons why some people become vegetarian and talked about 'Meat free Mondays' that we have at school. 

We also started growing some carrot top plants - you might want to try this at home  - it's simple  and cheap to try and carrot tops make pretty houseplants for a sunny window.  Their fern-like foliage is beautiful in an outdoor container garden. Eventually, white lacy flowers will bloom. Growing carrot tops from carrots takes no special equipment and results will be visible in just a few days.    Read more at Gardening Know How: Grow Carrots From Carrots – Sprouting Carrot Tops With Kids


After that, we all planted some edible herbs and vegetable seeds that we will be looking after while they germinate and grow.


Above are two videos from the lovely Mrs Hodges -one about Roald Dahl and his invention of funny words and the other is an extract from the BFG. Wonderful!


Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Welbourne and Miss Siddorn :) 

Teacher update 07/05/20


Hello everyone!


Mrs Hawkins here - I hope you're all well?! smiley


I hope that you've had lots of fun around your learning this week? I'm very glad it felt a little warmer outside today and that the sun was shining - we've had some lovely photos sent to us of children playing outside.


I was thinking about the pen and paper games that we spoke about on the last couple of days at school together and wondered if anyone had been playing any of them to keep them busy?!


Here is a list of some of the pen and paper games that we practised:


- Categories

- Hangman

- Squares

- Noughts and Crosses

- Heads, Bodies and Legs/ Foldovers


If you type 'pen and paper games' in to a search engine, you can find some websites that explain how to play the different games and some have templates that you can print/copy out to help you play.


Enjoy and take care!


Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Welbourne, Mrs Lloyd and Miss Siddorn :) 

Mrs Hawkins reads 'Princess Mirror-Belle', by Julia Donaldson.

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Hello Year 2,


Hopefully you have all enjoyed some sunshine today and got out in the fresh air?

You should all by now have received your username and password for the new Reading Resource set up by Miss Siddorn and your teachers have allocated you two books.


If you still haven't received your login details, please email  and we will sort it for you right away.


Below is the lovely Mrs Urmston, reading 'Prince Cinders' for you.

All your teachers and teaching assistansts are missing you very much and love to hear from you if you have time. 
Stay safe and see you soon,


From Mrs Lloyd, Miss Siddorn, Mrs Welbourne and Mrs Hawkins 

Mrs Urmston reads Prince Cinders

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Active Learn Reading

 Dear Parents/Carers,


We have managed to get access to an online platform called ‘Active Learn’ which we are going to use to allocate children banded reading books at home. The books on this program are the same as the scheme of books that we use at school (Bug Club) and match the book bands that children have been using.


Each week, your child’s class teacher will set two books for your child to read to you at home. This will help your child to continue to develop their reading fluency at their current phonic level and also help teachers keep up to date with their reading progress. New books will be set once per week on the same day that work is uploaded to the school website.


We recommend reading each of the books a couple of times with your child to develop their fluency and asking them lots of questions about what they have read to ensure that they are comprehending their reading. Many of the books have suggested questions for you to use which may be helpful. The e-books also have a ‘read to me’ feature so that your child can have the book read to them. This feature is great for quick re-reading when answering comprehension questions but we would suggest that they read the book in its entirety first, before using this, so they can practise their decoding skills.


Teachers will initially be setting children books from the band they were on when we last saw them. We understand, however, that children’s reading can develop quickly so if you feel that the books set are too easy or difficult, please contact your child’s class teacher through the year group email address and we can look at adjusting the level.


To log onto Active Learn:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using the username and password that have been emailed to you and the school code lak6.
  3. There should be a tab at the top of the page called ‘My Stuff’. Click on this and the allocated books should appear.


 Please contact us using the Y2 email ( if you have any trouble logging on.


Miss Siddorn

KS1 English Leader




Hello everyone,


I hope you are enjoying your week so far. The teachers have really enjoyed speaking to some of you on the phone over the past couple of weeks. We are continuing to make phone calls over the next week or so to those we haven't been in contact with yet. Parents/carers- please be aware that the number will show as 'withheld' when we call.


I have been having lots of fun in school over the past couple of days doing some of the VE Day activities with the children. Yesterday we made some bunting to decorate the classroom, designed tea cups and made spitfires out of junk modelling. We learnt all about air raid shelters in WWII today and had a go at making some of our own as well. 


We would love to see any of the VE Day themed activities that you've been getting up to this week!


See you soon,


Miss Siddorn, Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Welbourne and Mrs Lloyd



VE Day activities 5.5.20

Dinosaurs in my school read by Mrs Sheepy

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Teacher update 4.5.20


Hello Year 2,


May the Fourth be with you!   I am reliably informed by my nephew that today is World Star Wars Day, of which I had no idea.


Miss Siddorn has been really busy at school today and will update you later in the week with some of the children's activities there. Mrs Welbourne and Miss Hawkins have been busy home-schooling their children and Mrs Lloyd has begun ringing children from 2SL today and also helping a neighbour cut down a large Leylandii  bush that was blocking all of her light as she tried to enjoy her retirement in her garden.  We have all been carrying on phoning the children in our classes too and hope to have phoned all of you as soon as we can.


We are continuing to love hearing your news - whether you are building model spitfires, planting seeds or spending the day gardening and trampolining with a little Nintendo thrown in!


Another story from Mrs Lloyd is below,


Stay safe and see you soon,

Mrs Lloyd, Miss Siddorn, Mrs Welbourne and Mrs Hawkins


PS - If you are a Star Wars fan, you might want to try this Star Wars themed keep fit session, from Glen Higgins Fitness and Get Kids Moving - it's lots of fun! There are other superhero workouts too. Click on the link below: 



Mrs Lloyd reads Oliver's Vegetables

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Teacher update 1.5.20


Hello Year 2,


It's Mrs Lloyd writing the update today and I hope the sun has come out where you are too? I've enjoyed getting out in the sunshine this afternoon to walk my dog who has finally had the bandage removed from her poorly paw. She only walked a few steps before lying down, but it's a start!  I've also enjoyed watching my flower seeds sprout and seeing some of the beautiful flowers that are flowering or that soon will be. 


All the adults in KS1 had a zoom meeting yesterday and it was lovely to see everyone's faces again.


We have had so many wonderful emails with photos of your work and projects so thank you for those. There were some amazing Mr Fox Wanted Posters shared with superb vocabulary photos of English and Maths work, detailed and beautifully illustrated Sunflower Life Cycles and even lego engineering projects to mention just a few!


Uploaded below are two stories for you, from Mrs Urmston and myself. We hope you enjoy. Just to remind you that your teachers will be making calls home next week and the week after just to say hello and see how things are.


Stay safe and have a good weekend,


Mrs Lloyd,  Miss Siddorn, Mrs Welbourne and Mrs Hawkins 

A Piece of Cake read by Mrs Urmston

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The Paper Bag Princess read by Mrs Lloyd

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Teacher update 30.4.20


Hello everyone!


Mrs Hawkins here! I hope you're all well? 


I managed to catch up with some of the children from 2WH today and it was so lovely to be able to speak to some of you. You are all doing so brilliantly!


We've loved seeing/ hearing all the different things that you've been up to around your learning whilst being at home! There have been children learning how to ride their bikes without stabilisers, campers in back gardens to keen gardeners! Lots of you have been baking and we have also been cooking up some yummy treats at the Hawkins household! Mr Hawkins baked Freddie and I some flapjacks and they were pretty delicious - they didn't stick around for very long!




When I haven't been at school or working at home, I have been teaching Freddie some Makaton to help him learn more words. So far, he is fantastic at signing 'please' (he's learnt about thirty words now) and he is beginning to learn more words with his signing too! Whilst keeping ourselves out of the rain, we have also been doing lots of playing inside and Freddie and I have been making Play Doh models. Freddie told me that his blue model was a 'birdie'. Can any of you guess what animal my pink Play Doh model is?



I hope that you have all had a good week and fingers crossed the sun will return next week and we can enjoy a but more time outside again!


Take care of yourselves :)


Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Welbourne, Miss Siddorn and Mrs Lloyd.

'The Tiger Who Came to Tea', by Judith Kerr. Read by Mrs Hawkins.

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Wednesday 29th April 2020


Hello Year 2, Mrs Welbourne here smiley

I hope you are all ok - can you believe it's week 6 of being at home?! You're all doing so well!


Over the next week or so, me and the other Year 2 teachers will be phoning you and your families to have a catch-up chat. I have done a few phone calls already and it was so delightful to hear your voices and hear from your parents about how well you are all working and behaving. We are VERY proud of you all! Keep up the good work.


When I’m not busy with work for school or at school teaching, I’ve been enjoying lots of extra time with my little girl, Orla.

Similarly to our science work, we’ve been planting lots of seeds. We’ve planted some cosmos, cornflower and tulips (I love these flowers) and also, some sunflowers. Here is our attempt at growing some sunflowers, can you see the little shoots starting to appear? Orla is very excited! I know some of you are growing sunflowers and other plants at home, too. How are yours doing?



Another activity we are enjoying is baking (Mr Welbourne is enjoying us doing this too, can you guess why? Yes! So that he can eat all the yummy treats we make!). Today we made some delicious banana and raisin flapjacks. What do you think? (Yep! They were scrumptious!)

Have you done any baking whilst been at home? We’d love to see some photos if you have.



Finally, my 7 year old Goddaughter told me about a game that I really think you should try (if you haven’t already!) as it will help with our learning about telling the time:

For the ‘level’ – you can select whichever you are most comfortable with at the moment (I suggest any of them apart from number 5 'read time to the minute') 

For the ‘game mode’ – I suggest you select ’12 hour clock’ at the moment and ‘timed’ for the fun element!

See if you can get a score of over 50 in the given time! Let me know how you get on 😊 ENJOY!


I have uploaded a story video for you to enjoy today, too.


Take care and hope to hear from you soon

Mrs Welbourne laugh



Mrs Welbourne reads ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’

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Miss Siddorn reads ‘Dragon Stew’

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Tuesday 28th April


Hello Year 2,


We have heard from lots of you about your activities at home over the last week and we are extremely impressed and proud of how hard you are all working. We have received some really fantastic writing and creative presentation of your wider curriculum work.


Mrs Lloyd mentioned in  her update yesterday about the activities we have uploaded to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Have a look on the 'Wider Curriculum' tab on the Year 2 page to download the document below. We would love to see some of the activities you get up to over the next week.


I hope you all have a lovely day and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Miss Siddorn, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Welbourne and Mrs Hawkins

Mrs Walden reads 'A Squash and a Squeeze' by Julia Donaldson

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Teacher update from Mrs Lloyd       Monday 27th April 2020


Hi Year 2, 

We hope you enjoy Mrs Walden's story time link above.

Hope you are all well and not climbing the walls too much with cabin fever?

We have really enjoyed seeing some of your lovely photos and messages on our email.  It is great to hear from you. I can see that lots of you enjoyed making Egg Transporters, completing Super plant related Science  as well as investigating capacity. There were also lots of fabulous writing, reading, Science and creative activities which is brilliant.


Maths Game - 24
This week, with my family, we've been playing  a Maths game called ''24"  via Zoom. 

All you need is a pack of cards and some paper for working out.

Watch this  video link for instructions how to play.   (also added below as a separate link)


Since we won't be all back at school by Friday 8th May, we have been looking at ways to celebrate the 75th  anniversary of VE Day. As we are no longer able to hold our whole-school street party out on the playground, we wanted to provide our children with some activities to commemorate this significant event at home.  If you would like to do these, please have a look under 'Wider Curriculum.' 


Take care and stay safe,


Mrs Lloyd, Miss Siddorn, Mrs Welbourne and Mrs Hawkins 

Updates from school - Thursday 23rd April and Friday 24th April


Hello everyone!!


Mrs Hawkins here! Over the last few days we have been learning all about St. George's day and why it is celebrated in England on the 23rd April each year. We learnt about the story of St. George and how he became a saint by slaying a terrible dragon who was causing lots of problems! This then inspired us to have dragon themed afternoons where we created dragon sock puppets and dragon models. 


Today, we also spent some time talking about perseverance and resilience and we practised using those skills by challenging ourselves. Some children tried to see how many push ups they could do and some went on to build the tallest tower they could using blocks and dominoes!


We used the water baths outside to do our capacity learning for maths and whilst we were reading the number of millilitres that our containers had collected, we taught the year one and reception children about the what full, half-full and empty looked like in different containers too. Whilst playing in the mud kitchen during break-time, some children found some minibeasts as well - it's been a busy couple of days! I hope that you have all had a good week and have had lots of fun around doing your learning?!


Take care of yourselves!


Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Welbourne, Mrs Lloyd and Miss Siddorn.

Updates from school - Thursday 23rd April and Friday 24th April.

Mrs Hawkins reads, 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra.

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Update - 23.4.20


Hello Year 2!


I hope you're all well and enjoying the wonderful sunshine this week! We've loved receiving your emails showing us all the fantastic things you've been doing over the past week. We've seen some wonderful reading, drawing, writing and maths. Did anyone do anything fun linked to the Queen's birthday or Earth day this week like Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Welbourne?


I've been trying to improve my multiplication skills this week using 'Hit the Button' online. You can use it to gain speed and accuracy with your number bonds, multiplication and division facts. I managed to get 31 correct answers for my 3x table in 60 seconds. I wonder if anyone can beat my score? If you would like to have a go, follow the link:



Enjoy the rest of the week and look out for a new story on the year 2 page today. I wonder whose turn it will be?


Miss Siddorn, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Welbourne

Mrs Lloyd reads Five Little Fiends

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I really love the illustrations in this book, by Author and Illustrator Sarah Dyer. It makes me think about the wonderful world we live in and how we all rely on each other to thrive.

Mrs Welbourne reads 'Chickens can't See in the Dark'

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Tuesday 22nd April  2020


Hello Year 2,


Today is World Earth Day and at school today we talked about how we can all do our bit to help protect our Planet.


We made Earth 'Sun Catchers' to hang in our windows.  We also used natural resources to make 'Earth Art'.


Stay Safe and see you soon, 

Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Welbourne, Miss Siddorn and Mrs Hawkins 

World Earth Day 2020 Wednesday 22nd April

Mrs Urmston reads 'All in One Piece' by Jill Murphy

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Tuesday 21st April 


Hello Year 2,


Yesterday at school, the children read an Epic Reading non-fiction book about birthdays around the world and talked about how the celebrations are similar or different.  They made party hats, birthday cards and a birthday banner for the Queen who is 94 today.

Today, after doing all of their English, Handwriting, Maths and PE,  they had a celebration picnic outside in the garden. 


They ate birthday cake and played pass the parcel and musical statues as well as playing outside in the sunshine.  If you would like to see, there are a few photos below.  Remember, we have uploaded new activities to complete this week as well as setting a Mathletics task each weekday.  A story from Mrs Urmston will also be following shortly.


Stay Safe and see you soon, 

Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Welbourne, Miss Siddorn and Mrs Hawkins 



Tuesday 21st April - Birthday Celebrations

Mr Grana reads Charlie Cook's favourite book

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Miss Siddorn reads The Day the Crayons Quit

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Mrs Lloyd tries to find a quiet garden spot to read you another story....

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Mrs Hodges reads Esio Trott by Roald Dahl

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Esio Trott, read in 4 parts by Mrs Hodges

Esio Trott part 2

Still image for this video

Esio Trott part 3

Still image for this video

the final part

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A little Sunday message from your Year 2 Teachers :-)

A little Sunday message from your Year 2 Teachers :-) 1

Year Group Emails


We know that many of you have been busy completing the work and suggested activities that we have provided you in your packs! We are also trying to upload daily stories or fun activities to do at home. We have now set up a way that you can contact school and let us know what you have been learning about. Starting on Monday 30th March, you will be able to write to us each week, if you wanted to, by emailing the address below -


We look forward to hearing from you!


Miss Carter


Parents and Carers


Please note  -


This service is only set up for a place to share work with your class teacher. Any questions or problems must still be sent via the school office.


Each child can send one email per week (Monday to Friday) and the teacher will aim to respond within a week of the email being sent. Please put your class name as the subject e.g. 1MC


This is completely optional - please do not feel that you have to email your class teacher. It can also be used as and when you want to send work.