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Teacher Updates and Story Time

Hello Year 2,


Today Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Whitehall and Mrs Cunningham were at school looking after some KS1 and Reception boys and girls. They kept very busy learning  English and Maths in the morning  and in the afternoon began work on some elephant themed craft activities.  Can you guess from the photo which elephant it might have been?   The children also kept active in the Reception garden and on the field, making mud pies, cycling, and even taking part in some welly-wanging!

  Look out for tomorrow's update from Mrs Hawkins.  Below is today's story read to you by Mrs Urmston which we hope you enjoy.

Take care, 

from Mrs Lloyd

Mrs Urmston reads a dragon story

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Teacher Update 1.04.20


Hello everyone, it's Mrs Welbourne writing today's update smiley 

Well, I've had a lovely few days as I have been busy at school taking care of some of the boys and girls who are still attending, together with Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Patterson. 


As Miss Siddorn told you yesterday, we had a dinosaur theme on Monday and Tuesday (which was roar-some wink) yet today we mixed things up and had a minibeast theme. 


After a busy morning of Maths, English and PE, we enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon! Some of the activities included: mud kitchen creations (there was a large 'bug pie' made by some of the children!), creating minibeasts from old egg boxes - can you tell which minibeasts we created from the photos below? We used our crafting skills to create slimy snails perched on crispy green leaves, we created minibeasts using thread and beads, and then we enjoyed sitting around a pretend campfire listening to stories (with a bug theme) in our outdoor area...we even brought our minibeasts out to join us!
Many children had created bright buzzy bees, so we decided to read Mrs Chenault and Miss Siddorn's book 'Frida and the Bee'. It was perfect! Have you read that book yet? If not, I highly recommend it.  


Have a look at the pictures below, you may be inspired to use some of your home recycling to copy our ideas or create some of you own. 


Anyway, I hope you are all ok and keeping safe. I must admit, me and the other Year 2 teachers have been smile from ear to ear at all of the emails we have been receiving with photos of you working hard at home and most importantly, having fun doing lots of other activities. We've seen photos of gardening, den building, crafting, baking and exercising. It's been wonderful! Keep up the good work and keep smiling. 


Take care,


Mrs Welbourne smiley














Mrs Walden reads Bertha the Blubberer from David Walliams' World's Worst Children

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Mr Wolf's Pancakes read by Mrs Sheepy

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Teacher Update - 31.3.20


Hello Year 2! It's Miss Siddorn writing today. I hope you are all okay and have enjoyed the sunshine again today. Thank you so much to all those children who have emailed us with updates and work - it really does make our day to hear from you. If you would like to send us an email this week ( we would love to hear what you've been up to.


Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Welbourne have been having more fun with KS1 today. They have painted some suns to put in the children's windows along with their rainbows and have carried on with some dinosaur crafts making some 2D shape dinosaurs and some split pin dinosaurs. 



KS1 have also been having fun looking after the Reception tadpoles. I wonder if we will have some frogs soon?



Today I have been planning some art and craft activities that you might like to try over the next few weeks. Do you like my chicken collage? Check the Year 2 blog on Friday for information about how you can create your own.



It was my turn to read a story today (see below). I've read a book called Frida and the Bee that I made with Mrs Chenault. I hope you enjoy it! Maybe some of you could have a go at writing and illustrating a book while you're at home.


See you soon,


Miss Siddorn, Mrs Welbourne, Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Lloyd


p.s. Parents and Carers- There is a goo website called Epic Reading ( that offers lots of eBooks for free. If you would like access to the site, please send us an email ( with the subject line 'Epic Reading' and we will add your email to the site so you will get an access code sent to you.


Frida and the Bee - read by Miss Siddorn

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Teacher Update 30/3/20


Hello everyone,


It is Mrs Lloyd writing this update today.  I have enjoyed being in school today with Mrs Welbourne and Mrs Patterson and some Reception and KS1 children, although you are all greatly missed and we have been eagerly reading updates from home as to what you've been up to.


Today,  as well as completing our English and Maths activities in the morning, we created some Dinosaur Habitats and painted some dinosaurs based on our handprints. 


There are some photos of our work below.  Also below is this evening's poems from the classic story, Winne The Pooh read by Mrs Hodges and two fun games you might want to have a go out over the next few days.  Thank you Mrs Hodges!


See you soon

from Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Welbourne, Mrs Hawkins and Miss Siddorn 

Mrs Hodges reads from Winnie The Pooh

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Mrs Hodges and the Squiggles Game

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Mrs Hodges and the Alphabet Game

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A little Sunday message from your Year 2 Teachers :-)

A little Sunday message from your Year 2 Teachers :-) 1

Teacher Update 27/3/20


Hello everyone,


Mrs Hawkins here! I hope you enjoyed my story? It is such a lovely book!


We hope that you have had a brilliant week filled with lots of learning, fun with family and a little bit of time outside each day in the glorious sunshine! 


Today, Miss Siddorn has been sending lots more photos to teachers to show us what the KS1 children have been up to at school. The children at school have been busy making some Easter nests, which looked delicious! I wonder how many children have been lucky enough to do some baking/cooking at home with their families this week.


Chocolate Nests


The children at school have also been using their computing skills, by making Bee-Bots travel around a maze that they built. How clever!


Bee-Bot Maze


When Mr Hawkins and I haven't been working, we've been been making the most of being out in the sunshine. My little boy, Freddie, has really got in to gardening this week and he's helped us to start sorting our garden out. How many of you like gardening? It's very relaxing to be out in the garden.




We hope that you have a lovely, safe and relaxing weekend. Take care of yourselves!


Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Welbourne, Mrs Lloyd and Miss Siddorn.


Year Group Emails


We know that many of you have been busy completing the work and suggested activities that we have provided you in your packs! We are also trying to upload daily stories or fun activities to do at home. We have now set up a way that you can contact school and let us know what you have been learning about. Starting on Monday 30th March, you will be able to write to us each week, if you wanted to, by emailing the address below -


We look forward to hearing from you!


Miss Carter


Parents and Carers


Please note  -


This service is only set up for a place to share work with your class teacher. Any questions or problems must still be sent via the school office.


Each child can send one email per week (Monday to Friday) and the teacher will aim to respond within a week of the email being sent. Please put your class name as the subject e.g. 1MC


This is completely optional - please do not feel that you have to email your class teacher. It can also be used as and when you want to send work. 

Mrs Hawkins reads 'The Sea Saw'.

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I have a little helper at the beginning too! I hope you enjoy the story, it's one of my favourites.

Teacher Update - 26.3.20


Hello boys and girls! 

Mrs Welbourne here smiley I hope you are all ok and enjoying this extra special time with your family. I can see from all the emails we've been receiving that lots of you are working hard and most importantly, are happy and well. Keep them coming (see Miss Carter's message below about ways to email us) it really does make us smile! 


Today, Miss Siddorn has been keeping me and the other Year 2 staff updated with what she's been up to at school. The children who are attending school are enjoying some of their lessons outside in the beautiful sunshine - have you been able to get out in the sun? They've been finishing their rainbow paintings and their dragon eggbox designs. Aren't they super?!




They've also been doing 'PE with Joe Wicks' , are any of you enjoying doing that at home? Me and my little girl, Orla have been doing it every day, she's getting very good yes





Mrs Lloyd has been enjoying lots of time with her gorgeous dog, Roops, whilst working from home and Mrs Hawkins has been enjoying lots of time in the garden with her little boy, Freddie.


We've also been enjoying lots of time in the garden. The weather is making us super happy. We planted some cress seeds and they have started to sprout. Do you like Orla's cress head plant pot design? smiley Have you planted cress seeds before?




Today it was my turn to read a story, which I've attached below. I'm really missing reading stories so I hope you enjoy it!

Take care and I look forward to reading your emails. 

Mrs Welbourne smiley




Mrs Welbourne reads 'Sugarlump and the Unicorn' by Julia Donaldson

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Teacher Update - 25.3.20


Miss Siddorn and Miss Slater have been keeping the rest of the KS1 updated on the children and staff who are working at Coten End this week. Have a look below at an example of some fabulous outside Art work created today! It has been really lovely to hear some of your news from all those children working at home.  We teaching staff really do appreciate all of the news we have had so far, so keep it coming while we're on this extended school break, whether you're enjoying Go Noodle, Joe Wicks, 2Code or  lots of extra time with family! 


Below is my story for whoever would like to listen. Enjoy!  I wonder who will be reading tomorrow's story ?!



Miss Siddorn, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Welbourne and Mrs Hawkins  and all the Year 2 Team




Mrs Lloyd reading Let's Get a Pup by Bob Graham

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Teacher Update - 24.3.20


Miss Siddorn is spending this week in school looking after some of the children. She has had lots of fun painting rainbows, reading stories and making an egg box monster. 



When she's not at school, Miss Siddorn has started working on her 7th book with Mrs Chenault. This one is going to be all about quokkas (which are Miss Siddorn's favourite animal). She hasn't thought of a name for this little guy yet, so let her know if you have any good ideas!



One of the books Miss Siddorn read to the children at school today was 'The Lion Inside' by Rachel Bright. See the video below so you can listen too! All the teachers and teaching assistants are going to be uploading stories for you to listen to over the next few weeks so keep checking back to see them!


We hope you are all doing okay and are enjoying learning at home! 

See you soon,


Miss Siddorn, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Welbourne and Mrs Hawkins

Hello Year 2!


We hope you had a lovely weekend and will miss seeing all your faces tomorrow! We will update the Year 2  page every Monday with new tasks to keep you busy during the week. Please try your best to do at least a little bit of learning every day to keep your brains active and growing!


Keep your eye on this page throughout the week as we will try to keep your updated with what we are up to. We would love to hear from you too. For now, you can send any pictures and updates to the admin office ( and they will be passed onto us. We will try to respond to you as quickly as we can!


All of your learning tasks for this week are uploaded to the different subject pages under the new 'Home Learning' section of the Year 2 blog. Try to do as much of these as you can but we suggest spreading them out over the week!


We have also uploaded a list of useful websites (see separate tab) that you might want to use to help with your learning at home. Many of these are offering free subscriptions while schools are closed. We will try to keep them updated as we find out any more.


Enjoy the rest of your week, be safe and we’ll see you soon.


Miss Siddorn, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Welbourne and Mrs Hawkins