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Tuesday 12th January 

Using the photograph attached as a stimulus, we would like you to write one or two sentences about pandas.  This can be presented in a number of ways:
- print out the sheet attached and write on the lines (the sheet could then be glued into your book)
- print out the sheet attached, cut out the photograph, glue it into your book and write on the lines
- draw a picture of a panda in your book and write on the lines

First, talk with an adult to think of a simple sentence.  Next, sound out the first word, writing down each sound, one at a time and beginning the word with a capital letter if you can.  It would be a good idea to get the soundcard out of your folder to help you remember how to write each sound.  Leave a finger space and then sound out the next word.  Continue like this until you have written your whole sentence and finish with a full stop.

Wednesday 13th January

Can you find out about a panda's habitat using the internet and non-fiction books? Please draw a picture of a panda in it's natural habitat and upload it onto Tapestry.

Thursday 14th January

Please watch the video of 'Ping Won't Share'. Can you think of a time when someone hasn't shared something with you? How did it make you feel? Have you ever not shared something with someone? What did you do to make the situation better?


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Friday 15th January

Today we are going to a dough disco! This something we do in school to strengthen the muscles in our hands and fingers to better prepare us for writing. I have attached links to videos which explain the different moves. After that, you can just do the moves to any song you like dancing to the most! I have also attached a playdough recipe in case you don't have any at home. 

We would love to see a photograph or video of you doing dough disco!