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VE Day Activities

Hello Reception.


On Friday 8th May, it is a very special day for the whole country. It is a day called VE (Victory in Europe) Day, which marks the end of the Second World War 75 years ago. It is an important day to remember, even though you (and your parents) are too young to have experienced the war, we remember it because winning the war meant we have our freedom today!


Talk to your grown up about what the word Victory means.

Maybe you have some older people in your family who have stories about living through the war?  


Usually we'd have a Bank Holiday (day off school) and a big party to celebrate in style! But we are already not at school and we will have to have small parties with our families, which is just as special.


There is a special Powerpoint on this page, ask your grown up to read through it with you and show you the pictures about what happened on VE Day.


We hope you enjoy the activities

The Reception Team.