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Week beginning 21st September

Please see below for an outline of the planning, skills and activities that will be taught in Year 1 this week.



1 less – we will be finding one less in Maths this week.

This week will be using equipment such as counters or cubes to find ‘one less’. Children will then be recording this in the following way –


5 <---- 6


We will also practise completing puzzles, writing our numbers correctly and finding missing numbers in a number line up to 20.


In Literacy this week, we are practising our sentence writing. Last week, we learnt about capital letters and full stops. Use the pictures to complete some simple sentences. Encourage your child to say the sentence allowed, count the words, write and then check.


Use Phonics Play –


Username – march20

Password – home


Practise the Phase 2 and 3 sounds in the Flashcard Race.


This week we are focusing on the following spelling patterns –

C - Consonant 

V - Vowel


CCVC words - twin, spot and flat

CVCC words - such as bend, gift, soft

CCVCC words - such as stand, blots, print

CCCVCC words - such as string, streets


Tricky words – said, like, do, so, have, come, some

Learning theme

We have been starting our Music topic this week. We have been listening to some different pieces of music and trying to pick out the different instruments. 

Skills to practise

Letter Formation – capital letters and lower case

Number Formation


Reading words with this week’s sounds in (see Phonics)