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Wider Curriculum

June 2020 - Over the next few weeks, we will continue to upload a PSHE activity along with another area of Learning Theme in addition to core (Maths, English and Science).

As we have outlined before, there is no expectation for all to be completed especially if time is limited, however the PSHE sessions often highlight important issues that children would benefit from accessing. We recommend reading the activities we supply, and picking and choosing what you can manage. 

Thanks in advance, 

The Year 2 Team


Art - self-portraits W/C 22.6.20

PSHE Activity W/C 01/06/20

Design Technology activity W/C 18.05.20

WB 4.05.20

For this week’s wider curriculum activities, we would like you to focus on the VE celebration activities as listed below. Please email us with any of the wonderful activities you manage to complete, whether it be ones we’ve suggested or some of your own. Enjoy!