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Welcome to our Year 1 blog.

Come here for updates.



This week we have been preparing our Christmas Cards! We know it seems early but we will be bringing our designs home soon so that orders can be placed in time for them to arrive for Christmas! Please look out for them in our bags.


In Maths we have been concentrating on finding 1 less that a number and we have been using our lovely book 'Here We Are' as inspiration for our writing. In phonics, we have been learning about consonants and vowels and used this knowledge to read longer words with a consonant blend at the beginning and/or end, e.g. shrink


We have started the Taking Care Project in PSHE and will continue with this until half-term.

In music we have started to listen out for different instruments we can hear in pieces of music.




This week we have been enjoying our Art and creating our self-portraits. It has been fun deciding if we can work out who is who from the pictures!

In Maths we have been working on finding 1 more than a group of objects and we have been thinking about full stops and capital letters in English as well as our Curly Caterpillar letters in handwriting. We wondered if our Mums and Dads can form all of their letters correctly - maybe they could try and get us to check!

Spellings and homework are on the website tonight to be completed by Monday.

Another busy week in Year 1.



This week we have been working hard on counting accurately and forming our numbers correctly. In English we have been working really hard on using capital letters and full stops. This is quite tricky to remember but we will be doing lots of it over the coming weeks! In art, we have had fun mixing the primary colours and looking at work by Vincent Van Gough.

We are settling into Year 1 routines and getting to grips with all of the hard work! 

Now we all need a relaxing weekend! 

Welcome back everyone!


It has been an absolute pleasure seeing everyone return to school this week and the children have settled in brilliantly.

We have already started thinking about number formation and counting sets of objects in Maths this week and have started our phonics learning. In English we have considered nouns and added some to sentences. Our handwriting is already coming along nicely!


Next week we will be starting our PE sessions by checking ALL KIT IS NAMED.

1MC will do PE on Monday, 1CS on Tuesday and 1DW on Wednesday. 


Reading and homework will be starting in the next couple of weeks when we have all settled back into routines so please watch this space for further information regarding that.


For now, have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday!

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