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Week ending 27th January


We have had a BONZA Australia Day in school! We prepared for the Aussie Summer with sunglasses and sunhats at the ready. Dominique from 'Zoo Lab' came to visit us with a range of Australian animals. We met Sara the stick insect, Talulah the tarantula and their friends in the morning. We had the opportunity to see, stroke and hold the animals, learn about their habitats and lots of fun facts. Some of us were really brave and our teachers were really impressed. During the day, we also made some Australian crafts. We created some beautiful boomerang designs and made our own paper chain snakes. In the afternoon, we 'flew' back home just in time for home time!

Week ending 20th January


We have continued with our Australian Learning Theme 'Wombat Stew' in Year 1 this week. In English, we have been using the text 'Possum Magic' to write some sentences and complete some Guided Reading activities. The main character in the story tasted some traditional Australian treats in the book which inspired us to make Vegemite sandwiches! We wrote some instructions on how to make them and then tasted them! Some of us loved them and some of us did not...!


In Maths, we have been practising our number bonds to 10 and 20. These are so important! We have also started to use these when solving addition problems.


In Music, we listened to a calm Aboriginal lullaby. We followed the pulse using different parts of our body. We really enjoyed listening to the music. We have also continued to learn our aboriginal dance with Suzanne on Thursday morning. In Geography this week, we have learnt about the continents of the world. We discussed different places that we have travelled to and looked at them on a map.

Week ending 13th January 2023


Another busy week in Year 1! In English, we have been learning about question marks and have been looking for them in the texts that we read. In Maths, we have been learning how to add two numbers by counting on. We have learnt how to use a number line and enjoyed learning a new skill. 


In Science, we have continued our learning about how we can look after animals. This week, we built some hedgehog houses - we hope we shall have some spiky visitors on the weekend! In PSHE this week, we have been starting our new Jigsaw topic - Goals and Dreams. Our teachers challenged us to make our own crowns using paper. We had to listen carefully to the instructions. Some of us worked collaboratively with a partner which our teachers enjoyed seeing! We were learning to persevere when we met a challenge and to understand that it is ok to make mistakes when we are learning.



Week ending 6th January


Happy New Year! We hope you all managed to have a restful Christmas and a good break with your families. Despite having a short week at school, we have managed to fit in lots in Year 1 in three days!


In Maths, we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have been looking at the patterns these numbers make on a 100 square and even tried counting backwards! We have started our brand new learning theme - Wombat Stew. This topic is all about Australia! We have all created our new topic book covers using a traditional dot painting technique. We will be learning more about this style in our Art lessons next week. We also started our 'Aboriginal Dance' lessons which really enjoyed. We will have these weekly this half term and continue to build on our dance skills and learn about the importance of this traditional dance.


In Science, we made a booklet about 'How to Care for a Pet'. We were lucky enough to have a visit from Bessie - our school dog (and Mrs Sheepy's pet!). She told us all about how she cares for Bessie and we were all very impressed with how well Bessie behaved in our lessons. 



Week ending 16th December

What a wonderful final week of term the children have had! In DT, they each made a Gruffalo crumble, following a recipe and weighing the ingredients. Most enjoyed the taste! Thank you for your support at home in cooking their finished crumbles. The trip to Banbury Theatre to see ‘The Gruffalo’ was so very special for them and then on Friday, our Year 1 party and the joyful KS1 Christmas sing-a-long ended the school festivities. 
We wish you all a very happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you in January.

Week ending 9th December 

Our Christmas festivities continued this week and included, ‘Story time with Santa,’ Christmas Lunch and the Year 1 Christingle performances. The children loved making their own Christingles, finding out about the significance of each part and learning the songs. In preparation for our Gruffalo crumble, the children have been learning how to cut fruit safely using the ‘Bridge method.’

Week ending 2nd December

This week started with a special visit from ‘Dotty,’ a gorgeous Jackapoo puppy. The children had lots of interesting questions about how to care for a new puppy such as what she ate and what was her favourite toy. In Maths this week we have looked at number bonds within 9, 8 and 7 using the practical equipment, and then writing the number bonds in order in our books. In preparation for our Gruffalo Crumble, we have been learning about where food comes from and the different food groups. Year 1 have very much enjoyed English this week as we have been inventing and drawing our own monster called a ‘Snuffalo.’ The children then thought of interesting words to describe their monster.

Week ending 25th November

This week in Maths the children have been looking at number bonds to 10 using Numicon and Ten’s Frames to help with their understanding. Our English focus this week has been the suffix - ‘ed.’ The children practised changing verbs into the past tense using the suffix ‘ed’ and then put them into sentences. In Science we have been finding out about mammals and on Friday we were lucky to have a visit from some mammals that help humans. Two guide dogs for the blind called Brody and Frankie came to Year 1. The children listened carefully as their owners explained the valuable work that guide dogs do, and answered the children’s questions. Christmas festivities have also started at Coten End and our week ended with a real treat, a trip to the Christmas Fair to play games, complete craft activities and win lots of prizes!

Week ending 18th November

After a busy first week of our new phonics groups, the children have settled really well and are developing their skills.

In computing, we have been learning about algorithms and computer 'bugs.' The children enjoyed following an algorithm to create a funny face on the Tate Paint programme.

Week ending 11th November

As part of our RE topic this term the children will be learning about the Christian faith. We were very lucky to have the Reverend Eira Hale from St. Nicholas’ Church in Warwick visit us. She talked to the children about important Christian symbols and objects and what Christians believe about God.

In Science the children have been learning about birds. They thoroughly enjoyed making bird feeders using lard, muesli and seeds. The bird feeders are now hung up around the field and we hope to spot many different types of birds feeding from them. Each class has a bird spotting chart and binoculars for the children to use, it will be interesting to see which bird is the most common.

On Friday the children observed the Remembrance Day two minutes silence and for Wakey, wakey work, wrote their own sentences.

Week ending 4th November

Welcome back Year 1! 


We have had a busy first week back including a visit from Leamington Fire Brigade. They talked to the children about the importance of fire alarms and how to keep safe. Mrs Doncaster even dressed up as a firefighter! In Phonics, we began to introduce Phase 5 and the children were very excited to learn about split-digraphs! Our Science topic this term is looking at fish, birds, mammals and reptiles. The children loved observing a dead trout, feeling it's scales and looking in detail with a magnifying glass at it's anatomy! We have started our 'Celebrating Differences' topic as part of our PSHE and will be looking at similarities and differences in the wweks to come.

Week ending 14 October

Another very busy week in Year One.

It was lovely to welcome parents into school for Parents Evening. It is a long time since we have had face-to-face meetings to discuss children's work and it was brilliant that parents could look through the books to see the work the children have been doing. Most parents were amazed at how much work the children have managed to complete in such a short space of time and the progress they have made since the beginning of term.

In Maths we continued to cement our work on addition and subtraction and in English we continued our focus on tricky words and finding them in selected pieces of text. We enjoyed an Autumn walk looking out for signs of the new season in Science and thinking about all the changes taking place in the natural world. Work on ball skills carried on in PE with a focus on chest passes and underarm throws.

We hope you enjoy a restful weekend.

Year One Team

Week ending 7th October, 2022


This week, Year 1 have been busy working on a pictorial method of subtraction in Maths. In Science, they have looked at collecting data linked to eye colour and discussed what they found out. PSHE has focused on our protective behaviours curriculum - The Taking Care Project - and will continue until the end of this half-term.

We have enjoyed watching some clips of a full orchestra playing and managed to identify lots of the instruments that we saw last week on our visit. We learned about the job of the conductor and played some call and response games.

We have continued to work on our skills of touch pad control on the Chromebooks through the creative website 'Tate Art'. Having enough control to make a portrait look like ourselves was a tricky challenge! 

See the website below if you'd like to explore this further at home.


Orchestral workshops and computing photos (week 4)

Week ending 30 September, 2022

It's hard to believe that the children have completed their first month in Year One! If you've managed to look at the newsletter yet, you will see what a marvellous time Year One enjoyed at an orchestral workshop held on Friday at Warwick Junior School. The children were able to have a go at making sounds with saxophones, trombones, drums, bassoons and cellos (see photos). Brilliant fun was had by all! 

We continued with our work on addition in Maths and also completed the Phonic assessments. Hygiene was the topic is Science and we thought about ways to keep ourselves clean and healthy. We made some Christmas cards in Art and you should by now, have had a copy of your child's card in order for you to place an order, if you wish to do so. We need orders back in school next week.

In PSHE we started the Taking Care Project and in Computing the children learned how to use a paint program Tate Art (see photos) and developed their mouse control.

Have a great weekend.

Year One Team 

Hello everyone,

Another busy week in Year One. Obviously, the week started with the funeral of the late Queen which meant we had an extra day off so our weekly spelling test was on Tuesday instead of Monday. Most of the children were really excited about the Test and all of the children tried really hard, we are super proud of them. They also completed their first Year One homework, a great achievement.

Our Maths focus has been on addition using Tens frames to calculate (we uploaded a simple game onto our google classroom pages to supplement this) and we continue to practise sentence writing and CVC words in Literacy as well as some simple comprehension based questions. We have been looking at texture in Art and how this can be achieved in 2D work. The children enjoyed using pastels to 'stipple' and 'cross-hatch' (ask the children to explain). We then examined some of the work of Van Gogh such as A Starry Night and his very famous Sunflowers. The importance of exercise has been the topic in Science and we talked about things we can do to keep our bodies healthy. We also carried out an investigation to see what happened to our bodies when we exercise. Recognising common uses of information technology in the world around us has been the topic in Computing.

Phew, what a busy week but the children seem to be adapting brilliantly.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Year One Team






This is the place where we will up-date you on what we have been doing in class and give information on any trips or special events that have taken place.


A very warm welcome to you all, we are delighted to be working with your children and yourselves over the coming year.

We approach the end of our first full week at school and it has, as always been super busy! The children are settling into their new routines and the year one curriculum and have done really well. 

Obviously, it has been an unusual start to the year with the death of Queen Elizabeth II. We have been talking about this in class, looking a photographs and books and discussing the forthcoming events. The children have also helped to write a message for our condolence book. Everyone has listened very carefully and children have asked lots of relevant questions. 

In English we have been revising Phonics sounds, revisiting strategies for writing sentences and having a go at writing too. A focus has been on using the tricky words he and she in our writing and orally rehearsing sentences. In Maths we have been assessing the children's knowledge and we will be working on addition next week using 10s frames and the circles method. The human body and healthy foods have been the topics in Science and we have been impressed with the children's knowledge of which foods are healthy and which foods we should eat only occasionally. The children have loved trying to guess the objects on Explorify. A zoomed in photograph of an object (the tip of a banana this week) is shown and the children have to try and guess what the object is. We then zoom out a little at a time until the object is revealed. In Art we have been thinking about primary and secondary colours and painting a colour wheel.

The children have really enjoyed using their ball skills in PE this week - rolling, throwing and catching and stopping the ball with our foot.

FIRST SPELLING TEST IS ON TUESDAY. Spellings can be found on google classroom or Spelling Shed. You should have received the log-in details from your child's teacher.

Have a super weekend and remember we are not at school on Monday.

Year One Team