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Year 1

Week Beginning 4.4.22


This week we have had a very exciting week! Year One have been on their trip to the British Motor Museum. We made Lego cars and tested them on different ramps, went on a 99 year old bus made from wood, and had some time to explore the museum and look at the amazing cars! Have a look at some photos below.


We hope you all have a lovely Easter, each some nice chocolate and have a good rest ready for a busy summer term!

Week beginning 21st March 2022


Year 1 enjoyed a concert from the Heath String Quartet this week. Some children did a wonderful job of conducting them and they all listened attentively and answered some questions. 

In English, we have been looking at conjunctions and how to use them in a sentence. We had fun in Science using 'wind energy' to power our little boats and in PSHE we thought about how different things can be healthy or unhealthy for our bodies.




Week beginning 14.3.22


This week has been science week! We have had a very exciting week and done science every afternoon. Our week included meeting a real life scientist and completing a robot workshop, researching a famous scientist Mary Anning and making posters about her, the science fair and an investigation into handspan and age. We had a great week.


On Wednesday we also had a sports morning where Olympic swimmer Joe Roebuck came into school to do a sports workshop with us. We had a great time! To top off the week we also had Red Nose Day on Friday where we raised lots of money for charity as well as getting the chance to visit the Coten End Market and purchased some toys and books donated to school to raise money.


Have a look at some of the photos of some of our science projects below.

Week Beginning 28.2.22


Welcome back children! We have all missed you and are very excited to welcome you back to school and learn all about vehicles in our new learning theme 'Excellent Engines'. We have got lots of interesting things planned for this half term and are looking forward to all the new learning ahead.


Our PSHE unit this half term is called 'Healthy Me' and we have been learning all about keeping healthy, keeping our bodies and hands clean and learning how to kill germs using soap when we was our hands. We have also been beginning to learn about different religions in our RE this half term all about the feeling of belonging and what it means to belong to a faith community.

Last two weeks of Spring 1


The last two weeks have been very busy in Y1! We have finished our wombat booklets, creating front covers, contents pages and publishing these booklets. We are very proud of them.


We have also been away for the day on our Y1 trip to Australia! When we arrived at school we showed our passports, checked into security and boarded the plane to Australia! We then had an inflight snack and drink before landing in sunny Australia. We visited the beach and played in the sand and water. We then climbed up Ayres Rock and had a great view of the surrounding area before climbing back down and visiting a wombat burrow. Finally, we completed some Australian artwork before Angie and her animals came into school to show us some interesting animals from around the world.

Week beginning 31.1.22


This week we have been learning so many exciting things! We have been gathering information about wombats and started writing our very own Wombat booklets! We have worked so hard on these and we cannot wait to show these to our grown ups at home once we have finished them.


In maths we have been learning about weight using objects we found around the classroom. We then weighed these using balance scales and non-standard units of measurement such as multilink cubes. 


In science we have had a very exciting week. We have been learning about ice and carried out an ice investigation where we froze animals in ice and had to rescue them using salt, foil, spoons and other equipment to see how we could make the ice melt quickly.

24th January 2022


This week, Year 1 have enjoyed using the Code-a-pillars to develop their skills in coding. We have had fun using the app to help us learn how the blocks of code create an algorithm and also had a go at write code for our friends to follow!

In Maths we have been learning to use non-standard units of measure and we have started to learn about the features of non-fiction texts in English. We have made a glossary for our Wombat non-fiction texts.

In Science, we have been experimenting with ice to find out where it melted the fastest. We ended up with some very chilly hands!



Welcome to the Spring Term!


Although the weather outside is feeling more wintery than Spring like, Year 1 have been very busy bees so far this term. See what they've been up to below:


In Year 1 we have been using number lines in our Maths lessons to work out addition calculations and solve problems with missing numbers. We are getting on really well jumping along carefully.

In our English lessons, we have been busy thinking about questions we want to know the answers to about Australia and reading lots of Australian stories, like Wombat Stew.


PE has been great fun as we are learning Aboriginal dancing. Some of our teachers' moves look really funny!

In our Jigsaw lessons, we have started thinking about Dreams and Goals and had a lovely assembly altogether to learn about the new topic.


We are loving learning about the continents in Geography and have a fun song to help us remember. This is the link if you want to listen: 




Final two weeks of Autumn term

Phew what a few weeks this has been!

We had a marvellous visit to the theatre in Banbury to see The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the children were awestruck by the amazing puppets who told the stories. It is a venue which is new to the school but one which we definitely hope to return to as it is so intimate and the childen can get close to the performers.

Each class invited parents in to their Christingle performance and the children sang some beautiful Christmas carols. They even signed the carol Little Donkey using Makaton which took quite a long time to learn but what a marvellous learning experience. We had some beautiful solos, confident musicians accompanying the Calypso Carol and a beautiful explanation of the meaning of Christingle from the vicar of Warwick Baptist Church who encouraged us to think about ways of giving presents to others that don't actually cost any money. 'We could just be kind to each other', said one little girl.

Christmas lunch was enjoyed by all and the food was amazing. The children particularly enjoyed the 'pigs in blankets' even though some of them had never eaten them before. Then followed the Christmas party which was a huge success and it was wonderful to see the beautiful party outfits, the children enjoying the games and feasting on the snacks.

Santa visited at the end of the week to read a story, simply magical. 

We would like to wish you all a peaceful and merry Christmas and we would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support this term and the beautiful and generous gifts you have given to us.

We can't wait to hear all the children's Christmas stories.

Mrs Walker, Mrs Whitehall, Mrs Stanley and Mrs Doncaster

Welcome to our Year 1 blog.

Come here for weekly updates.

Week beginning 15.11.21


We have had some very exciting visitors in school this week, and we don't just mean the parents for our 'Come and Learn'! The bunnies came to visit us in Science as a part of our learning on different classes of animals. We have investigated the structure of fish, amphibians and reptiles and this week studied the bunnies. 

Our Guided Reading has been based on 'Tiddler' by Julia Donaldson and we have thought about how Tiddler was feeling at different points of the story.

Maths has been about partitioning into tens and ones and our parents came to see us in action on Wednesday and Thursday.

Week beginning 8.11.21


This week we have been making bird feeders to encourage the birds into our school grounds. We hung them on the trees outside Year 1 so that we could observe the birds using them. We made a tally chart showing the birds that came to visit.

We had a visit from the Fire Service to help us stay safe and they gave us some very important messages. 

We enjoyed reading The Snail and the Whale in Guided Reading sessions.



Week beginning 1.11.21


Welcome back everyone. We hope you had a restful half-term.

This week in Year 1, we have been enjoying learning about partitioning a number into tens and ones in Maths.

We have started reading 'The Gruffalo' in our English lessons and have done some lovely writing about him.

We have been appraising some music, and clapping, dancing and moving along to the pulse and listening to the pitch of some notes.

In our PSHE lesson, we thought about how we are the same in some ways as a part of our Celebrating Difference Jigsaw unit.

Have a happy and safe Bonfire night.

Week beginning 11.10.21


This week we have been consolidating our learning in addition and subtraction and we used the pictorial method of drawing circles to help us do this. In English, we were focusing on full stops and capital letters when writing sentences and ensuring we orally rehearsed them before writing. We also went on a very exciting trip to St John's Museum in Warwick. This was part of our History learning about old and new toys.


Have a look at some photos of our fabulous trip!