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Week Ending Friday 18th September 2020


Another very busy week in Year Two with lots of fun learning.


We have completed making our 'Adinkra stamps' ready for printing on our T-shirts next week.


In Science we have been learning about different habitats and thinking about what each habitat provides for the animals that live there, including shelter, food and a safe place to raise their young.


In English we have been practising recognising and using nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs that end in 'ly' or 'ily'


In Maths we have been partioning two-digit numbers in different ways, trying to work in a methodical way, making the number practically with the dienes,  for example, 45 = 40 + 5  or 30 + 15 or 20+ 25 or 10 + 35.


Wishing everyone a good weekend, ready for another busy jam-packed week next week. 

Week Ending Friday 11th September 2020


Well done to all of the Year 2 children for all their hard work in this first full week at school - they have really settled in well and are working hard.


We have finished our new 'Awesome Africa' theme book covers using oil pastels to experiment with texture and creating some wonderful 'African Animal ' pattern artwork. We have also been comparing traditional and modern Adinkra printing and designing our own patterns ready to make our printing stamps next week. 


In English we have been learning to recognise nouns, adjectives and verbs and using an online thesaurus to find alternative words we like.   We have also been reading 'The Ugly Five' by Julia Donaldson which has some excellent vocabulary in it.


In Maths we have been making two -digit numbers using Dienes and drawing them in our books, as well as recapping on counting forwards and backwards in twos and recognising Odd and Even numbers.


We also did Animal yoga in PE as well as Athletics skills and ball skills, all of which we will continue next week.

Have a fabulous and restful weekend.

Year Two