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We are deep into our new topic, 'Blue Planet' and are really enjoying learning about the 5 Oceans and the creatures that live in call them home. We hope you enjoyed having the chance to look at our books this week, we are really proud of all of our work - we hope you are too!


In Maths this week, we have been using arrays to help us solve division questions by finding 'groups' within a number. We have liked learning a new method to solve division calculations and even managed to solve some division word problems by the end of the week. We have also learnt how to add three single digits and find their total. Our teachers encouraged us to look for numbers that made number bonds that we already knew!


In English, we have continued to practice writing accurately in the past tense - next week, we will be using the skills that we have learnt to rewrite a short clip from the film 'Finding Nemo'.


We have loved doing some experiments this week in Science. We predicted what would happen if we mixed water, oil and bicarbonate of soda together...can you guess what happened? To research the impact of acidic sea waters on coral, we investigated what happens to egg shell when you place it in vinegar overnight... ask us what we found out...! We really need to make sure we look after the coral reefs and all the amazing wildlife in them!




Another busy week in Year 2. We have been working hard to show our teachers everything we have learnt so far in our Maths and English lessons - our teachers are very proud of us!


We are really enjoying our new topic 'Blue Planet' and we have been learning about the problem of 'Plastic Pollution'. We have been looking at ways that we can reduce our single use plastics by using refillable water bottles and 'bag for life' bags when we go shopping. Do you know it takes over 20 years for a plastic bag to decompose?!


We decided to do a litter survey in our Geography lessons this week. We walked around the Lower School Playground and Wildlife Way. We used a tally chart to find out which materials we found. Can you predict what we found out? Plastic was our most common material! We now need to think about what we can do to improve things... We have become very passionate about Saving our Planet!



Happy New Year Everyone!! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas break with your families and had a well deserved break.


It has only been a short 3 day week but we have managed to cram in a lot of learning already!


In English, we have been learning about using the suffix 'ed' to write in the past tense. We enjoyed writing about our Christmas Holidays and what we all got up to. We have taken some photos of some of our news writing from 2MC. We are working hard to remember when to add 'ed' to our root word when writing in the past tense.


In Maths, we have enjoyed learning about arrays! We used counters to create arrays and then have learnt how to present these pictorially. Did you know that addition and multiplication are both commutative? Try asking your child if they can remember what this word means?


We are really looking forward to learning more about our new learning theme, 'Blue Planet' which we have started this week. Check on Google Classroom for more information and websites for more information.



2CS started the week with their Christmas concert and it sounded wonderful - well done to them.


On Tuesday, we took a trip back to 1666 on our History Theme day.  We had great fun having our own Great Fire and burning our Tudor houses.   We also made some 'fire art'  and wrote with quills, which was very tricky.


This week was a very fun Christmassey week! We had our Christmas lunch, Christmas party AND Storytime with Santa

We learned about hues, tints and shades in Art, by adding different amounts of white and black to make our hue lighter and darker. We used this to make our new theme topic book Artwork Blue Planet.

We ended the week with Christmas jumper day and toy day and played with our friends.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year with your families. Stay Safe and we will be back with more news in 2022.





2MC and 2SL have now have our Christmas concerts and it was great to have our family members watching on Thursday and Friday of this week.  2CS are looking forward to theirs on Monday afternoon.


In English we finished writing our non-fiction style information texts about the Magical Firebirds and wrote bout their diet, habitat and special powers.


In Maths we were learning about 2-D shapes and their properties and had fun using an i-pad camera to check our answers.


In Science, we investigated how to make a paper bridge stronger so it could carry more weight. No sellotape was allowed!

We made the paper more rigid by folding it in different ways. 


2SL also made their diva lamps this week to finish off our learning unit about Hindus and Diwali.  We talked about other festivals people celebrate as well where light is important, like Christmas, Eid and Chinese New Year.





In Maths we have carried on learning about fractions and we have been finding a half, a quarter, two-quarters and three quarters of quantities.


We have all been practising the Christmas songs for our class concert next week and the music and lyrics are on google classroom if you want to practise some more!


In  RE,  we have been learning about what Hindus believe about Brahman, the Supreme God of Hindu.  Some of us have finished our work about Hindus and made Diva lamps  when learning about the Hindu story of Rama and Sita and about why Diwali is special to Hindus. Some of us will be making our lamps next week.


In English, we described the Firebird from the story and imagined seeing it for the first time.


We had another fun end to the week, with a fabulous time at the Friends Christmas Fair where we won lots of prizes. It was very exciting.


A big thank you to all our families for helping us make the  Stuart/ Tudor houses ready for our 'Great Fire' on our theme day. 


Have a lovely weekend,

from the Year 2 children and teachers



In Maths we have started work on fractions and loved making halves and quarters out of playdough shapes.


This week in Reading, we started reading the Firebird by Mairi Mackinnon  and carried on reading The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson.


In Science we worked in groups and tested the strength of different papers. It was lot of fun.


In History we got to pretend we were Christopher Wren and drew our own architect's plan of what London should look like after the Great Fire and follow some rules to make London better protected from another fire.


We ended the week with our non-uniform day and brought in prizes for the Friends chocolate tombola.


Stay warm this weekend!

from the Year 2 children and teachers



We began the week with a special visitor in assembly, who talked to us about the Five Pillars of Islam and showed us about how Muslims pray and about giving to charity.


This week in History, we found out what happened in the Great  Fire of London   - we sequenced the events on a time-line. Did you know that the fire lasted for 4 days? We looked at some of the reasons the fire spread so quickly and talked about what it was like for Fire fighters in the 17th Century.


In Maths we have practising recalling addition and subtraction  number facts up to 20 and using these to help us work out missing number problems.


In Gymnastics, we have practised jumping, balancing and  holding shapes. We enjoyed leaping off the apparatus!


This week in PSHE  we talked about Anti-Bullying Week, which is called 'One Kind Word' this year.  We also made a poster that had to include a 'Kindness' quote from an author. 


In English we practised writing different sentence types and wrote a letter to Guy Fawkes from Robert Catesby.


In Science we carried on looking at different materials and their properties.  We investigated how we can change the shape of materials by bending , squashing, stretching and twisting.  


We ended the week with the Children in Need Cake Sale - and ate some delicious cakes!


Have a relaxing weekend

from the Year 2 children and teachers


This week in History, we time-travelled back to the Year 1666 when an important event took place.  Do you know what it was? A dusty mystery suitcase appeared full of clues.  We looked at the historical sources  and thought of questions we'd like to ask about our new History topic.


In Maths we have practising addition and subtraction and solving some problems using pictures.


In PE, we have practised balances and shapes in Gymnastics  and in Circuit training, we practised different activities that all had jumping in them.  It was fun using the stopwatches but a bit complicated too. 


Our Jigsaw learning this half term is 'Celebrating Difference' and in pairs, we talked about things we had in common with our partner and wrote it on a shield. 


In English we made a 'Found' Bonfire Night Poem, using words and phrase we collected from a story we read and rearranging them into a poem.  There were some tricky words  like 'cacophony of noise' that we learned too. 


In Science we carried on looking at different materials and their properties.  We investigated some natural and man-made materials and what they are used for. 


Have a lovely weekend

from the Year 2 children and teachers




This week we had school photographs and also our flu immunisations.


We did our topic covers for our new theme, 'Flames and Fireworks' and you can see some examples in the photos.


In the playground, lots of us have been improving our skipping skills and love two feet skipping, hopscotch skipping and running skipping. 


In Maths we have practising multiplying and dividing and solving some problems using pictures.


Materials is our new Science topic and we have been sorting different materials and practising using the right Science vocabulary to describe them.  Did you know the difference between  translucent and transparent


In History we have been learning about the Gunpowder Plot. Did you know that Robert Catesby was the ringleader of the plot and not Guy Fawkes?  Guy Fawkes was the expert in explosives. 


Have a great weekend

From Year Two



This week was teacher assessment week for us and we did some  Maths quizzes  independently as well as a Phonics quiz and a Science quiz.  Our teachers were very impressed with how hard we tried.


We also read the book 'Why Elephant has a Trunk'  and  sequenced the events in the story.  We wrote some sentences to describe the setting and the main character, trying to use expanded noun phrases, full sentences and conjunctions.


It was really lovely to welcome some of our families into school to share some Reading and Phonics with us in our 'Come and Learn ' workshop.  We want to say a big thank you to all our families for helping us with our learning.


Wishing you a relaxing half term


from the Year 2 children and Staff







The highlight of this week was cooking our modified version of the West African dish Jollof rice -  each group chose to add either lentils or chickpeas for extra protein and some extra of our favourite vegetables. Some of us even added some extra smoked paprika for added spiciness. We practised the bridge and claw methods of cutting foods and also used graters and peelers. There are many different recipes of Jollof rice available and the one we adapted is the one you can find on this half term's knowledge organise for those of you that want to make it at home. 


We also had a visit from Reverend Kevin to help celebrate our Harvest Assembly.


In Science we have been learning about simple food chains as part of our work on Living Things and their habitats.


In English we have been practising extending and joining short sentences using different conjunctions.


In Maths we have been practising methods for multiplication and division.




We ended the week with a fabulous Music assembly, with children from Warwick School playing woodwind and string instruments for us. What a treat!


In PSHE we talked about good strategies for helping us if we feel worried.


In Science we have carried out a 'woodlice investigation' to see which habitat they preferred, then recorded our results in a pictogram. We had some interesting results.


In English we did our last piece of work on Meerkat Mail and wrote a postcard from Sunny to his Mum and Dad to tell them all about Madagascar.


In Maths we have been partioning two-digit numbers in different ways, using diennes to help.





 The highlights of our week this week have been our African workshops for dance and drumming on Tuesday and making our Adinkra stamp t-shirts in Art.  You can see some photos below. 


In Science we have been learning about ADAPTATION and how living things adapt to survive in their environment. 


Our English this week has been linked to the story 'Meerkat Mail' by Emily Gravett and we have been thinking of questions to ask Sunny the meerkat. 


In Maths we have been continuing our work on adding and subtracting pictorally by drawing Tens and ones.


In DT we learned about where food comes from and also learned about why we should eat a variety of different foods to stay healthy, ready for cooking Jollof rice next week.





We have had a very learning-packed few weeks so far this half term in Year 2.  Today we ended the week with some fun language quizzes to celebrate European Languages Day 2021.

Last week we went on a Geography fieldtrip around St Nic’s park to look at human and physical features.

In Science we have been learning about living thing and their habitats and this week we went on a minibeast hunt to see which micro habitats we could find.  We found the most under the logs, under and on bark and in the soil.

In Maths last week we used Dienes to add 2-digit numbers and then drew these in our books as pictures. This week we subtracted using Dienes and then drew the pictures in our books.

In Art we have designed our Adinkra stamps and will be making them next week ready to print on our T-shirts. You can see some examples of our designs attached.

In English we have been learning how to use an online thesaurus to find synonyms and also practised identifying nouns, adjectives, verbs and even adverbs.