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Week Beginning 28.11.22


This week has been very busy in Year 2. We have been learning about the Great Fire of Warwick and some of us have been on  a walk around Warwick to learn about the fire with Mrs Pope. In our History lessons we will be learning about this some more. In Maths, we have been learning about fractions. We had a very exciting lesson learning about halves using jaffa cakes, chocolate and play dough to represent half of different shapes. We have begun some brilliant writing based on the book called The Firebird. We are going to be writing our own non-fiction texts based on this interesting and exciting bird!

Week Beginning 7.11.22


This week Year 2 we have been very busy. We have made our topic book covers for our new learning theme and they look amazing! We collaged red, yellow and orange tissue paper onto our background to look like flames and then cut out a silhouette of London’s skyline to recreate the Great Fire of London. Have a look at some examples below. In Maths, we have been learning about division. We have talked about the different symbols, key words and method and solved lots of tricky word problems. In Computing, we have been learning about algorithms and debugging. We started to create our own algorithms for BeeBots. In our English lessons we have enjoyed learning about poetry and have created some of our very own found poems.

Week Beginning 1.11.22


This week we started our new learning theme called Flames and Fireworks. We are very excited about this topic and have lots of new things to explore and learn! In our English lessons we have been retelling the story of How the Elephant Got his Trunk and writing this as an extended piece of writing including all our skills we learnt before half term including expanded noun phrases and conjunctions. In RE we have began learning about Hinduism and asked some questions about the religion which we will find out the answers to as we explore our RE topic further. In History, we have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot and are all very excited to see some fireworks in real life at the weekend!

Week Beginning 17.10.22


This week in Year Two has been extremely busy! All the classes have been planning, cooking and evaluating their Jollof Rice this week. We all enjoyed cooking the rice dish and we practised using the bridge method of chopping to safely cut all of our vegetables up. Once we had chopped everything up we began to cook our vegetables, rice chickpeas and add our sauce and spices. Some of us were a little apprehensive to try the rice but we all were brave and tasted what we had cooked and most of us really enjoyed eating it! We have put the recipe on Google Classroom in case you would like to make this at home over half term.


Thank you to all the parents and carers that came to our reading Come and Learn sessions this week. We really enjoyed having you in school to demonstrate the key skills in reading and developing comprehension. We hope you enjoyed your trip into school and it was a useful experience.


We also had our Harvest Festival this week. On Wednesday morning, all of Year Two took part in the Harvest Festival assembly singing the songs we had learnt and been practising as well as listening to a talk from our local church reverend Kevin about the meaning of harvest.


On Thursday after school, some of the children in the eco and charity committee helped organise and run a pumpkin event in school to raise money.

Week Beginning 10.10.22


This week has been very exciting! On Wednesday Year 2 had their Awesome Africa theme day. They were very lucky to have some special visitors come in to teach African drumming and African dance. The drumming was very loud (!) but the children were all experts by the end. Year 2 were taught about the importance of drumming in how people communicate and how to work together to create a rhythm. During the dance workshop, children were exploring the story of the Harvest, and told a story of a boy catching a fish through dance. This got everyone ready for the Harvest Festival next week! 

Week Beginning 3.10.22


In Year Two this week we have had lots of exciting opportunities to learn new things. In our science we have started learning about food chains, we spoke about the different animals and what we thought they would like to eat and then tried to organise these into food chains. We learnt that the arrow shows the transfer of energy in a food chain.


We have also continued with our Adinkra Artwork. 2RS have started printing their designs onto fabric. We enjoyed doing this and first had a practise in our sketch books. Look out for an exciting display of our artwork around school soon!


In Geography we recapped what human and physical features are. We then tried to place different features on a map of Africa in the correct place.


In Maths, we have continued our learning on place value and partitioning this week.

Week Beginning 26.9.22


This week we have been learning some more about Adinkra Artwork and we have made our very own Adinkra stamps. We will use these next week to print patterns onto calico fabric which we will display in school. It was quite messy, we used string, PVA glue and cardboard to create our own stamps. We had to ensure that we used enough glue to stick the string down properly so it doesn't come off when we stamp it next week.


In maths we have been practising our skills in addition and subtraction where the calculations are all mixed up. We had to carefully ensure we circled the symbol and worked out our calculation very carefully. We have been learning about different sentence types in English and have learnt about questions, exclamations, statements and commands.

Week Beginning 19.9.22


This week in Y2 we have been learning about verbs in our English lessons. We now know lots of different types of words including: verbs, nouns (proper nouns) and adjectives. We have even learnt about past tense verbs and how to change a verb into the past tense. In our maths we have been learning how to subtraction using dienes this week. We have been learning about habitats in science. This week was very exciting because we went on a habitat walk around school to search for micro habitats. We looked under rocks, under logs, in the grass and in the mud to find different insects that live in micro habitats around school.

Week Beginning 12.9.22


This week we have been learning about addition in maths. We have used the dienes to help us practically make the numbers and calculate our answers and then moved on to pictorially drawing our calculations in our books by drawing the dienes underneath each calculation. In English we have been learning about nouns and adjectives, we have been exploring the different types of nouns including names of people, places, things, animals and abstract nouns. We have then worked hard to combine nouns and adjectives to create some expanded noun phrases to describe different African animals. On Friday afternoon 2RS were very lucky to have Steve in to do some tennis coaching. We really enjoyed learning the basics about tennis and all having a go.

Week Beginning 6.9.22


Welcome to the Year 2 blog. What a busy first week we have had at school! We have been getting used to the way things work in Year 2, learning new routines, getting to know our teachers and are now the oldest children in KS1! We feel very grown up.