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Week Beginning 6th May


Another busy week in Year 3. We may have only had four days but we still found plenty to cram in. 3JL presented their class assembly all about Spain. They impressed all with their confidence and delivery and managed to transport everyone from a dreary, wet England to the sunny highlights of Spain. 3CW and 3AM are at this moment busily working on their own class assemblies. I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing what they come up with.


We have challenged Year 3 with one of the trickier parts of the Maths curriculum - finding fractions of numbers. However, Year 3 have demonstrated their resilience and determination to succeed and have impressed their teachers with their approach to this challenge. In English lessons, the children have been finding out all about bees and just why they are so important.


Next week we have our class photos on Friday (17th), 3AM will present their assembly on Thursday (16th) in the lower school hall and we have our DT textiles project. This may be a short half term but the learning keeps on going.


Have a great weekend,

The Year 3 Team

Week Beginning 29th April


This week the children have started their new learning theme: "Keen to Be Green." In their science lessons, they will be learning all about plants and what they need to grow. We will also be looking at ways that we can promote recycling and care for our environment. 


Already all three classes are hard at work preparing for their class assemblies. These promise to be spectacular occasions and I know that the children are looking forward to sharing what they have learnt. 


The children have also begun their "daily mile" activities. This is a great way to promote physical activity in the school day. We are looking at creative ways we can approach this and I hope the children are enjoying boosting their fitness levels. 


Have a great (bank holiday) weekend, 

The Year 3 Team

Week Beginning 8th April


What a busy final week of term at Coten End. The highlight of the week has to be our 'Big Debate' on Wednesday morning. As we are keen to increase the amount of physical activity we all get at Coten End, we held a referendum (very topical!) about whether we should introduce 'The Daily Mile' at school. This is a national initiative in which children run a mile at least 3 times a week during the school day (not during playtime or PE) in a bid to get fit. We were fortunate to be joined by a variety of visiting speakers: Justin from WCC 'Change Makers', Neesha (project manager for 'Year of Well-Being' project), Mrs Wyatt (marathon runner), Mrs Heggs (English teacher from Myton) and three students from the Myton public speaking team. All of the children across school listened carefully as the visitors and a representatives from each year group spoke about the pros and cons of The Daily Mile initiative. Back in class, the children voted for the side of the argument they agreed with and the results were revealed in today's Achievement Assembly: we will be introducing The Daily Mile at Coten End after Easter. More information to follow after the holidays! It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn about democracy, one of our four British Values.


The children have also been working hard redrafting their Spanish folk tales this week and have been revising written methods for all four operations in Maths.


On behalf of all the Year 3 team, we would like to wish you a very 'Happy Easter'. We hope you all have a wonderful break and we look forward to seeing the children back in school for a wonderful final term in Year 3, kicking off with our 'Keen to be Green' theme.  



Week Beginning 1st April


We've been making music this week in Year 3! The children have been exploring the timbre of different percussion instruments and learning to represent sounds in different ways using graphic notation. 3CW also impressed the parents with their DooD concert on Wednesday afternoon, where they showcased what they have learnt in music lessons this term. It was so lovely to see so many parents there - many thanks for making the time to come and be our audience! 3JL are looking forward to their lessons after Easter. 


In English lessons, the children have enjoyed reading a range of 'Just So Stories' and have started writing their own Spanish folk tales. We are really focusing on using descriptive devices such as powerful adjectives, metaphors, similes and exciting adverbs. In Maths, we have been learning about adding and subtracting amounts of money and calculating change. 


The children enjoyed making compasses in our Science lesson this week, developing their understanding about magnetism. It was rather tricky but the children demonstrated some super perseverance!


We are all looking forward to our Big Debate on Wednesday morning. The children have written some super speeches about whether Coten End should introduce The Daily Mile as an initiative to raise physical activity levels during the school day. As part of the debate, we have some visitors from Myton school coming in to lead an aerobic warm-up and give us some top tips for public speaking. We also have some visitors in from the County Council to talk to use about the importance of exercise. Find out the results to the debate next week!


We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy eating your prizes from the Easter Egg Tombola!



Week Beginning 25th March


On Thursday, both the children and the teachers had a wonderful time on our Viva España theme day! I think the highlight of the day has to have been our Flamenco dancing workshop, led by professional dancer Anita and Spanish guitarist Ramon. Ramon wowed us all with his incredible acoustic guitar playing and even balanced his guitar on his chin, much to the delight of the children. Anita taught us how to clap and stomp in time with the music, and showed us a range of Flamenco body positions. They were both really impressed by the talents of our Year 3 children, who looked wonderful in their smart outfits! At the end of the session, each class performed a Flamenco routine, with individuals coming into the middle of the circle to perform their own improvised moves. A great time was had by all!


Also, as part of our theme day, Mrs Allison had arranged an exciting Spanish scavenger hunt outside and the children also showcased all their learning about Cubism by creating a large Cubist-style collage, inspired by Braque and Picasso. We are very excited about getting them up on display.


The children have produced some amazing travel guides about Spain this week and we are so impressed by how much their writing is improving. In maths, they have learnt how to calculate perimeter and solve related problems.


They are working hard in their swimming lessons on Tuesday mornings and are developing their confidence in the water. The swimming teacher has recommended that the children bring a pair of goggles to wear if they aren't already doing so.


Have a lovely weekend!

Cubist Artwork

Week Beginning 18th March


The children have continued to immerse themselves in our Viva España learning theme this week. In English, they are working up to writing a travel guide about a Spanish city of their choice, using a range of exciting vocabulary to engage the reader. We hope they enjoy researching for their homework. I think we are all going to want to pack our suitcases and head off to Spain by the end of the week! We have also learnt how to use the present perfect tense in our writing and they are going to try and include some examples of this in their writing next week. The children will be using their travel guides in Computing lessons to record a podcast about Spain.


In Art, we have continued to learn about Cubism, this week focusing on the work on Georges Braque. The children have created some wonderful Cubist-inspired collages in their sketchbooks in preparation for a big piece of artwork they will complete next week. See some photos below!


Our PSHE lessons this half term are centred around debating skills and, this week, the children have been learning about the democratic process in the UK, including how we vote for MPs and how laws are passed. They have started working in groups to come up with their own political party. They have started working on their manifestos and we will be voting for our MPs next week...


Next week we have our Viva España theme day on Thursday. We have some special visitors coming in to Coten End to lead a Flamenco workshop with each class. This has been very popular in previous years! The children may bring a change of clothes to wear for the workshop if they would like. 



Week Beginning 11th March 2019


Another jam-packed week at Coten End! We have all had a fantastic time celebrating Science Week. The children were really fascinated in their workshop on 'dry ice' and got to help out with some incredible practical demonstrations, developing their understand of states of matter. We were so impressed by the questions that the children asked and by how quickly many of them picked up new vocabulary, even 'sublimation' (the transition of a substance directly from a solid to a gas)! The children have another workshop tomorrow from a visiting paramedic which we are all really looking forward to.


On Thursday, the children all took part in our annual Science Fair in the school hall. There was such a fantastic range of high-quality projects and we were so proud of how well the children spoke about the science behind what they had chosen to research or investigate. Thanks to parents for all the support you gave your children in preparation for this. and to those of you who came along to join us for the fair. They really enjoyed learning from each other's projects, including those completed by children in years 4, 5 and 6. Watching them listen to each other whilst they shared their projects was a wonderful demonstration of Golden Rule no. 4!


The children have also been busy completing lots of science activities in lessons this week, including an investigation on magnetism and researching a scientist of their choice. Our Science Ambassadors were also delighted to be taken to a Science Fair at the NEC in Birmingham on Wednesday where they saw a whole range of exciting demonstrations and a science show.


Also this week, we have been working hard in maths on our understanding on how to interpret data shown in different charts and graphs. In English lessons we have enjoyed creating and sharing our own poems. Hopefully we will be able to display some in the classroom next week.


Rememeber that the children can keep earning points towards the Mathletics competition until the end of Sunday 17th March - we will be revealing the winners next week!





Week Beginning 4th March 2019

It has been a busy week in Year 3! The children celebrated World Book Day and took part in a range of activities to help raise the profile of reading and to highlight the enjoyment of being immersed in a book. We hope the children enjoy using their voucher and get hooked on a good book! The children were also involved in producing a class canvas depicting a favourite book, which will be displayed soon in the lower school hall.


In Maths, the children have been practicing their recall of division facts to improve their fluency and are beginning to grasp the formal method of short division well.


In English, the children took part in a debate. We were so impressed by the confidence shown by so many children to share their views and even more impressed by how well they listened to, and respected each other, following our Golden Rule No 4. 


Next week, we have an action packed Science Week planned with lots of exciting activities! The science fair will take place on Thursday 14th March in the Upper school hall between 10—10.55am for both Years 3 and 4 – it would be lovely if you could join us!


Information about the Science Week task, and the Mathletics challenge, can be found on our homework page. 


A few reminders:

Monday – PE kit and trainers for athletics

Tuesday – Swimming kit and snack for playtime

Thursday – Please remember to bring your science project in by Thursday as the science fair will be in the USH between 10-10.55am.

Friday - On Friday 15th March, the children are invited to wear something ‘funny for money’ over their uniform. This could be a red nose, a wig, a funny accessory or any other small item. The children have been asked to refrain from dressing up entirely or colouring their hair. If your child would like to take part on this day, please bring in £1 to donate further to the vital work that Comic Relief support.


Week Beginning 25th February 2019


It was lovely to welcome the children back after the half term holiday and we had a brilliant first week, immersing ourselves in our new Viva España learning theme. We also had the enormous excitement of new lockers! We had a special assembly led by Mr Roberts, to explain the new rules and procedures for using the lockers and the children have been brilliant at following our Golden Rule number 1, showing respect and care for them, and their belongings. Some bags were a little big, so we have talked about perhaps bringing a smaller bag or to think about what they really need to bring to school.


The children have been enjoying learning about Picasso and played a game of ‘Roll a Picasso’ to generate some different ideas for faces before picking one for their final topic book cover. They have created some fantastic pieces of work by thinking carefully about colour, composition, line and mood.


In Science this half term we will be learning about forces. This week, we learnt about different forces and how they act upon objects. We also learnt about friction and discussed what friction is and how it works.


In PE, we learnt about different styles of running. We practised the best technique for sprinting and the children impressed us with their long strides and the ‘pocket to socket’ movement of their hands. Please remember PE kits and a suitable pair of trainers ready for next Monday’s athletics lesson.


The children had a successful first swimming session and have been placed into a group, suited to their ability.

A couple of reminders…

- Lots of the children were hungry after their swimming session, so we have reminded the children to bring a healthy snack (and an extra healthy snack if needed!) to enjoy at playtime so that they have the energy for their lesson before lunchtime.

- If your child has a swimming cap, please send it with your child to wear. A swimming cap is particularly useful for those with longer hair, which can take a long time to dry. 

- Swimming shorts need to be above their knee.


Finally, we would like to say a big ‘thank you’ for supporting our ‘Come and Learn’ session on Tuesday afternoon. We hope that you found it a useful insight into our Mathematics learning and also enjoyed supporting your child to learn to use short multiplication.

Below are some useful websites to help your child practise their times tables. Mathletics is also a very useful resource for extra practise. 


We have added our KEY SKILLS documents for Year 3 under the 'Useful Documents' tab above. 





Week Beginning 11th February 2019


Both the children and the adults in Year 3 had enormous fun on our Prehistoric Britain enrichment day this week. Thank you for the time spent on some fabulous costumes and props - it really added a bit of excitement to the day!


Our classes were transformed into caves to enable us to recreate some cave paintings, using photographs of examples that have been found. We then learnt about how pottery played an important role in the development of civilisation in the Stone Age, and discussed how pottery would have proved useful, for storing crops or food for example. After looking at various designs, each child created a coil pot, smoothed the sides and added their own design. Some fantastic examples have been showcased in the window of 3CW!


To keep our energy levels up, each class made their very own vegetable stew! The children were taught the claw and bridge techniques for cutting carefully, safely and accurately and worked together in small groups to prepare the vegetables. Once it had boiled and simmered, the children enjoyed their delicious creation with some crunchy bread and an entertaining five minutes of Horrible Histories!


Parents’ Evening also added an extra sparkle to the week as so many children were very eager to share their hard work. Thank you for taking the time to join us and we hope that you enjoyed looking through your child’s books and replying to their letter. If you were unable to attend, please come and speak to us and we can make an appointment for after the half term holiday.


After half term, the children will start swimming on a Tuesday morning. We have shared information about what will happen on the day, how it will be organised and answered any questions raised by the children. We know from Parents’ Evening that some children are feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves about swimming, so, on Monday, we will set aside some time to go through any other questions they have about the organisation of swimming etc…


Also, on Tuesday, we have our Come and Learn session, which has a Maths focus, at 2pm. Everyone is very welcome to join us!


We would like to thank you for all of your support so far this year and wish you all a fun, and hopefully relaxing, holiday! If your child would like to complete any school work, the list of Year 3 spellings is on the website, plus the homework suggestions for our new topic. We would particularly encourage lots of reading and sharing of books. If your child reads a good book during the holiday, please ask them to share it with us too!


Week Beginning 4th February 2019


Some very important messages about staying safe on the internet have been shared this week. Safer Internet Day was on Tuesday 5th February, so the children went to a special assembly led by Mrs Sheepy and also took part in an important lesson, discussing how to keep personal information safe when online and what is appropriate to share online. They also designed posters to help share these messages.

Below are some fantastic ideas from the children:

To make the internet a safer place I will.... not give personal information out to strangers.

To make the internet a safer place I will.... respect others and be kind online.

To make the internet a safer place I will.... report unkind behaviour.

To make the internet a safer place I will.... not upload pictures of myself in my school uniform.

To make the internet a safer place I will.... not upload unkind or offensive photos. 

To make the internet a safer place I will.... only play age-appropriate games online.


This week, we have been learning to tell the time and to make links between different units of time too. We have been encouraging the children to wear a watch to school, if they have one, to enable them to practise telling the time throughout the school day. We would be very grateful if you would support the children at home with this very important skill too.


In English, the children have written some fantastic instructions linked to their weaving work in the previous week. They have also learned how to use speech marks to support their narrative writing tasks at the end of the week. The children are looking forward to sharing their super writing with you at Parents’ Evening next week!


Reminders for next week…

On Monday 11th February, the children will need to remember their trainers and warm clothes for PE.

On Tuesday 12th February, it is our enrichment day, where the children will take part in fun activities linked to our learning theme, Prehistoric Britain. The children are very welcome to dress up if they would like to.

On Wednesday 13th February and Thursday 14th February, we look forward to seeing you at Parents’ Evening.

Finally, on Friday 15th February, school will be closed for an INSET day.


Week Beginning 28th January 2019


In Science this week, we have been investigating and discussing the nutritional content of different foods. We examined a range of food labels and learned what the red, amber, green key means. We also compared different food products to see which had the highest and lowest salt or sugar content.


The children continued to think about a 'balanced meal'. We talked about seasonality and what foods are more available at this time of year and which foods are more difficult to get. The children were very thoughtful when comparing meals eaten in the Stone Age and meals eaten now, in the present day.


We learned some new vocabulary relating to programming in Computing this week. The children took part in a quiz to test the key vocabulary linked to coding and then learned how to use repetition commands in a program. The children were then challenged to create their own simple program! 


We continued to develop our understanding of fractions this week. The children learned to recognise equivalent fractions with small denominators and demonstrated they could fill in the missing statements below, using a fraction wall to help. We also worked on comparing and ordering fractions with the same denominators.


In English, we had a week focusing on key areas in grammar and punctuation. The children were brilliant at identifying different word classes in the Stone Age Boy. They also learned how to use an apostrophe to show possession, to use prepositions to express time, position and direction and how to use conjunctions to connect clauses. To end the week, the children took part in a fun weaving activity to inspire their writing on Monday.


Week Beginning 21st January 2019


It has been another busy week in Year 3! Here are just a few snippets of the different types of learning that have been taking place…


In Science, the children have been thinking about what humans need to keep healthy and to grow. They learned about a balanced diet and, when describing the main food groups, impressed us by recalling their learning from Year 2.


In Maths, we have been learning about fractions and how fractions can be represented in different ways. We have also practised counting up and down in tenths. The children have enjoying working through a range of reasoning tasks and collaborative challenges to extend their understanding.


We have been continuing to learn about coding in Computing. This week, we were learning about the function of different icons and how they might be used in a code. Afterwards, the children had several fun challenges to see if they could code correctly.


The children were fantastic historians and took part in some super discussions when examining artefacts and thinking about what they tell us about what life was like in the Stone Age. It was lovely to see such enthusiasm and to hear that so many have been finding out facts about the Stone Age at home too.


Please remember your trainers and correct PE kit on Monday - thank you! 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Week Beginning 14th January 2019


We would like to say a big well done to the children for the excellent effort they displayed when applying their learning to our assessments this week. They maturely rose to the challenge and didn’t give up!


On Monday afternoon, we started a new carousal of PE activities. The children enjoyed developing their catching skills in netball and persevered brilliantly when working on some tricky racquet skills in tennis. Also, inside the warm of the hall, the children had enormous fun preparing and performing a group balance in gymnastics. We have reminded the children to make sure they have a warm PE kit (and trainers) in school each Monday, to enable them to participate fully, particularly in this chilly weather.


In our learning theme lesson this week, the children created a timeline from the Stone Age to Iron Age Britain. There was great discussion about what they thought life was like in the Stone Age and how different life would have been. If the children have completed any additional homework tasks linked to our new learning theme, please send them in as we’d really like to share them in class. There have been some fantastic and creative projects so far – thank you!


Week Beginning 7th January 2019


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! The children have had a busy first week back at school and have been really engaged with our new learning theme: Prehistoric Britain. Inspired by a virtual tour of the Lascaux Caves in France, they have created some fantastic cave painting artwork for their topic book covers, exploring negative space. See below for some photos!


We enjoyed watching an animation in English lessons called 'Egg Hunt' and the children have produced a number of pieces of writing linked to it throughout the week, including a monologue and a dialogue between the two main characters. They have been trying really hard to get their speech marks in the right place and to include the other necessary punctuation. We have also started reading the fantastic 'Stig of the Dump' and the children will be using it to help develop their comprehension and inference skills throughout the half term.


In Maths, we have been recapping written methods for addition, subtraction and multiplication and have been using our times table knowledge to help with division. It would really help if the children could continue to practise their times table fluency at home. 


The children also enjoyed learning the correct scientific names for the bones in their bodies and were surprised to find out that an adult human has a total of 206 bones!


Next week we will be learning more about life in the Stone Age and starting our new Computing unit in which the children will improve their coding skills.  

Cave Painting Artwork

Week beginning 10th December


It has been a fun and festive week in Year 3!


We would like to say an enormous thank you for joining us at our Christmas Extravaganza this week – we hope you enjoyed their wonderful singing and superb dances! Also, thank you for providing your child with a costume as it really helped them get into the spirit of the occasion.


After the show, the excitement continued as we headed to Myton School to take part in a firework workshop. The children really enjoyed their trip to the Science labs and seeing the Bunsen burners in action!


Our trip to the Panto on Friday was a brilliant end to the week, where the children were able to laugh and have an entertaining time together with their friends.


In English, we have completed our stories, which are fantastic! We are incredibly proud of the effort the children have put into writing at length and for including such descriptive sentences. Their writing reflects the hard work they have put into improving their punctuation and use of language. We will continue to build on these important skills in our next learning theme.


In Maths, the children have risen to the challenge of using the formal written method for subtraction brilliantly! We have reminded the children to keep working on their mental arithmetic skills at home to help them improve their fluency and accuracy.


A couple of reminders for next week…

Next Monday (17th December), we will be having our Christmas party! The children have been invited to bring their party clothes (in a named bag) so they can change after lunch. We have also asked for a voluntary contribution of 50p to cover the cost of snacks and prizes. A massive thank you to those that have contributed so far!

Children may post Christmas cards to each other in school using the large post box outside the office. Please do make sure they write the child’s first name and surname and their class when labelling envelopes. The post boxes will be emptied daily until Wednesday 19th December.

This year’s Christmas Jumper Day to raise money for UNICEF will be on Wednesday 19th December, which will also be our Christmas Lunch day. There is no need to purchase a jumper specially for this – a festively decorated jumper or sweatshirt will be warmly welcomed too.


Have a super weekend!

The Year 3 Team

Week beginning 3rd December


This week, we have started to write our very own stories based on the Firework Maker’s Daughter. It has been wonderful to observe such fabulous creativity and the use of adventurous vocabulary to describe characters and settings.


In Maths, we have continued to develop our addition skills and have been developing our use of the formal written method. We have been really impressed!


Since we were unlucky with the weather this week and without the sunshine to create shadows, we investigated how light is reflected off different surfaces instead in Science. We had great fun carrying out a practical investigation and also thought about when reflective materials are used in real life and why they are important, e.g. road signs and clothing at night.


In PSHE, as part of the Taking Care project, the children were taught to identify people in their network. We talked about the qualities the children should look for in a network person and they were reminded that network people should be adults who can help them with problems they might face. Also, we discussed the importance of friends and being able to talk to their friends about things that worry them.


It was a special week for Computing - there was a real buzz of excitement completing an ‘HOUR OF CODE’ using the Lego WeDo equipment! Using the WeDo app, the children followed the instructions to create projects, such as ‘Milo the Science Rover’.


Finally, our preparations for our Christmas Extravaganza are going very well and we are really looking forward to welcoming you to see our performance on Thursday 13th December at 9.05am. Please enter the USH via the Year 3 door. Thank you very much for supporting your child with learning their words and for providing them with a costume. (Please hand in the costume on Monday 10th December in preparation for our dress rehearsal.)


Wishing you a good weekend!

The Year 3 Team.

Week beginning 26th November 

The Christmas feeling has landed in Year 3! We have started preparing for our Y3 Christmas Show, which we look forward to sharing with you on Thursday 13th December. Rehearsals of the festive tunes and dance routines are underway and we are encouraging the children to sing and dance along to them at home too! We have put the music and the lyrics on the homework page to help. Thank you very much for your support in advance! More details of our Christmas extravaganza will follow soon!


On Monday afternoon, we had a fun and energetic time in PE! It was great to see the children warm in their tracksuits and enthusiastic about their learning. The children are really developing their fitness in circuits and many are able to dribble a ball, keeping close control, in hockey with greater skill.


In Science, the children began to plan an investigation: ‘How do shadows change size throughout the day?’ They discussed their ideas about how they could test their predictions and wrote a methodical plan to carry out next week. We now have our fingers crossed for a sunny day!


As part of the Taking Care project this week, the children have been taught that their bodies belong to them and they have the right to decide what kind of physical contact is appropriate/makes them feel safe. We discussed what to do if they feel unsafe about the physical contact they receive and how to make sure they are not breaking anyone else’s rules for their body too. We also began to talk about the difference between safe and unsafe secrets and gave examples of each.


Linked to our shared text, The Firework Maker’s Daughter, we had an exciting extended session of Art where the children drew elephants using different media. They produced some excellent pieces of creative work!

Week beginning 19th November 


It has been another busy week in Year 3! It was lovely to welcome so many parents, carers and other family members to our Come and Learn session, and we would like to thank you for taking the time to join us. We hope you enjoyed having a glimpse of the learning that takes place in school and took away some ideas of how to support your child in reading at home. The suggested reading list is saved on our Year 3 page and might give Father Christmas a couple of ideas. 


This week, the children have been developing their use of persuasive language and worked collaboratively to create a radio advert for Rambashis Jungle Grill restaurant. We have also been focusing on developing carefully written sentences, which make sense and are correctly punctuated. Our homework this week will allow the children to continue to practise this essential skill.


As part of our Geography work, the children have been developing their atlas skills to identify continents and mountain ranges. They enjoyed finding out about the difference between a volcano and a mountain too.


In PSHE, the children have been continuing to learn that we all have the right to feel safe all the time. The children discussed safe and unsafe feelings and identified their ‘early warning signs’. Afterwards, the children generated ideas and strategies that would help them if they felt unsafe.


Continuing with the theme of staying safe, the children have been learning about using email responsibly. They have learnt what to do if they receive an email from someone they do not know or if they receive an unpleasant email. The idea that each of us has a ‘digital footprint’ that cannot be erased was also discussed. In this week’s newsletter, Miss Cooper has helpfully included some really good advice for both children and parents about keeping children safe online, as well as some fun festive apps to try out.


Next week, we will continue to teach a carousal of PE lessons on Monday afternoon. Many children were very enthusiastic in their approach to the lessons this week, but there were a few that felt the cold. We would be very grateful if the children could bring a warm tracksuit (they can wear a hat and gloves too if they’d like) and a pair of trainers to enable them to participate, and enjoy, the activities fully.


Lastly, a reminder to return the consent form for your child’s flu vaccination taking place on 4th December if you haven't already done so. The form must be returned to your child’s class teacher by Monday 26th November. School Health request that you return the form whether you consent or not. 


Thank you for your continued support!


Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


The Year 3 Team.


Week beginning 12th November 


It has been a fun and action packed week in Year 3! It all began on Monday, wearing our odd socks to help raise awareness for Anti-Bullying Week. Thank you very much for your generous donations!


The children participated in a special Anti-Bullying assembly and continued to think about this year’s theme, ‘Choose Respect’, in class. There were some fantastic discussions about what ‘respect’ is, showing a brilliant understanding that respect is a choice that can be taken by the individual.


In Science, the children worked in small groups to create a shadow puppet scene from The Fire Maker’s Daughter and began to use it to investigate how shadows change when the light is moved closer/further from the object which blocks the light.


In Computing, we have continued to learn how to send and reply to emails. Next week, we will continue to focus on the importance of internet safety and learn ways to help us make safe choices.


However, the most exciting day of the week was our whole-school theme day to commemorate the WWI centenary on Thursday 15th November. Each class was paired with another class in school and participated in a range of fabulous activities, spearheaded by our very own Mrs Chenault! Everyone agreed that it was an excellent day, which was not only tremendous fun, but also very reflective and enabled some very thoughtful discussions.

Week beginning 5th November 


Welcome back! We hope you had an enjoyable and restful holiday and are now ready for the second half of the Autumn term.

It was lovely to see the children happy to back in class and enthusiastic about our new learning theme The Fire Maker’s Daughter.

In English, we began reading our exciting new book and began to use the ideas in the text as inspiration for our writing.

The 4x tables and the 8x tables were the focus of our Mathematics lessons. We have been learning to recall the multiplication and division facts and to use them in reasoning questions.

In Science, the children learnt to recognise that they need light in order to see things and that dark is the absence of light.

Also this week, we started the Taking Care project in PSHE, which is designed to help the children learn how to keep physically and emotionally safe. We started to discuss what it means to feel safe and the difference between rights and responsibilities.


A couple of reminders…

This half term, on a Monday afternoon, the children will have the opportunity to take part in a carousal of PE lessons (circuits, hockey and dance). As the weather is beginning to get a little chillier, we would be very grateful if the children could bring a warm tracksuit to wear. Please could they also bring a pair of trainers on a Monday to enable them to take part in the circuits and hockey sessions outside as PE plimsolls aren’t suitable.


Please remind your child to bring in their reading book every day, as they will have opportunities to read it independently in class. We are encouraging the children to choose a book and to complete it, before starting a new one. The children have the opportunity to change their books in the morning and can use the Year 3 collection or select one from the main library.


Thank you very much for your continued support.

Have a great weekend!

The Year 3 Team

Week Beginning 1st October


This week Year 3 have been learning all about how fossils are made. The children have researched all about what happens in this fascinating process. 

We have also enjoyed our Harvest Festival. They all sang and read beautifully and we are grateful for all the donations of food the school has received. 


We hope you have a fantastic weekend, 

The Year 3 team. 


Week Beginning 24th September


This week Year 3 have had their amazing paleontology day. The day began with the discovery of dinosaur eggs in the school ground. The children then searched high and low for clues as to where the egg came from and what dinosaur may have laid it. Then they exercised their brains in a quiz all about dinosaurs and fossils - what an incredible amount of knowledge our Year 3s have. We finished with some close up drawings of dinosaur eyes and scales. The children developed their oil pastel skills and explored the different techniques they could use for adding detail and texture to their artwork. 


We hope you have a fantastic weekend, 

The Year 3 team. 


Week Beginning 17th September


In English lessons this week, Year 3 have been looking at poetry and ways they can make their poems more descriptive with similes and metaphors. In Maths we have been practising our mental addition and subtractions skills and applied them to bigger and more complex numbers. 

In PE, 3CW and 3JL have been developing their throwing and catching skills while 3AM have been looking at gymnastics. There is a real buzz of energy around Year 3 and it is clear how well the children are settling into life in Key Stage 2. 


We hope you have a fantastic weekend, 

The Year 3 team. 


Week Beginning 4th September


Another year begins and what an amazing start the Year 3s have all made. They have settled brilliantly into life in Key Stage Two and are already producing some incredible work.

We have been developing our understanding of place value in Maths; using Julia Donaldson's book "Tyrannosaurus Drip" as inspiration for writing in English; exploring the layers of the Earth in Science; having our first French lessons with Mrs Allison; creating fossil pictures with wax crayons and paint and even learning about the importance of having secure passwords when working online.


All this and we've only been back for three days...phew!


A couple of key messages for you all:


  • PE will be on Monday afternoons for the first half of this year. Please ensure children have both indoor and outdoor kit on Mondays as they will work both in the hall and outside on the playground during the afternoon. Long hair must be tied up and any stud earrings should either be removed for the lesson or covered with plasters or micropore tape.
  • Homework was distributed today. All homework is due in on Monday.
  • Spellings will be distributed on Monday. The children will then have their spelling test the following Monday.


We hope you have a fantastic weekend.

The Year 3 Team  

Introduction Evening - July 2018