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A free information book explaining the Coronavirus to children illustrated by the Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffer. Axel Scheffer has illustrated a digital book for primary school age children, free for anyone to download or read on screen about the coronavirus and the measure taken to control it.The book answers key questions in simple language appropriate for 5-9 year olds.

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Week beginning 9th March 2020


This week was Science week! We had lots of visitors that came in to talk to us about their jobs and we also had our science fair which was held on Thursday morning. At the science fair we talked to adults and children about our projects and explained the science behind them. Thank you to all the parents that visited and asked us questions. We had so much fun! In English, we have been planning our non-fiction texts which we will write next week. They are going to be travel guides all about Spain; we have been learning about organisational devices that we will need to use.


Written by 3FC

Week beginning 2nd March 2020


This week we have had a very exciting week because we celebrated World Book Day on Friday! We thoroughly enjoyed coming to school dressed as a word. We had a variety of different book related lessons on Friday and learnt many new words which we added into a glossary of words! On Friday morning, we had a vocabulary parade in the hall. It was really exciting because we all got to walk down the runway, show off our costumes and share our word! In Maths we have been learning about division and have learnt a variety of ways to help us divide two digit numbers by one digit numbers.


Next week is Science week, please remember to bring in your Science projects for the Science Fair being held on Thursday morning.


Written by Amelia, Martha and Tom (3FC)

 *****Notice for 3FC*****


Due to the Science Fair on Thursday, 3FC spellings will be tested on Tuesday next week.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Miss Cotton and Mrs Furness

Week beginning 24th February 2020


Welcome back after half term! We have been thrown into our new topic called 'Viva Espana' this week! This week in English we have been writing debates about bullfighting. We have learnt how to use persuasive devices such as rhetorical questions, hyperbole, power of three, opinions stated as fact and emotive language. In our Maths we had Come and Learn  where learnt how to use short multiplication to solve calculations. We have also been practising using the grid method to help us solve multiplication problems too. In Geography, we have been leaning about Spain and the countries around the world that spoke Spanish. We located these on a world map and were very interested to see that most of the Spanish speaking countries were located in South America. 

Week beginning 10-2-2020

In the final week of our theme Stone Age through the Iron age, students learned about Evidence and Artefacts in History.  They enjoyed taking a closer look at Stonehenge, Maiden Castle, Burial Mounds and Rollright Stones.  Skara Brae has been a hot topic in English the past weeks, students completed their final paragraphs today and were very proud of the finished product.  Multiplication was the focus in Maths this week, thank you for continuing to practice timetables with your child at home.  Also, a big thank you for coming out for Parents evening.  We appreciate your time and commitment.  Have a lovely and well deserved half term.smiley

Week beginning 03-2-2020

During week 5 of our theme Stone Age through the Iron age, students learned about the Bronze Age weaponry and manufacturing in History.  They then had an opportunity to sculpt their own design out of clay.  Please take a look below at some of the different castings. In Maths this week, students focused on column subtraction and in Science we talked about animal skeletons.  In reading, we worked on retrieval strategies.  In English, we included subordinate clauses in our writing.

Week beginning 27-1-2020

Week 4 of our theme Stone Age through the Iron age has been full to the brim with activities!

Students created housing settlements (take a look below and see if you can identify which house belongs to the Stone Age, Iron Age or Bronze Age), baked bread and made delicious butter.  Math this week was about column addition and estimation.  In Science,  we continued talking about nutrition and made the connection between nutrition and our daily diet.   In Reading, we focused on summarising, and in English, we used time adverbials in narrative writing. 

Week beginning 20-1-20

This week, marks week three of our learning theme: Stone age through the Iron age.

We enjoyed learning about farming in the stone age.  We talked about early farmers, needing to clear the woodland, build homes, and the difficulties they may have faced as they began to grow crops and/or keep animals. In DT this week, students planned for our bread making lesson.  We dug into the recipe, analysing the method and the ingredients needed.  Students listed equipment, and practiced increasing and decreasing the recipe. In Science, we explored food labels, discussed food groups and completed a science experiment measuring sugar content in five different drinks. In English, we focused on recognizing and using prepositions, and in Reading we did a variety of vocabulary activities tied to Stone Age Boy, by Satoshi Kitamura.  Time was the focus in Maths, students practiced telling time to the hour, half past, quarter to, and within a five-minute time frame on an analogue clock.

Week beginning 13.1.20

This week, marks week two of our learning theme: Stone age through the Iron age.  Students learned the level of importance of early inventions in the Stone age, they were able to reason and discuss how the inventions became life changing.  In DT this week, students enjoyed tasting different varieties of breads and documenting the appearance, texture, smell and taste of each selection.  In Science, we have now covered both the animal and human skeletal systems, and in English students wrote informational paragraphs about Stone age animals. 

Reminders: Please be sure your child has his or her winter PE kit at school, as we will continue to have PE outside.  

Week beginning 6.1.20

Welcome back!  We hope you all had a well-deserved holiday break. 

This week, we began our new learning theme: Stone age through the iron age.  Students did a nice job recreating a cave art example for the front cover of the theme books.  They have also written a monologue for a prehistoric egg hunt, and been introduced to the skeletal system.  Stig Of The Dump, by Clive King is the topic of discussion in reading, and fractions are all the buzz in Maths.  We have had a very busy, but productive “short” week back 😊.

Week Beginning 9.12.19

This week has been very exciting in Year 3. Mrs Leadbeater had her baby on Monday afternoon. She had a little boy called Leo and is doing very well. Thank you to everybody who came to our Christmas Singing extravaganza on Tuesday afternoon! We had lots of fun performing to all our family and friends and we loved learning the dance routines. It has been feeling very Christmassy around school, the decorations are up, we have had our Christmas jumper day and saw the Y2 and Y4 Christmas plays on Friday! We also had a lovely time at the pantomime watching Snow White, but we did get a little wet when they squirted the audience with a water pistol! Next week is the last week of term and there is lots going on. Please remember that we have the Christmas lunch on Thursday 19th and Friday is our Christmas Fun Day where children can bring in a toy to school. Have a lovely weekend and see you next week for the last week of term!


Written by 3FC.


Baby Leo!

Week Beginning 2.12.19


School has become very Christmassy this week! The elves have been busy transforming school into a very festive place to be! We have also been very busy rehearsing for our Christmas performance next Tuesday. We have been singing, dancing and rehearsing poems to share with our families at our concert. We are all looking forward to the Christmas Fair this evening!

Week beginning 25.11.19


This week we have been in full swing and rehearsing our Christmas songs and dances. We are so excited to show all our siblings and parents/carers! We have also been very busy with lots of other work too! In Maths we have continued to learn some of the more formal written calculation methods. This week we have been focussing on the expanded column subtraction method and have been rigorously practising again and again to get the layout right. It can make all the difference if just one number is in the wrong column! We have been learning more about magnets in Science and sorted objects into magnetic and non-magnetic objects. In Art we have been continuing to develop our skills in line by drawing elephants focussing on adding detail with our lines.

Week beginning 18.11.19


In Maths this week we have started using formal written methods fro addition. This week we have been learning how to use the expanded column addition method and the children have really got to grips with it well! Next week we will move onto expanded column subtraction. We hope you all enjoyed coming along to join in with our Reading this week in Come and Learn. All the children really enjoyed having their parents/adults from home visit them in class to see what we get up to in school. This week we have started singing Christmas songs! Our Y3 Christmas Extravaganza is in less than three weeks so we are now well under way with learning the songs and dance routines for our performance. We have put the lyrics on the website (below) and your child should have come home with them printed at some point this week. We would really appreciate it if you and your child could work hard to learn the lyrics to make all our rehearsals and learning dance routines go smoothly! This week has also been an exciting week as Mrs Leadbeater is leaving on Friday to have her baby! We will all be very sad to see her go, but are excited to meet the new arrival in the Leadbeater family. Good luck Mrs Leadbeater!

Week beginning 11.11.19


This week in Year 3 we have been thinking about our new learning theme even more. In English we have been writing adverts for the fireworks we designed last week and have tried to use a range of writing techniques such as alliteration, personification, rhetorical questions and interesting adjectives. In our reading we have been reading some more of the text our leaning theme is based on and using our skills of inference to answer questions and think about how characters are feeling. In Maths we have been learning about different types of division and that sometimes we need to share and sometime we need to group. We have also been using the bar model, looking at word problems and answering division questions that have a remainder in the answer. In Science we have been learning about forces and magnets, this week we investigated magnets and learning about the different poles and how they can attract and repel each other. We have so much more exciting learning in the next few weeks and it will soon be very busy with lots of Christmas things going on at school!

Week beginning 4.11.19


We hope you have all had a lovely half term and well deserved rest after school a busy first half term in Year 3! We have got so much happening this half term with the run up to Christmas and lots fo other exciting things happening in school. This week we started our new learning theme called ’The Firework Maker’s Daughter’. It is based on the book by Philip Pullman and this week we have been getting stuck into the text and finding out a little bit more about the characters and the setting of the text.

Week beginning 21.10.19

This week we have been finishing our learning in our ‘Fossil Hunters learning theme. We have thoroughly enjoyed this half term and are fully settled into Year 3 and our new classes and ways of doing things. We were working right up until Friday afternoon and have been very busy leaning about 3 and 4 times tables in Maths as well as writing our Mary Anning biographies in English. We hope you all have a lovely half term and have a good rest before a busy half term in the run up to Christmas!



Week beginning 14.10.19


This week has been full of exciting trips for 3FC and 3NL. On Monday it was very wet but 3FC still enjoyed their day at Cross Hands Quarry where they hunted for fossils using their 'fossil hunting eye' and trowels. 3NL went with Miss Cotton on Thursday and enjoyed their day and learnt a lot of new facts about fossils. 3JL have got this fun-filled trip to look forward to next week. In Maths, we have been learning about 3D shapes and building upon our prior knowledge from KS1. We learnt the names of some new 3D shapes including pentagonal prisms, tetrahedron and decagonal prisms! We even created our own 3D shapes using straws and plasticine. In English, we have been learning about pronouns and that they can be used to replace a noun to avoid repetition. Make sure you carry on learning your spellings and enjoy the games on Spelling Shed.

Cross hands Quarry

Week beginning 7th October 2019


This week we have started our DT projects! Last week we designed our very own pterodactyl sock puppet. We carefully decided where we wanted to attach the detail and how we were going to stitch on the wings. See the links below to watch videos about running stitch and blanket stitch so you can have a go at home! In English we have been writing newspaper reports using inverted commas for direct speech quoting Mrs Bloomfield when she burst into our assembly after she had discovered the dinosaur eggs. We used all our knowledge of inverted commas and news reports to help us write these. In Maths we have been looking at 2D shapes and thinking about obtuse and actute angles, horizontal and vertical lines, parallel and perpendicular lines and right angles. We looked around our classroom to see what angles and lines we could spot in everyday life. In Science we got very muddy fingers this week! We have been looking at soil and learning about what soil is made up from. We went on a hunt around school to collect some soil from different locations before looking at the different soil under hand lenses to see what we could find and what the soil was made up of. We then answered some scientific enquiry questions about the soil and its content.



Running stitch:

Week beginning 30th September 2019


This week we have been learning all about subtraction in Maths. We have looked at the relationship between addition and subtraction and how one can help us with the other to solve calculations and word problems. In English this week we have been looking at news reports and identifying the key features including the title, subheading, orientation, images, captions and the reorientation. We thought about these key features and what each one’s purpose is as next week we are going to be writing our very own news report about our discovery of the dinosaur eggs last week! We want as many people to hear about it as possible. In Science we have been learning more about fossils and how they are formed. This week we looked specifically at ‘mould and cast’ fossils and the five stages in their formation. We are really enjoying our topic all about rocks this half term! In Design and Technology we designed our own pterodactyl sock puppet as over the next three weeks we are going to practise our sewing skills before making and finally evaluating our products. If you haven’t already, remember to bring in an adult sized sock next week.

Week beginning 23rd September


This week we have been learning about addition in Maths. We have been looking ad adding 9 and 11 by adding 10 and adjusting our answers appropriately. We also have been using bar models to help us see the relationship between addition and subtraction and reinforcing the concept of two parts making a whole number. In English we have had great fun with our performance poetry all about dinosaurs. In groups we came up with actions for our section of the poem and performed it to the class ensuring we used expression, clear voices, different voices for each character, noises instead of just words and we tried to be funny! In Science we have been learning more about rocks and used the 'Mohs Hardness Scale' to help us rank rocks in order of how hard or soft they were an then give them an appropriate score based on the scratch test we carried out. We have been very busy!

Week beginning 16th September 2019


What a week! We have been busy writing lots of poetry in Year Three this week. We have used similes and metaphors in our dinosaur poetry to help captivate the reader. In Maths we have been looking at number bonds to 100 and using our known number facts to help us. On Friday we had such an exciting day because it was out Palaeontologist Day! We all came to school dressed as explorers and scientists for a fun-filled day of dinosaur related activities. However, our morning was interrupted when Mrs Bloomfield burst into the hall and told us she had spotted an egg outside her classroom and was worried about how it had got there. We snapped into action and set out to discover a whole nest of eggs from a dinosaur! We found lots of clues on the playground and in Wildlife Way. Have a look at the photographs from the day!

Week beginning 9th September 2019


What a busy week in Year 3! Our first full week back has been very busy and we have really got stuck into our first learning theme. In Science we have been learning more about rocks and the three main types which are called sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous. In Maths we have continued our learning on Place Value and have learnt how to use the greater than and less than symbols (> <) when comparing two three-digit numbers. In English we have been researching about different dinosaurs and writing non-fiction texts to create dinosaur fact files with the information we found out! We have also done Music, Computing, PE, PSHE, RE and lots, lots more!


Week beginning 2nd September 2019


This week we have been busy in Year 3! We have started our learning theme for this half term which is called 'Fossil Hunters'. We created our own fossil artwork using a wax resist technique in Art for our topic book covers. We had to carefully use a paint wash over the top of our dinosaur fossil which was drawn using oi pastels. In Maths we have been learning about place value and ordering numbers by looking at the hundreds, tens and ones. In English we have been trying to use powerful verbs in our writing to help make our writing more exciting for the reader. We have all enjoyed our first week back and are ready for a busy and exciting year in Year 3! We all feel very grown up now we are in Key Stage Two.

Introduction Evening - July 2019